Romance scam letter(s) from Bhromes Perwitt to Gracie (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Gracie, Good to read from you back Gracie. You really have a lovely name. my name is Brhomes michael Perwitt. But friends and collegues calls me Lawrence. I'm glad to see you respond back to my mail. Yes, that is a current picture of me. Well, people always say the samething that i look younger than 39. I believe its because i always gym alot and i eat good food,thats why i get to look more younger. Lol. I understand you not trying to rush into relationship, likewise me too, i don't want to rush into relationship as well anymore so that is why i am taking it slow and given it a try again to see this works out. Sure you can give me your Email address to contact you to your email or you contact me to my email on I will be waiting and looking forward to read from you back soon and write me to my email so we can start a conversation by Email. You too have a Great Saturday. Brhomes/Lawrence.
Letter 2

Good Morning to you Gracie, Wishing You a Happy New Year in Prosperity and many more wishes your way for you. I'm Really really very sorry for the late response of my mail to you Gracie.I should have written back to you immediately and urgently since on Saturday but have not really had the time to sneak out from the camp to where the computer is to send you an Email because our Commanders and Cheif Officers are tight down here with us in Syria. That is why I've not really been able to take my time to respond back to your mail and write back to you. So i apologise again for my late response to you okay. I Really really want to get to know you and have a good conversation with you to share good things together and get to know each other better and to know what we both want out in a relationship. But i promise you from today that i will always take my time to risk to sneak from the camp to always check my mail often every morning or Night before our commanders wakes up so i can read from you and write back to your mails okay and i will like you to as well always get to check your Email too often and take your time as well to always write me as well because i will be risking time and space for us so we can get to know each other and work things out. I will like us to keep in contact with each other on here often because here is the only place we can always get to connect with each other and to get to know each other because i have closed down my profile on the Match dating site because i don't like double dating and i don't like talking to much women. I joined on Friday and i believe us meeting over the Weekend is something great and i believe God as a reason as well for our meeting, i believe he want to unite us both together so that is why i am ready to give in my own best and my trail to see this works out,and i will like you to as well give in your best too so we can both work things out from this relationship we are about to start.So i closed down my Match account including the Subcription which i just paid but that doesn't matter to me but what matters to me is that i have the believe that we both have somethings in common together which i will like us both to fish out together and share with each other things among ourselves and i believe that we will work things out together so that is why i closed my match account because i want to stick to you alone so i will be able to concentrate and always have something to think of, i believe you are reasoning with what i am saying. Now back to your mail. Gracie, I Work for the US Army. We are always stationed in LA at the Military Head Quaters, but we are presently in Syria. What about you? what do you do? Good to hear that you are on Vacation. Well like i said i just joined Matched last week and paid for one month. Yes, I'm from Puerto Rico. Its really nice down there, Maybe you can someday. Well i will say Thank you to Match and i believe that it as favoured me alittle for now by finding you. Yes, I'm looking for that special woman, That lovely woman to treat me good, and love me for real for me and who i am and i will love her back to passionaite with all of my heart and my life. Well, its really kind of a long story, my ex cheated on me and she was sleeping and having an affair with her Boss and she quit with me. I hope i have been able to answer your questions. I will hold it here for now and will be waiting and looking forward to read from you back soon and feel free to ask me more questions and tell me about yourself as well. Lawrence.
Letter 3

