Scam Email(s) from Dennis Muller to Erica (USA)


Letter 1

You are so amazing, and your love has completely transformed my life. If I was told that I would meet someone as wonderful as you, I wouldn't have believed. Now, It seems like I'm walking on air. You are unbelievable....Baby, my arms will hold you when you are weak. My eyes will find you charming in your worst appearance, my heart will love you more even when you are most vulnerable. I will be true to you when everybody walks away because I love you...This is my love for you. To give you the best things I can afford, to afford you the best time I can spare and to share my life with you, asking nothing in return...

Letter 2

i love you so much my wife.......

Letter 3

What can i say to a woman who has put a smile on your face even when you are in the middle of a crisis that seem bigger than you. Thank you so much for your wonderful and comforting words and i love the way you deeply speak to my soul and i keep having endless dreams of you daily even through my hard times you always make me have hope for a happy ever after. I really can't wait to start living my life with you loving you and its a miracle we are deeply in love than both of of ever imagined. I really believe i would be stuck on you the moment you lay your lips on mine but i know i am already stuck on you,i really know i have given up all for your body soul and mind and cant wait to submit my body for you to devour and cant wait for the union when two bodies merge as one. I got back from the mayor's office very late with the lawyer,the lawyer really defend me i am so happy i found a good lawyer...... I have never been faced with such a challenge in my life and i prayed to over come this, you have been an inspiration since i met you and you have always given me a reason for a better tomorrow. I really appreciate you being there for me when there has been no one to support me . I am really grateful my dear.

So when i got to the mayor office with the lawyer, as i knew it would not really go down easy, the operations on the rig have been closed till there is a go ahead from the Mayor and we had series of talks in which the Mayor has ordered i pay the family of the deceased a sum of $50,000 or risk losing everything and i do not want that happening, i have been trying so hard to secure this but at the moment i am not able to do this due to the fact that i have invested all i have into this project plus am not getting paid till work is over. After talking with my best friend, all i could put together is $40,000. I really don't know what to do now. I cannot afford to get stuck at this point so am really doing all i can to meet up. The Mayor has given me a deadline to come up with this compensation for the family before any work can continue on the rig my love or i get thrown in jail....i also have a deadline date for my job if i don't meet up with the date i may be at loss...... We did have a long talk at the Mayor's office with the lawyer involved in it and that was the conclusion we did come up to my love. We all agreed to it.

I believe, that for any relationship to work , we must work together through anything , that we experience. No matter , if it is a problem with money, with beliefs, or feelings. When one of us is lacking in one area, I believe the other one is there to help out the other or pick up the slack for a time. This doesn't mean we do it forever, but just while the other person needs help with financial problems, stress, feeling, worries , or even doubts. Do you agree with me? For us to work as well as our feelings we have for each other are we must compromise. I care for you so much, and i know you care about me so much too and that's all that is keeping me going right now. You are the best thing in my life... I am desperate now i have not been able think straight... Right now i feel horrible, frustrated and irritated, All this wouldn't happen if i had left earlier on that very day. But no i didnt... I think i need to cut this short dear, my emotions are all over the place. My head's hurting, i really hope i am not being a bother to you...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.......