Romance scam letter(s) from Kieran Jones to Tammy (USA)
Letter 1

....Songs of love cascading through my glourious harmony, the song is beautiful...It comes from deep within my soul..Love is the music in my heart...The depth of my love, the sweetness, is everlasting....
Our two spirits and souls are one in perfect harmony..Our hearts beats as if they are one universal ..My love will go on for eternity, and will always play the music in my heart..Softly sweetly my heart sings of joy and elation.
Brought to me by my only love, my one true palin, the one who makes life worth living....its doesnt matter what i say or do,cos every step i take leads to you, and now i realise is true the only love for me is u, it doesnt matter how far i row, cos every row i take leads back home to you..
And the fact is absolute the only love for me is u, i thank you for been a friend, my lover, my woman and certainly my wife to be, am so glad u are part of my life now, am all yours now,all i want to do is show you how much am in love with u,
You have opened up my door and shown me what true love feels like in ur heart, and your the one i want to be with for the rest of my life and forever more...ur the only one for me on this earth, your heaven sent.
I want to be the one u love, trust and need and can call on everytime in life no matter the circumstance, lets show the world ur my golden girl and when they see us on the street they will all say they look happy and i get this chill feeling when we talk or anytime i look at your picture.
I will be by ur side nigth after nigth and day after one but you...the way u make me feel is wonderful and i wish i could use a word for it, ur face is pure, innocent and decent and the way u feel for me makes me happy all day..
Nothing and no one could compare to what we feels so good and am so glad ur mine, am lost in ur love and i thank GOD i found you, your my crown jewel and your the one i want to give my last name to and to be the mother of my kids and share a family for life...
Am overwelmed with gratitude and am thankful to God, i was so lost without u and my every wish was to find true love and i found u.
Letter 2

hello jst got in, its strange tht u still doubt me and say things like u say,am here exhausted from running around and trying to see everything is fine,am not the one that makes the weather nor the cancellations,there is a snow storm and the weather is really bad..i guess ur doubts will never stop and this hurts me and makes me feel what on earth are u up to going to sleep and wil gt a calling card and call u in the morning ok..cos we seriously need to talk...
Letter 3

hello love,just wanted to tel u that my battery is dead,jst got home and charging trying toget ready real quick and make some calls,will call u soon u
Letter 4

i appreciate u honey and i treasure and hold u close to my heart
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