Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Paterson to Irma (Canada)
Letter 1

Morning :) I must say, i am really enjoying this, feeling like a teen again. Thank you so much and i really appreciate it. I feel like you are a generous person with a good heart.I love it , it says a lot about your personality and believe me when i say this, you deserve all the good and happiness coming your way, that is the law of Karma. I can tell we are both good writers and we both express ourselves so freely via email. I think it's a good thing. Don't you think so? I am sure every single second invested in the foundation of a relationship is always an addition to the success of it. So i do not see it as a waste writing each other and learning more about each other. Connecting in real time would be the best step forward, so if you could give me your number so we can put a voice behind the emails that would be a great step forward and Oh and please do let me know the best times to call you :) I will quickly write a bit more about myself now as I have a very busy day today due to my project at hand, I have to pick up some material for a housing project i am working on ,looks like i will be having a busy week. I live by myself in a house, fell in love with it when I got here. It was really nice to receive mail from you . I guess i have been on your mind just as you have been on mine.
I like what I have read about you and I am very interested in getting to know you better, and the more i read from you,the more attracted I get to you. I do not want to rush as that may spoil what we are building. I am optimistic that we will take this to the next level after we get together to meet. I respect the process, and i like it when it happens organically. More about me, before i leave here as I said I'd be having a long day. I lived in Rotterdam with my parents till i turned 20, my dad retired from active service then we moved to the Birmingham UK. I lived in Birmingham UK with my parents for some years and also attended college there. After college, i got a job and moved back to Rotterdam where i got married settled down .I recently moved here after the lost of my wife, so you can say I am new to the area. Chris my son lives and study in the UK, he visits home often(3-4 times a year and he was here for Christmas and New year).I will tell you more about him and his mother as we get closer, Although,it sometimes gets emotional. I was raised as the only child because my mother had complications after she had me. I grew up with all the love and affection from both my parents. Not that i was spoiled in any way or over pampered or anything I remember having my dad spank me really hard whenever i misbehaved,lol. I miss him a lot because we were very close, everything i am today, i learned from him. He passed way 12 yrs ago, My mum still lives in the UK as she needed to be closer to her family, she turns 82 in November. She visits me from time to time. She is still very active even at that age. I have been designing homes, sites, buildings for the past 31 years, I studied architectural design in College and i work privately. Do you mind telling when your birthday is? Mine is Dec 18th, that makes me a Sagittarius and Chris the 5th of march which makes him a Pisces. I am not much of a zodiac believer but well aware of it lol. I should go now and get on with my day. I will be thinking about you and hopefully talk to you soon after work if you give the digits to reach you on as i have requested. Getting to know you has been a new feeling(in a good way). You are truly a very beautiful hearted woman and any man would be lucky to have you as a partner. I am also glad we connected and still looking forward to more with you.
Talk to you soon.
Letter 2

How was your night ? I Hope you slept well ? I have just received a call followed by a letter of appointment from the ministry of Housing and development in South Africa informing me that i have been approved and appointed to develop and construct a government school and hospital in the Milnerton area of Cape Town South Africa.

It is a 8 figure contract, of which includes the cost to design and build the said project.The contract award ceremony will take place at the Cape Town International Convention Center (CTICC) on Friday morning the 2nd of June. This means i have to travel to South Africa tonight to arrive there tomorrow evening as it is about a 21 hour flight from here to South Africa in order to make it there on time for the award ceremony. This news came as a big shock to me as i was not expecting to win the contract nor to have to travel this urgent.

I already have an appointment with my bank this morning regarding some investments,Once i am done with my bank,i will have to go shop for some of the items that i will need for this trip. I will also need some summer clothes as they seem to be in summer over there at the moment.I also need to go get all the tools that i will be working with over there ready to be shipped over to South Africa.

I also need a good suit for the contract award ceremony which will be attended by some important personnel from the government, politicians, NGO's and other Government bodies on Monday morning.

I am really happy to be awarded this contract as i have struggled in getting contracts and tenders for my company since i relocated here.This is the first time that i will be working on a project in South Africa.
With this latest development,I am very sorry to inform you that i may not be able to see you in person before my departure as i have to be in South Africa ASAP to sign the acceptance letter and also to meet the minister of housing and development.

I would like us to keep in touch by email and over the phone just as we have done for the past couple of days till i return. I will be traveling with my laptop so i will send you mail on a daily basis. I will buy a South African sim card when i arrive there and we will be able to talk on the phone as well. I will also try get an international plan for my number so i can make and receive calls on this number. I will be staying for two weeks to sign the acceptance letter and also to kick start the project before returning.

I am deeply sorry about my sudden departure,I promise to make it up to you when i get back.I will arrive back home in the morning of the 17th of June, If i am not jet legged, We should be able to meet that very day or the day after.I will keep you posted about that. I promise to make it up to you.

I hope you are not mad at me?
Talk to you soon.

Big Hug.
Letter 3

Good Evening/afternoon Sweetheart, How are you doing today? I just got back from the ceremony about 30mins ago. Babe, It went so well and i am so humbled by how much they appreciate my work.I was just smiling and imagining you standing right next to me looking so beautiful and glamorous.
The ceremony was attended by top politicians,NGO's and high profile people, even the premier of Cape town Herself Mrs. Helen Ziller and so many others were in attendance. We were also entertained by top African musicians, School children and many more hun. I was over the moon and honored to be a part of this. The proposed School and hospital will be dedicated to the late Nelson Mandela who passed a few years ago. It would be a great fulfillment to actually go past this School and Hospital one day with you and actually point it out to them that i designed and built this Government School and Hospital. Its a great achievement and i am extremely delighted to be a part of this. We had professional photographers who took all the pictures, It was also captured on DVD . They took my hotel address and phone number and told me they will deliver my copies in a couple of days and should be able to send you some copies to see what went down. Its a wonderful feeling knowing that there is a special woman back home who has got my back and whom i can share all these wonderful experiences with.
I have been very lonely for the past 3 and half years since i lost my late wife and i am so proud that you are a part of my life and excited for all the possibilities ahead of us. You are the queen of my heart, you have no idea how happy i am right now and i intend to keep it that way for as long as i can.
I wish you were here with me today to experience this. This place is so beautiful and the people here are very kind and cultured. I want you to know that the feelings i have developed for you are undying. They are strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life and I cannot wait to meet you.You bring out the best in me. You are the one I want to share everything with - my thoughts, hopes and dreams. Thinking of you makes my heart full. You are a source of inspiration to me. I will forever be indebted to you for all you have brought to my life.So, to repay you, I promise you my heart and all the love i can give.
Missing you so much.I am sure I will have a very interesting stay here in Cape Town. Promise keep you posted Thank you so much for been who you are to me and may God bless us. Enjoy the rest of your day, I will talk to you soon. Love from A
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