Scam Email(s) from Thomas Palson to Carol (USA)


Letter 1

You strike me as someone I'd love to get to know. I loved reading your profile too. I must admit, I am very new to this, but I love the smile on your face. I know it's hard to sum up your life in a "selling a used car ad" kind of way, but I have read way too many profiles and you are the first person that I immediately wanted to ask you out. I'd love to get to know you better. The best place to reach me is through my private email as i am not always here and my subscription will run out any moment from

Letter 2

Good to hear from you again. I hope you had a lovely day? Life is really boring without a partner; I know that from my experience over the past years. I have come to realize that even with my work and busy schedule sometimes, I still miss something in my life. When I lost my wife, I thought the world has come to an end but life goes on and Thank God that I registered on the site because it gave me the opportunity to meet you. I told myself the moment I got your mail that I do not need the site anymore for I have found whom I seek.

I think at this stage, i should tell you more about me. One of the things that make me feel so happy is to visit the beach. I love to watch the sun set and play many games at the beach side. I love to Para-sail and other activities in the beach. Do you know that water can speak to a soul? I will interpret it for you someday, may when we go to the beach together.

I was born in Iceland and came back to the US with my parents at the age of 6. I left again at the age of 16 to attend school in Hamburg Germany and other parts of Europe. Before now, i have been in and out of the States, having worked with an investment firm in England and Belgium. I am semi retired now and now represents my firms interest here as a consultant.

My long stay abroad makes people say my accent is the combination of the places i have lived and grow up in. I feel very young both physically and mentally. i am very health conscious.

I understand we have both had some good and worst experiences in our previous relationship but we should try to let the past go and focus on the future. It will be nice to talk on phone, at least give this meeting a voice and cherish each other forever. I want you to take my heart and treat it as if it's yours. I promise to always put smiles on your face. Please can you tell me more about you and also send a recent picture if possible.