Scam Email(s) from Frank Edwards to Sue (USA)


Letter 1

Hello Sue, I'm so excited to hear from you again. You sounds perfect in your messages and i really enjoy reading them over and over again. You're something else Sue. I'll never stop thanking you for your beautiful pictures because, it brings smiles to bright up my day and night. I just want you to know that, I choose you out of all the 1000's of women because you're so special and i really enjoyed reading your profile. I think God made it.. I promise to keep you always in my heart. Soon am gonna make it home in 2 months. We came in here to spend a year and we've spent 10 months. I can't wait to hang out with you and see where it lead us to as well.. wow, your perfect first date was soo touching. i loved it. 2 question more for you to

I think a perfect first date is always good to meet in a neutral place like a coffee shop or a place with music in the background so you can chat. Ideas of a perfect date could be a romantic dinner followed by a stroll in the moonlight,have a night of bowling and go to a pub afterwards. Planning together a event or activity's you both would like. These are just a few ideas to work with.

My perception of an ideal relationship is to spend time together and when your apart you don't forget the other person. Being able to share your feelings and show your emotions freely. Being there to support and stand up for that special someone.

I have learned from past experiences that honesty and listening are very important. Communication is important. Never try and change that person but take them with all their faults. Be caring and thoughtful. Never go to bed mad or angry. Discovering new things together day to day helps keep the relationship alive.

All relationships have some adjustment periods, but being hurt shouldn’t be part of being in love. Loving relationships have good qualities, such as support from your partner, a willingness to communicate, a desire to compromise, and open an honest communication. When you do not have these fundamental qualities in a relationship, that relationship isn’t likely to grow, and become something that you desire. We all turn to our loved ones for support from time to time. When your loved one does not offer you their support it may be time to look at your relationship. As we all want to nurture those that we love. We want the best in life for those that we care about. If your partner is unwilling to listen to you, and to your problems, they are not meeting your needs when you need support. Support can come in many forms, someone lending an ear, someone going out of their way to help you, or something as simple as a phone call to cheer you up. Make sure your partner gives you support when you need it.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon Sue.

Letter 2

Hello Dear Sue, It's sooooooooo amazing to hear from you each and every day. You keep blowing my mind away with your touching words.. I really like everything about you. Thank you so much for being you dear.. You're soo caring and i love that.. I wish i could hold you now. lol. I've already introduced you to my son as a very good friend i met online and he was so excited. Here's his email address: Say hi when you can. I really enjoy looking at your pictures and i just want you to know that, one recent had been set as my screen saver. I want to have you as my friend. not just a friend but someone special in my life but i think we need trust to love, but first we need to love in order to trust.To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another. One important thing is to let each other go if you can't laugh, understand and smile from our heart.. To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another right?. Love is like a wonderful feeling of compassion and satisfaction. It should be given respect and trust; and it should receive that love back. The best proof of love is trust.True love is the greatest thing that you can experience; it can weather any storm. Loving, trusting and respecting each other totally can bring you to true love and happiness. It's hard to love and hard to trust; but finding love and finding trust was a gift from you to me. Sue, I believe relationships should never be taken for granted.

The choice of being with another life is an amazing thing.Trust, loyalty and respect are a must for eternal happiness. No matter how much you love someone if you don’t have these ingredients you will never succeed.To be in love means being patient but to be patient you must trust him or her first. You can never find love through the eye or ear, so you must trust the only thing that will never fade until you die your heart.. Love is like trust, when you find your special someone it is as if you're trusting them with your heart.Trust is what you put in someone's hands. Faith is what you hold on to. Trust is what makes everyone realize that you are always there for them. Faith is what makes everyone realize that you are always there to help them in case they need some help. Love makes not everyone, but the only one in your life who is special, think that you are always there for her, to be with her, to cherish her, to fulfill her dreams, to share with her and most of all, to make her realize how much you really love her.

Your aswers was simply perfect and I really enjoyed everything about you. Oh my, you take my breath away with the best qualities you got. I made a good choice out of all those women because you're simply the best. You got the best qualities every man will love to be with.. Thank God I have two months more to return and to retire just to spend much time with my son and that special partner. I think this is the best time to bring in that special partner for a good good living. To answer your questions, I love country musics and my favorite is Keith Urban. I am a very romantic person and I love to make a morning time special by bringing my partner a cup of coffee while she is still in bed. If I'm willing and able, I can also serve her breakfast in bed. It makes my partner feel cherished and the kindness will be returned. I also take the time to give my partner 100% of my attention when she want to talk to me. I Put down the remote control or whatever I'm reading, face my partner and say "What would you like to talk about my love?" It will makes my partner feel loved and important to me. I love Mexican as I favorite food. I love to be French kissed. Passionately and deep to turn me on just to show my partner what I got in my boxers specially for her. Lol.