Hey Gracie, Its so Good to read back from you. Yes that is my Username and password, I told you i cancelled the account on match and told them already that i didn't want to get back onto the site and that is why you could not be able to help retrieve it back. Well i told you that the Match account is new so i believe maybe that is why. I just wish you could as well cancell yours too and don't get back onto the site anymore. Gracie, I want to ask you a Question, Do you feel that i can ever lie to you about anything at all? Gracie, I want you to know something that i am not here to play games with you okay and am not here to waste each other time, But i want you to know this for sure that your picture i got from you is on my mind and have had a capture of your beautiful and smile on my mind Gracie. You are really really beautiful. I don't want you to be scared of anything Gracie. Please lets just move on with our conversation and i am very sure and i believe that we will both have a serious relationship build up. I wonder why guys on Match lie about everything like you said. But why do they always do that? Gracie, i am not here for that and not here to lie to you. Here are answers to your Questions. Let me tell you about myself like you asked. I don't smoke, I drink on occasions, I have never been to Jail. I am a Catholic,5' 10ft. I am the only child, I guess that's exactly why am being spoiled.I Love reading, watching movies, swimming, hiking and climbing, traveling, listening to soft music's, long driving. I like to meet new people and get to know new things In life and I believe that's what life all about and I love ridding Harley when I am less busy. And I dislike delay, that is sluggishness and procrastinating, I dislike lies. I love someone who is trustworthy. I love nature, well I believe that Is one of those things in life because life is all about ups and downs. what I want In a woman, Well for me I don't think beauty really matters but what matters most Is true love and understanding. I am in the Army because have always loved the Army and have always loved to joined the army.
Yes, I love it being in the Army. My families have been the one who helped me accomplish all my goals In life and the first part of my life has been safely accomplished. My Dad and Mom have lived In Hannover, Germany for 8 years due to my Dad's business, his a cocoa business man and he'd's take it to state to supply companies there In the USA, and his really doing good In It. My dad had been to so many countries. But later on when my dad died mom moved down to Brazil to settle down where my Mom's mother is now. I Really don't keep friends. I'm not one that keep friends, but i have a best friend who i have lost contact with, he is my best friend and i believe that someday we will get to meet with each other. I Joined match because my other US- Army Collegues are always talking about it and they told me that there are good women on there who are singles and loving and very caring and who are looking for true love and that was how i gave it a trial as well. Yes, I'm a Passionate person. I believe i am a caring man, nice, loving, understanding, romantic, God fearing, faithful My great dream for the future Is to find the Woman who will be my best friend, my lover, my pupil, and my partner In all life's adventures, at the very least. I want someone to spend all my time with, sharing all the pleasures I've discovered In life, and that's a lot, believe me. I also want someone who Is very affectionate, because holding hands, touching, hugging and caressing are a basic part of my spirit. How has life been treating you without a Man? What exactly are you looking for In life ? What do you expect from me ? Tell me about your past love life. Tell me what do you know about LOVE ????
Humm I think I have written enough, I'll close this email now and I hope to hear from you soon and you take good care of yourself for me please.
Sincerely Yours, Lawrence.
Letter 4

Hi Honey, I'm so sorry for my late response to you dear. There was a war conflict going on down here in Syria so everyone as to stay calm in the camp and that was why i was not able to get on the computer to write to you dear. I'm really sorry about that.But I'm really Happy reading from you Gracie it makes me happy and makes me believe and have much faith in us and to know that we both are meant to be Gracie. I have this so much faith and believe and i really wish you are feeling the sameway that i am feeling. Glad to hear that you feel warm from our last chatting we both had. I know how you are feeling about the internet dating stuff and i know that you are trying to be careful not to be hurt,I want you to know that i feel the sameway as well, and like i said i am new to dating scene myself and i know what i am written to you,i mean my writtens to you and they are from my heart every mails you get from me. I Love what you shared with me about you. It helps us get to know each other more better.Gracie, I want you to know that i will never take Advantage of you Gracie. I promise you that and i give you my words. and i won't and will never break your heart.Of course i am not here for games as i am here finding that special woman to treat right and spend the rest of my life with. I have had Heartache as well and i don't want that to happen again and i promise you that i won't make you cry nor will i make you sad, but will always make you happy. Gracie, I want you to know that we don't have access to anything here, we don't have a phone, not even a camera. But i think i still have about 2-4 pictures of me and the one i and my friends took in Afghanistan in my folder on my Email. I will check it out and i will send it to you okay so you can have that on your phone to save so you can always look at me whenever you want to. I'm sorry i didn't smile in the one i posted on the site. I guess i wasn't used to that, maybe i will start laughing and learning to smile from now on just as i am while written this mail to you, Lol. Gracie,Do you believe In destiny?? I believe Its our destiny that has brought us together and with the hand of God, And walking In Godly ways will always be a perfect thing out our both life's. Its been a while now that I have been Into relationship, But I have been hurt before and I don't ever want to go through that pain again so I am giving It a chance again and I know that with God all things are possible. Its been a very long that I make love, What about you?? I want you to know that,I want a reliable and honest, loyal, faithful, hardworking, caring, supportive, understanding, etc someone that can always standby her man and always be there for very hardworking man and am ready to do anything to make my woman happy and always be there for her and make sure she never lack anything at all and make sure she is always happy with me.well I think what matter is a serious and reliable relationship is understanding and faithful with each other with that we can both happy together has one love. I love the way you make me feel inside and i think we both have a good thing together in common we just need to keep communicating and learn more thing about each other and see how thing we work out between us... I need your Answers to this..... I will like to ask you this questions : How do you deal with frustration? What are your ways of dealing with anger? Is jealousy an emotion that comes easily to you? Do you wish you were less or more emotional? Why? What things make you extremely happy? If you were to celebrate a huge success what would you do? What is your favorite way to express your emotions of love? When you are sad about something, how do you wish to be handled? What do you do to relieve stress? When you are feeling lonely, what makes you feel you better? I think I should stop here for now, Hope to hear from you soon and you take good care of yourself.. Sincerely Yours. I will hold it here and will be waiting to read from you back soon. Wow!!! Surprise baby, I could be able to get you alot of pictures of my son when he was at age 3 and till he was 5yrs old and pictures of me as well last year when i was at Afghanistan with my collegues.. I send you pictures of me taking my friends at the Bar, at the Afghanistan with the Armour tanks and as well on the Iraq desert with my Dog, Gilbori picture and my cat barb. I hope you don't get discourage with my ugly look.
Much Love, Kisses and Hugs,
Yours truly,
Bhromes Michael Perwitt/Lawrence.
Letter 5

