Scam Email(s) from Leigh Crawford to Yumiyanti (USA)


Letter 1

Hello Dear, How are you doing today? Where have you been all the while I've been looking for you? Honestly, you're really such a beauty I can't wait to start knowing. Your charming eyes, beautiful lips, curly lashes, moderate nose, pretty face and the wonderful smile on your face are really the most prettiest beauty I've ever seen in my whole life. I didn't even know that beauty like yours do exist in this life. you're indeed special and unique. I would consider it a great honour if you can give me the opportunity to be your friend. I truly like you and really would like to be your friend. My name is Leigh. I'm from California but currently lives and work here in Singapore. I'm 40 years old and single. And that's why I'm writing to you. I've found you interesting, that's why I really would like to know you more. Like I told you already, I would be the happiest man on earth if I hear from you. So I'm going to be waiting to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance for your time to write.

Letter 2

Wow, what a happy day you've made my day today by replying my mail. I would take it that you've agreed to give me the opportunity to be your friend. Thank you so much for that. Honestly speaking, what I've been looking for in a woman all my life is far below the beauty I'm seeing in you. This kind of confirm the saying that the patient dog eat the fattest bone. I said to myself I'm not gonna be in a rush to find a partner, but will take it slowly and let things flow naturally. And I believe now would be the time. If you wouldn't mind, could you please tell me more about yourself? What quality are you looking for in a man? What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy most at your free time? I've read some articles about Perth, it's a lovely place. Don't forget that reading from you would always add more happiness to my life. I've got some more questions to ask but I would prefer to take it one at a time. So I'm going to stop here till I hear from you again. Keep smiling, you're indeed beautiful. Bye for now. Leigh.

Letter 3

Hi, thanks to God your come again. I honestly would like to give things a trial with you as my feeling is convincing me strongly we could make a good home together. To be honest with you, I'm gentle and easy going, sincere, respectful and understanding. Wow, your hobbies are similar with mine. I love jogging, outdoor activities, reading, music and traveling. I'm also hard working guy. I love animals and has a lovely Cat as my pet. I've also been to so many countries but haven't visited yet. So tell me, if things work out between us would you mind to relocate if such need arises? How serious are you looking for a partner? Do you have any animal as pet? You also free to ask me anything you would like to know about me. As always, I'm going to be looking forward to hearing from you again. Keep taking good care of yourself. I can't stop thinking about you. Remain blessed. Leigh

Letter 4

Hi, for a while now I haven't heard from u. I hope all is well with u. Even though it's just a day or so the silence took place, it's seeming to me as a decade. This could tell u how much I'm longing to hear from u. But I just pray that u're well and safe. Those are my main concern about u. I'm still going to be waiting to hear from u. Do take care of urself always. Leigh.

Letter 5

Yeah, here comes ur lovely mail again. Thanks for ur honesty. I would've also done the same. Not everybody online are real, this I'm aware of. But there are so many ways to test if the person is real or not. In my case u have absolutely nothing to worry about. If I'm married I would get nothing cheating my wife. Not even online. There are girls all around me, sex is something u could get at any given time, either through prostitutes or some that are offering themselves for free. Think about it, what would u think could be my ulterior motive in wanting u in my life? Money or what? If I'm married I'm married. No need of making trouble with my wife by cheating on her since there's nothing I could get out of that. I'm real, test me to see if I am or not. I honestly like you and truly want u to be with me. Can we talk on phone? I really would like to hear ur voice. Good to hear u also have. She really must be cute as she's a mixed breed. Can't wait to see her pictures soon. Looking forward to reading from u again. Keep smiling dear, ur whole being is really touching life here. Take care tiil I hear from u again

Letter 6

Hi, sorry for getting back to u a bit late. I've been a lot busy within the last few days. Here is my number
+6581519683. U can ring me anytime but I do off my cell phone at night when I'm going to sleep. I really can't wait to hear from u. Waiting for it.

Letter 7

Hi, good morning to u from here. Maybe u sould also send me ur phone number. I really can't wait to hear ur voice.
Yeah I've Viber but with a different number. I'll send u the number now

Letter 8

Hello, how are u doing today? I hope all is well with u. I tried to call u today but it seems u're not answering. Unfortunately, I've not been able to reply ur mail for some time now due to a heavy work load. Again, I must say sorry for not having active Facebook account at the moment. I used to have one but for a very long time now I've not use it. So I don't know if it's still active or not as I seldom have enough time to do my job let alone of grooving on social media. Social media nowadays are very boring to me. Let's talk on Viber or WhatsApp first then if it's a must that I must own a Facebook account then I would have to open a new one or reactivate my former one.