Scam Email(s) from Kenneth Benson to Jennifer (Philippines)


Letter 1

Hello honey,

How are you doing? my dear, Thanks so much for your sympathy and cares. I really appreciated your kindness. Well I have read your mails and the content was well noted by me,Very nice to hear all those nice and confident words from you, I like your style and directness. I think serious purpose in relations is more welcomed by women, dear am in a hide out now so i cannot make or answer calls now, and i don't browse with cellphone and don't pick calls any how now,please do understand my suitation over here.

Meanwhile, I would like to entrust the fund on your possession , so that it will be with you, before my relocation hoping that you would be a God fearing one and good in heart. I will entrust on you with my whole heart but I would like you to be honest and transparent to me. The total fund is one million Eight hundred thousand USD ($1, 800,000.00) I am only begging for your honesty.

I believe that anything that happens in life happens with reason therefore i strongly believe that our meeting is not in vain and shall never be in vain. I would like you to send me this information of yours as stated bellow.

Your Full Name.
Your House Address.
Your mobile number.
Your bank account information
Your job and your international passport copy or any I C for identification.

With all these it will enable me process the transfer of the fund. Note: You must keep this transaction very confidential without a third party please. I will like to invest on REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT OR HOTEL MANAGEMENT.

Anticipating hearing from you prompt