Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Nick to Averil (South Africa)
Letter 1

Thanks for the email ,These are more about me!!!!

I was born Frankfurt in Germany, my dad is a German ,I'm very close to my parents and they show me parental care as the only child. I loose my mom she's suffering from breast cancer before she died.Later transfer my dad back to London .My childhood was full of fun, my dad love watching soccer and he's Manchester united football club Fan he use to take me along to watch soccer almost every weekend when we back to London.That's where i started crazy about football, i never realized how great my dad was until i loose him, he was so caring and he likes to cook German food he taught me how to cook.I got married to Catherine she's from Australia but we have been friend since my secondary school days,Catherine is beautiful woman inside and out, who passed away in June, 2004.I was very lucky to have found her and I hope that I will get lucky again,she was so close to me. it was a sad experience to me,she left me with a beautiful daughter Sandra, I love so much she means Lot to me,I want to get back to new love life, I am looking for an open, honest and trustworthy and respectful woman.

I want someone who can make me laugh, but who also has a serious and caring side as well. I have a heart of gold and am willing to open up and share it with someone. Someone to be my best friend . above all have a good sense of human.I have not felt the love of woman for long now,and i really miss it, I am a one man to one woman relationship type,and when i love ,i love real hard,i listen to my partner and understand Lot

I am an architect i use to design bridge,hospital,football stadium and so on i handle my job on a contract and the nature of my work take me to places. I love my job.I would like to get to know you and see if we can possibly set out on this journey together. What about you?

I look forward to hear from you....

Letter 2

It's nice to hear from you again and I hope all is going on well with you...I just saw your email and i was thinking about you so I decide to write you this short note. I will be happy if you can send me your picture so that in times like this, I will take a look at your picture and smile because I am thinking of you and I think you will also be thinking of me. This will be all for now but I will be waiting for your pics. Have a bless day as I will be here thinking of you.

I attached some pics of me and my daughter,hope you will like them!

Chat soon
Letter 3

Thank you for the pics, You look so cute,decent and gentle .I am so interested in getting to know more about you .I truly believe good friendship is the foundation of any relationship and i am ready to relocate for that special woman for me... There is no distance about love! it always finds a way to bring hearts together, no matter how many miles are between them...!!!

look forward to chat with you. Mark.
Letter 4

As the day turns into night, keep your worries out of sight. Close your eyes and go to sleep, for all the good times are yours to keep. Sweetest dreams!
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