Romance scam letter(s) from Bobby Good to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Hi sweetie .. It's my pleasure to meet you here and to say my weekend went well, actually you maybe far away but you know what I don't think that really matters because I had my first date same way and believe I can find that special someone out there again as she was so special to me. I am American, of German and Italian background.. I was born in America, my parents are full-blood Germans and Italians; making a 25% German and 25% Italian and 50% American blood. I'm in search of my soul dream mate lover and life companion. A brief introduction of me Jim Robson, I'm a single parent of an amazing beautiful 16 yr old girl . I'm Self Employed Oil & Gas Engineer with a PhD Degree in Engineering and also into sales of heavy equipment and supply building materials to less privileged countries. I am presently working on a gas station in Kuala Lumpur tower in Malaysia and i will retuned to the states next two weeks. I have been a widower for 12 years now lost her six years after the birth of my daughter (Christine). Wife died of pancreatic cancer being a teacher that had motherly love with her students was the best maths teacher that anyone could ever have who always go extra length for her students to me a miracle teacher who worked so hard and everyone always recognized her hard work. I am the only one who really actually recognize the hard work. She is there for me when I needed her in terms of everything and when I needed someone to lean on. I looked up words in the dictionary that could relate to her kindness and her uniqueness there were no words to describe how wonderful she is, but if there was a word that described her it would probably take up the whole page. I guess it was just her time to go and finally getting some rest now. She feels no pain because she is in a better place. After seeing a therapist I was advised maybe I should go on a dating website and meet new people because I am feeling depressed, That was when I discovered the website and set up a profile. "You were quite taken by me and won't question my sincerity.
Letter 2

My late dad raised me to be a fighter through thin and thick and always come out on top that makes me myself today. I still have faith and it is what has seen me through all the hills and valleys in my life time with having blessed with great parents. Hoping I can enjoy life a little more at my age, imagine a kind man with a strong heart, loving, caring, honest, compassionate, affectionate who believes in God. I'm God fearing and easy going He comes first in all things that I do knowing and having faith trusting in Him that He will be right by my side to see me through as I surrender all to Him in Heaven. I'm a hard worker who takes the time to stay spiritually, mentally and physically in shape.. I have to let you know I am ready to start the next chapter of my life with a loving caring woman to spend the days and nights till death do us path. I like swimming, camping, fishing, reading, writing, tennis, football, basketball, baseball, golfing , movies.
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