Romance scam letter(s) from Chris Martin to Carol (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Gorgeous, thanks for your email, i'm sorry i'm at work right now and i can't talk much here, You can text me on 720-623-9891 or give me your email i will write you more about myself, Thank you.
Letter 2

Good Morning Gorgeous. Love your text message's, Thank you so much for responding to my text, I finally had a chance here at work to finish up my Letter from last night, So I thought I send that off to you before you kick start your day. I know you might be Anxious about my trip to Dallas, You going to be Just fine believe me . That I'm sure off, Just don't think about too much, Take it as it comes, You will see, You going to be Just fine trust me I am speaking from experience. I think you were brave enough to take on Online dating and be willing to come out that shell to date again. That takes guts and you do have it. I too, I'm new to dating again and It's been a long time since I was married to just one person for a Long time , I'm all new to this, Being on Match was a very bold step for me , Due to my son and his wife and my grand daughter Little Emily I decided to roll myself Into it, Glad I finally did, It's the very first time I did something significant such as this, Glad it paid off, I paid for One month Never thought I would check it out Until the very last week when I got the notifications that my membership was going to expire soon so I decided to start deleting emails and profiles then I stumbled Upon yours then I freeze up for a moment , I said to myself , How cute, Your profile details was captivating and we do agree on so many things and I like your smile, How cute , You were that special Angel and at that moment I felt goosebumps just Looking at your photos and reading through your amazing profile I said to myself worth every bravery to reach out glad I finally did. Trying to be up this Morning to walked my doggy, And do my Cardio this Morning and prepared my Lunch box, Chicken and broccoli and Mixed fruit Smoothie etc....I Love an healthy and standard Living too , I also hope your Morning is going so well, I am going to have such a busy day today dealing with a new project I am working and handling work related issues and signing contracts etc... Being a single widower sucks sometimes , Because you get to come Home to an Empty House in my case because I don't have no one to share about my day those Little things makes a difference that's why I decided to come out my shell and date again and put myself on here since I hate the bar scene not for me, I'm a one man one woman person and I am searching for a Long term and lasting relationship I believe in developing a Friendly conversation and Let's see where it goes, I want a Monogamous relationship and Love. More about my childhood and parents, My parents are both late... They both met in Dublin Ireland after they got married, they had only one son (me) and decided to keep it that way. We stayed in Ireland for a number of years after I was born before my father decided that we should move back to Denmark since my Mother was originally from the Copenhagen and worked at the US Embassy in Denmark. ...... My Dad tried to pursue a career in Ireland as a Consultant but after about 3 years he decided he was happier in Denmark being a Lecturer of Archaeology. So that's how I ended up spending most of my life in the Denmark and moved quite a lot growing touring two countries . I've also been a single widower for over 6-7 years give or take and my wife passed away due to brain bleed from a terrible and devastating car accident she had six years ago . I was married once for over 33 years she was my high school sweetheart, We had one Son Jarry, He's was stationed in Okinawa about 5 years ago and finally he choose the Army as a Career path and now deployed on his second deployment to Afghanistan, Oh my when I heard that the very first time he was going to the middle east my heart raced a million places, But His fiance and daughter Emily who is 7 told me not to worry he would be back I can't simple talk more on How Important Family is to me . I am searching for a Long term relationship and Love, I think we cross path for a certain reason who knows maybe the Higher power is looking out for us . Let me share more about my work and myself , I really like what I do owning my business Just like you, I've been an Antiques collector for over 20 years now give or take, I love and enjoy what I do, I also Love collecting Antiques from several parts of the world, I also conduct yard sales and Auctions clear out and I also organise stagings and Exhibitions for clients in selling Antiques for high earn Interior decorations Vendor's etc... I consider myself a great friend and partner. I am a proud father, I always say to my son about the "Golden Rule" (treat others the way you want to be treated). I am an upbeat person who usually looks on the bright side, and genuinely believes that things work out for the best - eventually. What the future holds remains to be seen; anything is possible!!! I like to find humor in the world around me. Besides, when I look around, I am forced to