Romance scam letter(s) from Daniel Burns to Teri (USA)
Letter 1

NO amount of money is IMPORTANT than saving a man’s life money is never IMPORTANT than a human beings life

I could careless for the box and what it contains for my husbands life is more precious then all the money in the world and if you can’t understand this i feel sorry for you
I can't believe you abandoned me to die here Teri,well it's obvious now because you don't love me anymore or care about me just because of my difficulties now
You can say whatever you wanna say but God knows my heart desires and I know I loved you sincerely if because you have helped me times without number,I promise you this when I get out of here you will get every bit of money you helped me with,it hurts me that because of money you chose to abandon me and insult the man you claimed you love,God is watching
Teri God knows I love you so much and I long to be with you sooner just that things are not working the way I planned it and I believe what's good don't come easily,the truth is when I finally get out of here I would be the most happiest man because I have waited for a while just to be with the woman I love so much,believe me or not it hurts me when I see you sad but is not your fault or mine but circumstances,I love you Teri
Baby I haven't been on to the computer,I love it so much and when I get out of here God knows my priority is getting married to you because you are my life and my wife,without you I am nothing baby,I told you when I can I would message you,now I can talk to you and baby honestly I just wanna get the fuck outta here so that I can come home to you
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