My Dearest Gracie, I Miss you too....Thanks for the email and it was nice hearing from you. I must confess I really love reading your email and you make me feel this Internet stuff is really working out more than people thought.You are right, this might be Crazy and people might be thinking that this is crazy indeed that we don't know each other well yet but yet we are both missing each other. I want you to know that I really love everything you share with me about you and i think we have same pages together we just need to learn more thing about each other and see what we both have together in the future and I love a hardworking and reliable soul mate and I am sure that Its you and have found you. My Dear,I would have really loved to send you the address down here in syria so you can send me the gift you want to send to me. But you can't send me anything down here in Syria and its against the Military rules to be disclosing such informations out. we are not allowed to do that. so my dear i will like you to bear with me and understand that, and reason with me and hold the present or gift pending till i get back home to the states so i can get the gift myself. Its not really good down here at all.There is a conflict down here which Tens of thousands have died and which many more are fleding their homes.Bashar al-Assad said, he continues to battle an uprising against his rule. Even the Syrian government forces are continuing to fire short-range ballistic missiles at rebel fighters. There was even a missiles that landed near our camp last week, But we thank God no one was found dead. We got a Radio station from the US that more than six missiles had been fired from the Damascus area into northern Syria.And the Russia's foreign ministry has insisted that the country has not changed its position on Syria and "never will". This is what is happening down here and alot more. Dear, I'm open and free to answer any of your questions okay, So you just feel free to ask the questions and i will take my time to answer everything okay. You won't be Bombarding me with your questions as i will be willing to answer them okay, I understand that my time is Limited but still doesn't mean i will create time to answer them because i want you to know that its only you and you alone that i think of.. Answers to your Questions:
No, I have never been on any other dating site apart from the match.
My username Gilbori787 came from my Dog name, I will send you a picture of me and my Dog as well. And i choosed the username because i always get to remember it intime.
No, I don't have any other social medias like i said I'm new to the internet scene and i just joined match 2 days before i met you, so I'm pretty new to this. Yes, the Ex that cheated on me was Jaydee's mom. we never got married, She was just a girl friend which we were both planning on getting married before she broke up with me and left with another man.
I caught her red handed. I Caught them together in the mans car and i traced them and followed them down to the motel where they went to, that was the first time but i didn't say anything but hold onto it and pretend nothing happened because i loved her. but the second was when she always get to recieve text message from the man and calls and she gets to be Nervous at all times with me suspecting her, and still i didn't do anything, But not until the third time that she brought the man to my house on my bed when they both taught i had gone out,so that was when i caught her red handed.
No, Have never been married, and would love to be married someday to witness the feelings and life of marriage. Dear, I know that you need confirmation to know me, you want to be sure of whom i am so you will be calm and won't be scared of anything right. Gracie, i want you to know that have been worried about this mail since i read it and been thinking of confirmation of what i can give to you for to make you believe me and be calm and sure that i am real and who have been telling you that i am. So i taught of this idea and i believe its going to be the best confirmation for us both and for you to believe me and be sure and calm that i am for real and to know that i really care about you and i want you for you alone and no one else Gracie because am getting crazy about you down here. Here is the Confirmation proove i want you to call a Neighbour of mine which we both live together in the states. He is like a father to me but he is very good and i respect him alot,and i use to help him out so he likes me alot as well and we both use to have dinner and eat lunch together and as well go to bars together to drink beers together too.So i have send him an email as well and i told him that he will be doing a favour for me to talk to you so he can give you some litle info's about me and proove to you that i am for real so you won't be scared of anything okay. Since i can't give you info's out due to the military rules, so am sure with him confirming to know me and that he is my neighbour,you should be calm with that and maybe you can meet with him in person as well so you both can talk as well and he will tell you little about me, I believe you should be calm with that dear. So i got a mail from him back and he told me to give you his phone number so you can call him at 10:00 when he will be back from church okay. His Name is Larry. and Here is Phone number..903-432-3631, So you just call him and mention your name to him Gracie and tell him from Brhomes michael perwitt/Lawrence okay. I'm Half Brazilian and Peurto rico, because i spend most of my young and child life down at the two places. and i live at Texas, Dallas before moving down to Tool. I hope i have been able to give you a confirmation and i will be waiting to hear from you back what you feel about me and if you finally get to believe me and be calm after talking with Larry. I really appreciate you Gracie,and i understand your Plight okay. I know that you are trying to protect yourself,like i said and i will say this again Gracie, am not here to play games with you and i will never play games or hurt you okay. I don't like friends , i don't keep them. I just want you to accept me into your life and be that woman for me to stand by me and love me the way a man needs to be loved. Baby, Its okay,I don't need to check you or google you out, if i do then it means there is no trust between each other and that is not good because what i want for us both is trust and understanding and time which is very important in a relationship. I will send you the pictures of me i have on my folders okay. i hope you like it and don't get discourage about my ugly face, Lol. I will hold it here my dear and i will be waiting and looking forward to read from you back soon and let me know when you get to talk to Larry okay. He said you should call him by 10:00am Texas time,he will be Available okay. I can't wait to have the Key and Access into your heart and your life Gracie. Yours truly, Brhomes Perwitt/Lawrence.
Letter 6