believe that God also has a sense of humor :). As far as relationship, I am usually not the jealous type and believe two people should have friends and things to do outside a relationship. A person should know that even at the absence of their better half, their partner is secretly and quietly thinking about them. I have focused more on building a better life for my son especially since my wife passing on, so that has been accomplished and it's time for me to make the most of my remaining years on earth. Spending quality time with a partner would be the ultimate priority. Being a person with a vivid imagination I am would like to piece together your life and put some pieces together as to know the kind of person you are as to how I might fit around it or in it.. I feel meeting you will be better and by that time we would have known each other well enough for us to meet comfortably and at a convenient time. Thank you for sharing about yourself with me. I appreciate this as I know how difficult it is, opening up to someone you've never met. I am happy with my life and although I'm comfortable with my own company I really would like to meet a lovely woman who would make my life complete. There are still so many things in life that are far better shared with the right person... lovely meals, days out, holidays, as well as physical and intimate moments. There should be an emotional and spiritual chemistry as well as physical. I consider myself as a classy man, Only looking for true serious relationships...A lasting open that's stable, reliable and above all HONEST....I am mature, intelligent and spiritual, as well as fit, sweet and very playful. I am also honest, reliable, respectful and available. I hope you have these qualities as well. I LOVE music, reading, traveling,and even camping.. I truly enjoy the finer things in life and also live life to the FULLEST!!! I love to laugh, am very easy to get along with and have a lot to say.. I am extremely sensual, romantic and I have a big heart. I use to be quite insatiable, but now have learned that there is more to life than SEX. When you have a balance of what life has to offer, then you can achieve BLISS. This is where I reside and would like to share it with someone who deserves this level of comfort and pleasure. Do you desire this as well? I am widow and have been that way for sometime now.I am secure, stable and independent, yet still youthful, creative and exciting. I love to play and have FUN. Life is too short to complain about it. It's for living and learning, enjoying and exploring, experiencing and evolving. I live, work and play HARD. I seek discretion, trust and maturity. So if you are safe, sane, sober and secure, then we have a great start. Especially if you love to TRAVEL, seek adventures and desire great companionship. I am not a moody psycho that's going to turn exorcist on you either. I am quite safe, sane and sober myself. I am very discreet, refined and not embarrassing. I do not do drugs or drunks and am disease free. I prefer to live a healthy lifestyle..I have many goals, one of them is to help make this planet a better place to live. The older I get, the more set in my ways I become. That is why I seek this special kind of relationship. I am happy, content and not lonely on my own, yet I seek companionship as well.. I have been on this dating website for sometime now- give or take a little… It is the first time I have ever done such a thing. During this time, the dating service has sent numerous profiles through… Being a highly recommend dating server for everyone. I have been contacted by a number of people and I have responded in various ways to those that I considered to have similarities what appealed..I have deleted many from my list and stopped a number of conversations after one or two exchanges only----it does not take much to sort out what is right or not right. At this stage I have not found any of the people I have spoken to, to be what I would consider to be the person I would like to spend more time talking to or meet.. I am not interested in accepting just anyone as I have no time to waste unnecessarily…. Am sure both of us, we have already a “long” life with high and deep experiences. Be aware in things we are explaining about, I am always positive, sometimes things had been hard, at the moment, but the development of everything I always feel positive, because if I would not have had the chance to get the 50% “negative”, I never can have the experience of the other side, which is the 50% “positive”. And I look always to the 50 % Positive, as it has the growing factor to grow, to grow, to grow, because the negative side never has the growing element.I think, that is the secret of a successful life. Everyday is a good day, with doing, learning, happiness …… and eventually with a new partner living this positive side of everything, not arguing about the “negative” side of the things.The value of these things is only to make us aware of all the goodness we can live. I look forward to hearing further from you that is, if you are still interested.. Write when you can, With regards, Chris.
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