Romance scam letter(s) from Aaron Addison to Sophia (USA)
Letter 1

Good morning Angel of my Life, i truly believe there is nothing happening or that has happened in Life which God doesnt know about, when i saw you on my page as people i may know, i never intended to add you as friend until i mistakenly click the add button , i wanted to cancel it at first then i said to myself of course she could be a friend. when we started communicating , ordinarily when you told me you are married i should quit talking to you yet my feelings became stronger when i foudn out few things embedded in you , this is why i keep saying indeed you are a rare GEM your daughter is not anyway wrong by saying you are been too nice. my ANGELA Come to think of it, i said God must have seen my heart to know i deserve a good woman like you then it makes you submitted to my feelings then you gave me a chance,, it amaze me when you told me you were doing what you asked your daughter not to do and that is not to trust strangers... well, we dont feel like strangers, we feel we have known each other foreever which makes me wonder if God actually created us same day. ARE YOU THE ANGEL: Prior before i met you, have been so wary of working right here in syria cause it worries my heart seeing peopel dying everyday which endangers my life as well, when we were talking last night you seems dont understand me, i never said you are the reason why im leaving here, it will only make me happy if i can use this opportunity for me to get out of here...i know we dont have to rush over anything as this will only give us opportunity to know more about each other so we can plan better of our future as i know you are still legally married, dont you think it will be great if we meet briefly for us to talk eye to eye not over mail cause i really want to hold you in my arm to feel your breathe.
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