Scam Email(s) from Samson Wilson to Sandra (USA)


Letter 1

Hello Sweetheart. I miss you so much.
I'm finally done with the presentations and documentations. I so much Thank God for this great grace and opportunity.
My client is a retired military general and to that effect i have been giving 1 personal military aids to guide me everywhere i go and watch over me at every point in time. This is because of the ISIS Terrorist group and war in syria,Turkey which is a country very close to Cyprus and also a sign of unsecured environment. Though my client has assured me of adequate security.I have equally been giving an apartment inside the military camp as part of my safety. Also i have submitted my laptops and phone and have been issued with a military LAPTOP and Phone to use during my stay. This they said is part of the security measures and rules guiding the military camp for security reasons. So far I'm OK with the Laptop and phone because it still serve same purpose except for no surveillance like camera attached to take pictures or make video inside the military camp. I had to beg my client for me have my phone back while i am in the military quarters, because i will be missing important call "Your Calls" if i don't. Finally i have my phone back !!! But with strict warning not to take any picture or make video's inside the military vicinity.
Hope everything is cool with you ? As part of the Agreement i had with my client, I will spend 2 weeks here in turkey before coming back. The contract will last for a period of 3 and half months BUT have been scheduled for 4 PHASE (SEMI SUPERVISED) Meaning i will be active for two week and off for two weeks in each month. I will be back home every two weeks OFF. Because of the urgency of this job as it will be commissioned by SEPTEMBER 2017 I have to put somethings in place in respond to the start up of this Job. I will be coming back home to meet up with you after two weeks.
I know I am so lucky coming in contact with you. All we need is time to feel the sweet chemistry between us. there is nothing i adore so much than getting the time i need from a you. your commitment,time,understanding and romantic nature is what i usually trip for and so far you've been putting up and unconditional commitment which i so much cherish and appreciate.You're a wonderful woman and words cannot convey how much you mean to me and how eager I'm in meeting with you. I never feel less or more when I am writing to you; you always make me feel needed by your commitment so far. Thank you for being part of my life and bringing more success to my path. I'm very happy with you and I could not ask for a better woman than you.
Also darling,I know you might be worried sometimes or nervous about my safety over here. Hearing about the horrific stories of all this terrorist attacks around the world would make anyone nervous I believe. I don't want you to be worried baby. I promise you that I will take good care of myself, be more careful and come back home in one piece. It's actually a beautiful thing to know there's someone out there that care's so much about you. They said the best feelings in the world is to know there's someone out there that care so much about you. You are my someone and I will be your someone. stay strong and beautiful for me.
I miss you so much.

Letter 2

I am written you this mail with so much sadness and and happiness in my heart.
How i wish you are here to see how tears flows from my eyes as i write you. My heart bleeds Because i hate myself so much right now for taking up a contract which in turn wants to turn me to a beggar. nevertheless I feel so blessed because thoughts was channeled to my direction and i am written you from the deepest part of my heart as i bleed.

We are not the first set of people that has find love through the online dating service. Ours will never be a different thing.

I feel there are few very basic but essential elements of a relationship..
(1) Identifying the need to be in a relationship
(2) decision and readiness to contribute to it success
(4) TRUST.
Knowing fully well that Gold must go through fire before it can be purified and graded. All this are to a degree sequential. Anyone who is dishonest cannot be respected. Without showing respect, He or she is unlikely to be treated with honesty. Those are fundamental to trust which like respect is earned because honesty was first and was given. When trust is built and respect is earned and they are given and shared, then love and happiness is inevitable. When your love and trust were given, it’s more important than receiving a treasure. Then commitment becomes a part of the relationship. I know this though; when the right person that seems right comes into your life you will know it. A connection happens and you just can't, or won't let go of them. Your whole life changes and all of the emptiness begin to fill up. It starts with the first touch, the first time you look into each others eyes, the very first time for everything becomes a moment to remember. Sometimes it happens quickly, other times it takes years.

I know its not your fault neither is it mine that we have not in physical. The contract came up and i had to leave. I really want to meet you so bad to start spending some quality and adventurous life with you honey. I have to tell you are the most wonderful woman on earth to me. There is no other and will never never be another. i want only you in my heart,in my bed and in my life. The bond that is between us is so great that it could only be by Gods hands placed over our lives, Most hands placed over our lives. Most couples at first meet on a physical basis and then have to develop an emotional bond. you and i have done the exact opposite by emotionally bonding before ever physically touching each other. This is a love that i want like no other. it is the best anyone could wish for and few will experience in a lifetime. Darling, I want to tell you at this moment that you do not need to be afraid of anything. I am a man of my words and very trustworthy. I know we love each other so much, want the same good and amazing life free of drama,have same goals in regards to a partner. Honey this is the time we need to conquer our fear. This is the time i need you to take a bold step. I have also always said that if you are the one in this problem, i will use my last drop of blood to save you and get you out of the mess. I don't care what it takes or what people think about it. I also do not car about what people think in my relationship because i am not the kind of man who involves third party in my relationship affairs. "He who wears the shoe knows where its paining him" In my experience in life i have learn to understand that people can pretend so much to be with you but laugh at you at the slightest problem. so i have learn to do things as my heart desires and do not involve anyone in anything that has to do with my relationship affairs. Most times darling. good things do not come so easy, so have it mind that the bold step you are taking to get me out of here is a bold step for a secured,loving, peaceful and lasting relationship for life.

Baby, Please do anything within your reach to help me get out of this problem, I will definitely pay you back anything you have spend on the cause of this. But most especially what i don't care about the money but about the love we will cherish for the rest of our life's. right from the moment i saw your picture for the first time. I can remember, I paused for some minute, I can remember it took me more that 5 minutes looking at your pictures. I was naturally attracted to you. I knew from the first day that you complete me. The devil is just trying to put asunder but i know what god has joined together not even the devil himself can put asunder. we will surely be together soon. I cannot wait for the day we will meet and also join our lives together because I want to share my joys and sorrows with you and also want you to be everything to me. Am already feel like a school boy going on my first big date, Wonderful feeling! You make me so happy. I'm so Excited Knowing that by god willing we will be together soon. I do not want to leave this planet without knowing true happiness. True love too. Meeting you has been a most rewarding moment of my life. Honey, I am so sorry for any inconveniences i have caused you but please get me out of here and forever will i be grateful for what you have done for me during my hard time. remember we are together in this. for better for worst.

I really need your one assistance right now.I only need one favor from you. I need to get a flight ticket so i can come home to get the fund from my bank. I know you don't have enough money to help me with paying customs and getting the materials out and if you have you would help. so right now darling. I don't need you to help me with money to get the materials out. All i ask for is a plane ticket to come home. Just try as much as you can to do this for me. you can take money out of your savings as soon as i get home i will give you back the money to replace from your savings. i don't mind giving you enough money to keep in your savings as-well in-case of future unforeseen circumstances. It does not cost so much to get a flight ticket back home. If you really love me and need me from the utmost dept of your heart, Just save me from this mess and do this for me so i can come home to get the fund i need and we will put the devil to shame.

Stay beautiful for me, Kisses and hugs coming your way.