Romance scam letter(s) from Thomas Morrison to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Hi. How are you doing today
Good nice meeting you. Where are you from
OH that's good i will like to be your good friend. Do you have email
Oh that's good nice. Please you send me your email So that I will tell you more about myself ok
Thanks so much for your email address i will get back to you on your email. Thanks again you look so beautiful. Please my dear check your email i send you messages on your email
I'm so sorry just try and check your email now. You will see my message ok
No. My dear I told about my work that why. Please check your email and reply me back okay
Why. Ok send me your WhatsApp number ok
I will tell you about my job. How are you doing how was your night i hope all is well thanks for your response to me. I have two kids
Check your email i tell you everything on email ok
Sorry I told you i did not chat everything here. Please send me your Facebook name
Are you sure. Please can you send me your pic
No problem I will like to tell you more now I'm a mechanical electrical engineer. I have work with the company for 11 years now ok. I work in a cargo shipping line as the director of operations
No matter old or not it can stop love so I don't know what you have in mind about me. Please i will like to love you. And make you happy
Letter 2

Hi,My name is Morrison,your friend
Thank you for showing your interest in this wellness by dropping your email address for more communications, I really appreciate it very obviously, it is my first time to online dating here after a friend introduced me to this site , Attention this is just to notify you that I have your message I will like to tell you more about me and send you some of my photos as soon as you reply my email then we need to introduce and know more To each other too, Thanks
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