Romance scam letter(s) from Chris Limones to Zuzana (Czech Republic)
Letter 1

Attn: Thank you for the email. You are hereby directed to make the payment for the 'replacement fee' (1700 USD) as soon as possible in order to enable us proceed with the contract termination and release of your fiance Sgt Brandon Limones from our base. The payment is a replacement fee which will be used for the expenses of the soldier that will be sent from the United States to replace your fiance (Sgt Brandon Limones) in the warzone. We hereby assure you that the replacement fee (1,700 USD) will be reimbursed to you as soon as Sgt Brandon Limones arrive the Czech Republic. The fee will be deducted from the deployment allowances accrued to Sgt Brandon Limones. You are to make the payment through our account officer with the following details: Bank name: Citibank NA
Bank Address :111 Wall Street ,New York,us
Account number: 36151409
Account name Diamond BP
Swift code: CITIUS33
Routing number: 021000089
Payment Ref: James aina/0086899760 NB: Please use the reference number while making the payment.
After making the payment,please snap and send the receipt of the payment to us via this email. Thank you.
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