Thank you Sue, looking forward to hear from you soon

Letter 3

Thanks for your loving messages babe.. Yessss, God knows best and i think He surely have a better plan for the strong believers. To answer your next Questions, I was born and raised in Miami (March 31st is my birthday).. When I was younger, I was in love in becoming an Army. I knew that I needed to provide for my new wife. The military have great pay and benefits for a young, smart individual with little skills or experience willing to take on hardships, and especially for a young family. I love my Job from heart just to bring peace to every country and home. I won't miss my Gun when i retire from the service because im still gonna have it with me to protect my family and to go Hunting sometimes.. Yes i had a German Shepherd in my childhood. Baked Eggs with Tomatoes and Bell Peppers and Quesadillas with Salsa and Guacamole are my two favorites.


Letter 4

Yes I love spicy foods Sue Love, thanks for sharing your story with me. You should've been determine to your dream in joining the military but God knows best. I'll be very happy if you could get a gmail account so we could instant talk on hangout.

Letter 5

My love, I'm online now. Where is my Sue Love?

Letter 6

Good day to you Ms. Sue, How are you? ,i was so excited about you after daddy introduced you to me as His very special friend He met online. I've been looking forward to hear from you. life is very different here from the state. I love chicken as my favorite food, i love playing basket ball and football with my friends as my favorites... This is a little about me. I'm George,14 years old,I'm a high school student. i want to become a Military man just like my daddy in future. I love to study much. My favorite sports team is the Dallas Cowboys. Daddy loves the Chicago Bears. I miss betting with daddy. I miss daddy so much and i can't wait to be together with Him again. i love making new friends and I stay here in Ghana with a good friend of my dad called Mr. Isaac with her wife and their 2 children..I go to the same school together with Mr. Isaac's Children.. we Have fun and do everything together. say Hi to daddy and i love him so much.. hope to hear from you. Thank you Ms. Sue..

Letter 7

Hello to you Ms. Sue, how are you?I was enjoying my day with daddy and its your turn now..Thanks for your message and i will always keep in touch with you whenever i see your messages. hearing from both you and daddy makes my day so good. i really like the way both you and daddy sounds to me. Ms. Sue. I cant wait to take pictures with you and post them in my room when i get back to the state. i have stayed in here for 10 months now. Life is very different from the State. Daddy always goes on a trip with me only, Cruise together, goes to the horse racing, watch a football game, do everything to make me happy and am so proud of my dad. Say hi to Jazz. My favorite color is Blue. I can't wait to meet you someday Ms. Sue... hope to hear from you soon

Letter 8

Good morning Ms. Sue,How are you?I'm so glad to read your message. I love horseback racing. I love playing basket ball in school and i love going to the movies,rollerskating and going to the amusement parks with daddy. Thanks you so much for making daddy happy again. Daddy had prove to me how much you mean to him and i really appreciate that. i can't wait to be together with you and daddy soon. What is your birthday Ms. Sue. Mine is 24th June. Am so happy and i wish i could call you Mom.. Can i call you Mom Ms. Sue?I will be very glad to call you mom.. Am crying right now that i can't even express so happy to have both you and daddy in my life.I love you all...

Letter 9

good morning my love
I know it is almost 3 AM here in NYC. I have been up working on paperwork for my job. Teacher's work never ends. I hoped to see you online since I knew I would still be up. Possibly this weekend I can catch with you. Have a very pleasant day. I am going to bed now, I think I can get about 3 and half hours of sleep...You are definitely on my mind as I head up to bed.
Had to figure out where this app was on my phone..found it..enabled it...

Letter 10

Good morning Sue Love, wow, I'm so proud to hear from you. Thanks for your respond and I've been soo happy since the day we started our beautiful journey. How are you doing?

Letter 11

Sue Love, I'm soo touched with your beautiful messages. Where would I be without you.? Yes I love both tea and coffee. My favorite colors are Pink and white only. I'm a right handed. There's nothing I can do to help you with that because I got you running all over my heart, veins and body. I can't stop thinking about you Sue. I dislike okro and seafoods but I love fish. Yes I drive two handsome cars just like me. Lol. My dream is to buy a new 5bedroom home, reunite with my son and to bring in that special partner to make life complete. I had a 5 bedroom home in New Orleans but i got it sold because of my one years service here in Syria.. Thank God I've 2 months more to retire from the army just to spend time with my new happy family someday. Home can still be in New Orleans but I guess decision changes as we continue walking this beautiful journey to decide together.

Letter 12

we are alike in the seafood department. I only eat certain kinds of fish as well. I was looking for email from you and had completely forgotten about this way of communicating. I have to get used to it.
I had been looking for you throughout the day...I'm sorry I forgot about this. We could have been communicating in live time today. Please forgive me.
I also dislike okra in any form. Add oatmeal cereal to that too. They look the same. Yet I can work some magic with the oatmeal to make cookies, muffins, or bread.
When you have a chance check your emails. There are words there for you.
Sooo, Mr. Edwards...have you guessed where my tattoo is located?

Letter 13

I'm always good with you. I keep thinking about you and have you realize what you're doing to you?
I want you to know that I mean this with all my being...I have never felt this way with any man before in my life. Frank your words, your spirit that comes through the emails and what i sense from looking at your pictures...I am placing my heart in your hands. I am relying on pure faith that my life is love is yours to have
So yes, my tattoo is on my lower back, waist level, just above my buttocks.
I sent a whole bunch of pictures from my phone using hangouts, did you get anything new?