Ohh, Lol. E bom ouvir que voce fala Portugues tambem. Sera um meio melhor para falarmos juntos quando estou de volta em casa e quando estamos os dois juntos. Good to hear that you got Larry's Number. Its okay Gracie my dear,of course i am very sure and I'm okay with it. Like i said, have spoken with Larry that you will be calling him and to talk to him about me, so feel free okay, Its okay i just want you to be sure of me and to know that i am who i told you i am and to let you know that am for real and i really mean all my words to you that i want you and you alone and want to be serious with you. So he will be waiting for your call at 10:00am Texas time okay. And if you will give me your Cell phone number so i can give him so he can reach you on as well. Its Okay baby, Don't feel sorry for anything i understand and its fine okay, Just call him and talk to him okay. I want you to go to bed and think about me just as i always do think about you okay. I will be waiting to read patiently from you and to see answers to my questions i asked you and as well to hear more about yourself and your job and your religion. Wow!!! I'm really glad to hear that you do always go to church as well too. It makes me Happy. I want you to go to bed and write me when you are awake okay. good to hear that you are learning my Langauage Brazilian Portuguese. Yeah, I'm sure we will always speak and you will be fluent when i get home to you. I agree with you, we have all in common together and that is why am really wanting to do anything and everything to proove to you and to make you no that i care about you because we have alot in common together. Will be waiting to read from you when your awake. Sweet Dreams dear. Muah, Muah, Yours truly.
Letter 7

