Romance scam letter(s) from James Craig Henneger to Laura (USA)
Letter 1

Dear mother ,
How are you doing today , i really do hope you are fine and doing okay , i know you must be surprise hearing me call you mother , it is because of the way my father speak about you , it was a great thing to know that he had found love again because he speak good about you ,i know he must find it difficult to tell you what he feels about you but as a mother , i think i can not hide a thing from you , my Father really have a heart feeling for you , i just hope you will give him the chance to be that special father to your heart , i always have faith on things that i know will come to be together , so i can see that my father and you are best for each other , i just hope you find a place in your heart to let him in , it is me ones again Josh .
Letter 2

Mother Good morning to you , i am so excited to have read this all from you , mother i am the most happiest to have read this mail from you today , i am so so happy because i know today i can boast to my friends that i now have a mom , mother i am so short words because this is what i have always pray for , i have never felt the love of a mother before , i was crying when i was reading your letter and it was a tears of joy because today i know i have a family , my brother sister , i do hope to see them all soon mother , i just want to be home soon i want to be close to my brothers and sisters , mother you are the best mother and i love you all mother , it is really lonely here been without my family , mother over here in Europe the life here is different from the one we live in America , my sweet mom , i am coming home and i am not going back to Europe again , i want to be close to you and dad , i just want to be around to watch you tell me story , i want to be home to help you do some cleaning at home and i want to be home to protect you from trouble and i want to be a good son and i will always make you and dad proud ,i am going to print out your photo and put it on my wallet , i want to show it to my friends , i love you mom , looking forward to see you soon other , i have to go the library right now , i will write you when next i read from you , bye mom . YOURS
Letter 3

Hello Honey am sending you message on Hangout is not going,did you block me?
Letter 4

Honey what is going on,i dont want believe you block me from sending you message
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