Letter 14

Good afternoon love of my life. I can say that right? How are you. What time is it there? It's 3 PM here.
Finally having something to eat...yeah I know, I was supposed to eat hours ago...I'm having some fried whiting with bread crumb fried vegetables...and homemade raspberry tea
have been thinking about frank all day
i sent some pictures fro today the hangout app on my phone..there is no way that see to know if they through or not...i guess that's a downside of the app or i still dont have something set right. i dont like that i cant read previous conversations on the phone
hmm, reading our chat from today...i relish the thought of waking up next to you. You might wake up and find that I have been up watching you sleep.
sleeping next to you, hair wrapped up and all, no wigs, just au naturel
hey do you like to sleep in the nude or in pajamas or something?
thank you for the compliments. I feel beautiful when I read your words
frank is bringing more of the within onto the outside
how is it that we both feel the same so quickly at that. It's been a solid week since we first chatted. I was feeling something from that first chat
May I ask you something Frank? How did you come across my profile?
What convinced you to be online at the site that day?
I want to feed you strawberries dipped in chocolate so you can lick the drips off my fingers...ooh...excuse me..there i go again...having
fireplace...can we have a fireplace in our house? maybe in the common area and one in our master bedroom
or maybe a terrace outside our bedroom where we can watch sunsets and the night sky as we sip wine...oh wait you dont drink..but you can have the sparkling cider...we sip our drinks as we stand near the railing, you in your silk pajama pants, me in a long flowing silk nightgown...we hugg, we kiss. we admire the view and thank God for how fortunate we are...we admire the beauty of our surroundings and kiss and hug some more and then you slide your manly hands all over my body making my breathing change. You take your hand and manage to slide it up under my gown to find that I have become quite moist in anticipation of what is to happen next...
hmmm...years ago i gave some thought to writing all sorts of things when I retire...
i even would like to paint on canvasses after retirement...want to create paintings that can be used to decorate out home
oh did you know your son and I share the same favorite color
imagine the sound of the rain on a warm summer day in our new home
hmmm, a house with a pagoda outback or an outdoor living room so we can be outside to enjoy the air when it rains but still be under shelter
so many possibilities
what part of a this woman's body do you think you will enjoy the most?
laughing right now at visualizing us trying out positions in the hot tub store. lol
you make me laugh frank
yup our friends will be jealous, happy for us, but still jealous have always wanted to go to paris. check out the museums, go on the famous bridge where lovers leave locks, i hear the locks have been taken down though, it would be a spectacular sight to see the eiffel tower lit up at night after eating lunch at the restaurant on the top
je t'aime avec toute mon coeur
i know i have expressed words of love to others in the past as i am sure you have as well, but this is different, really different, it seems so right, it feels like this is what love should have been all the other times but never really was....i feel so good head to toe and in brain, my heart, my soul, my spirit...feel so connected with you and to you frank...this is really fascinating what we are doing to each other...this is more than just words....
i want to wrap my arms and legs around you...oh excuse me thoughts runneth wild...
i can be quite passionate...are you ready for that...
let's have a shower, a shower together, you wash my back, and I'll wash yours, rub me down in some hot oil baby, then I'll do the same to you...turn off the lights...teddy pendergrass...
thinking of a trip to jamaica or any exotic place...would love to ride horses on the beach...always dreamt of that
went to jamaica last july when i took kory on her first cruise. we climbed the waterfalls in ocho rios...oh my have to do that at least once in your lifetime
i also always dreamed of visiting hawaii, not sure which of the islands, but i saw once on a tv travel show that there is a active volcano on one of the islands that sits on sacred grounds. you are allowed only once in your lifetime to visit there
would love to see the northern lights and auroras of the alaskan night skies
would like to go back to New Orleans...what did you like about life there?
would love to workout with you frank, just dont hurt these old bones lol
i like to tone up so i can look extra good for you
love those fishing pics, that was a mighty big fish you caught there

Letter 15

Woww, soo surprising to find your touching messages. I Love sleeping naked always with my partner. Yes we can babe fireplace in our house. Anything to make you happy babe. A friend of mine who met her special partner on Bpm introduced that dating site with me. Just I was about to give up, I found you. I was just looking and here I found such a beautiful woman so I thought of saying Hi since just a simple hello can bring people together. Wow, it's soo beautiful to share the same color with George. I enjoy a woman's butt. How best its gonna hit my thighs when I continue riding her from behind. I sleep in my side just to cuddle my partner for a beautiful night. I love this song babe. Jaheim is saying something to us. No I don't wanna be involved in any in the service when I retire because I need to spend time with my happy family. I think California have all four seasons. I'm so sorry I didn't get your pictures babe. I love what I got in my email. You're sooo beautiful. I slept wonderful with you in my heart. I'm doing great.
You got me now babe. What did my beautiful Sue had for breakfast?
Oh, I always forgot about the time difference. Dinner sorry?
never had the breakfast frank...i did have a good lunch...fried whiting with vegetables
and for dinner baked lamb chops and vegetables
i would love to cook for you
just past midnight here