Scam Email(s) from Mark Robben to Laura (USA)


Letter 1

Dear Ma,
Thank you Ma for honoring little Nancy birthday request. You must be a christian to understand the virtues of giving, most expecially when it comes to the things of God. She is full of life here and has been jumping about in excitement after she received your mail. In fact, she is already in her birthday mood.

Due to short time frame, bank transfers will take up to 5 days to clear fund. Kindly make the total payment in random figure into our USA agent Bank Account. She will credit our account here immediately the payment drops without delay. See details below:
Account name. Dorothy Loretta Harper
Account number. 355004320842
Beneficiary Address 504 Cottage Lane Harrisonville, Missouri. 64701
Bank Name .Bank of America
Bank address. 1818 east north avenue Routing Number # 026009593

We wait in earnest, Thank you and God bless you Ma.

Dcns. (Mrs) Mankind Choi / School 3 Nanny.

Letter 2

Dear Mummy,

Good day and God bless you Ma. I was impressed when little Nancy came to ask for my assistance to help her contact the mummy. How are you and the rest of the family over there? She had told me how she contacted you and daddy before to remind you of her upcoming birthday. Mummy, birthdays come once in a year and she has asked me to tell you that she would want a befitting celebration with her class pupils and other friends.

What made this year's birthday so special for her is that it coincides with the visiting day of Snr. Revd. Fr. Moritz Cletus from Spain to pray for the entire School Directors, Management and Pupils. I felt so elated and touched in my spirit at Nancy's requests on her birthday. I wondered how she could think that mature way. She requests to present the family to God at the prayer ground that day with "Seed Faith Offering" of 2,000usd tagged "God Restore Happiness, Love and Affection to my Family". I could not stop her because the word of God says in 1 Thessalonians 5:19, "Quench not the Spirit of God". Additional 400usd would be needed for her party, her shopping and gift items to her class pupils and friends.

Kindly contact the father and both of you should provide her with the sum total of 2,400usd. Do everything possible to keep alive the inspiration of this little Nancy. Pray for her always. She deserves the best this time. She is well behaved and performs excellently in class work activities. Peace!

Dcns. (Mrs) Mankind Choi. (School 3. Nanny)

Letter 3

daddy complained you blocked him again after many days of not talking to him...whats the problem mummy?..