Baby, I believe its good to always be straight to the point sometimes and likewise sometimes good to be cleavage as well. I don't have any problem about that. I'm not really a Jealous man like i said as long as i can trust my woman. I just like my mate to be simple, causal, Sexy and Romantic for me and around me, I don't care if being in Public or not, I just believe and want her to be romantic and sexy so i can alway take her out at all times, to concerts together, to movies and so many places. No, I don't flirt and never been one. I was the one who took the picture of them, I wasn't in the picture was only showing you my troops men. Yes, I was in Afghanistan last year. I do travel much well. I believe you don't have any problems with that right ? What i mean by what i said in my last Email was that the ladies i got in contact with at the bar's and beaches, or the cinema's i met. I tried to have a date with them to see if we both could settle down, but it happens to be that everyone of them that have met were not ready to settle down and not serious to settle down,or have a long term relationship.that is what i mean. I can't wait to jump onto the computer again to read from you. I really do miss you. Much Love, Brhomes/Lawrence .
Letter 8

Baby,I'm sorry once again that you were dissapointed in me by finding my profile on some sites. Have taken care of the Loveaccess now and about to take care of the Icony. Here is the Message of the account cancellation. And about the Age ,It was my friend who helped opened the profile so the mistake came from him,he didn't fill it right. Sorry about that baby.
Letter 9

Baby, I got your Phone Number sweetie.I'm really happy to have that, Now at least i am very sure and believe that we will both be able to keep in contact at all times and at anytime,any seconds or mintues with this number. I asked Larry to help me make findings on the Roaming of numbers so that i can be able to be using that to text you from here and get in touch with each other sweetie, So he got back at me yesterday but was not able to check my mail not until now. He said it is now a little bit cheaper than before, because as at last year it was close to $690 Every Month, Because its roaming and it's always cost, but now he said it is for $550 a Month. Baby, I don't know how else to say this but i don't know if you are thinking what i am thinking sweetie. I am thinking that if we can both do this that it will favour us alot and we will be able to always communicate and talk via text anytime ,What do you think ? So i am suggesting and thinking if you can help me send the money to Larry for the roaming so he can help me go get it done as it is always been done, he as idea's about it because he is an ex retired army as well. So let me know what you think about this baby? Can you send the money to him for me so he can get this done for us ?
Letter 10

Yes Baby,But how about we try 2 weeks first we should just try to do for 2 weeks so we can always keep in contact and communicate via text messages as well. What do you think ?

Letter 11

I'm not after your money, And i don't love you for money. I really feel so stupid now for asking you. I shouldn't have asked you for that or Mentioned that. I feel so bad about all this. What do you want me to say. My heart as been thorn apart and i don't know what to say.
Letter 12

I'm Sorry Dear. I Didn't mean to but i just want you to know that i got hurt with the things you said to me.. I'm really sorry, i can't get myself because am incomplete right now and i feel like a piece of me is Missing. I hope you find a place to forgive me and want me back. I still Love you and will Always Do. Lawrence.
Letter 13

My Beloved Woman Gracie. How are you doing over there my sweet Loving Woman? I have really missed you alot and missed our mails and our conversation. I know that we both have had our little mis-understanding and we both have apologise to each other. Gracie. I want you to know that I have never been Ignoring or Avoiding your mails. But its just that have not been having the chance to get on the computer to check my mail and write back to you,That is why you feel that way that you think i am avoiding your. Gracie, I really really do miss you alot and been thinking about you like i always do. I hope you do miss me as well and think of me or have you forgotten about me so soon ? or have you gone back to the dating site to meet someone else? I will send this short letter for now and will be waiting to read from you back. Miss you, Your Truly and Everly Love,
Letter 14

Ohh Good to get a hold of you at work.. Haha, lol. My Birthday is on Feb 10th. What about yours? Will be looking forward to read your mail and to see answers to my questions when you get home. I don't want you to be distract from what you need to do okay. I want you to get them done and just think of me and know that Lawrence thinks about you and Miss you alot. Kisses to you. Muah, Lawrence.
Letter 15

Yes, Almost coming up. will be 40yrs. 1974. What about you?
Letter 16

Oh yes baby, That is true. Sorry for the calculation.. I guess i'm not good with Maths.. Haha, Lol. Wow, So your birthday is still Far away. I would have been home by then and we would have both been together by then.
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