Romance scam letter(s) from Joseph Allen Gates to Rose (USA)
Letter 1

Hi My Lady,
i am intrigued really by your readiness in knowing me and i am happy to meet you and i also appreciate you and i want to pour out my mind to you,tell me more about yourself so that i can feel closer to you, i like your kind of person and how simple you sound just by the simple and cool email you sent, i am not afraid of trying a relationship with you but it all depends on if you want it too, so i ask you now, are you willing to go into a relationship?,
i am a simple person with a good sense of humour and i believe in physical chemistry thats why we need to meet and also i am an understanding man and i believe that everywoman is meant to be taken as a second to the earth and not a slave , i am a kind of man that would love to treat my woman like a queen and show so much affection, i am intelligent and cool to be with, with time you will find out.i know that meeting eachother is not by accident , maybe their is something God is planning between two lovely and interesting people and i am sure it is for a purpose and i know that will be revealed to us soon,i have a daughter that is 12years old, her mother Patricia Gates died when my daughter whose name is Jennifer was 2 years old,its been a very difficult time raising Jennifer by myself since then, she is now in High School in the United Kingdom i enrolled her in the school when i went to the UK to handle a project that lasted for a year and that was 3 years ago and now she is in a sensitive period of her life she needs a mother figure cos she never really knew her mother. i really wanna show you that i could be that missing space in your heart , show you love and we could find happiness in eachother.
tell me what you like to do at your free times, tell me about your past relationships, and tell me about your family.
I work as an oil rig engineer and so i travel a lot but i am willing to give all that away to create time for my woman and probably try to get a job that i dont need to travel so that i can have time for a relationship that could lead to marriage because truely lack of time has affected me finding the right woman, i hope you are the type of woman that supports a man's dreams and makes him happy always cos i promise to make you happy all of my life and all the time, i know we are starting from friendship now i just pray that overtime we could be closer than friendship and then have a love affair if it goes on fine between us , i really dont feel like searching anymore i just want to give you and i a try.
Take care of yourself sweetie, send me some pictures please ,i have attached some pictures so you must send me some too.i will call you today ok when i finish at work. you can also call me on +2347029729352, give me a number i can call you on ,i will attach some pictures of my daughter for you to see. Joseph Gates
Letter 2

Hello Baby,
i am an opened person,i am honest and a very romantic person that believes in love and a woman that will love me and want me is my greatest wish presently.i told my daughter about you and she is happy for me that i have met a woman and she prays that it works out and so i pray too.
dad is Mexican-American but mom is not ,mom is European and i have been travelling for a while now since my job started to Europe and the middle east depending on where their is work. when mum was alive mum was always travelling to work and and this affected my education and did not make me very close to my father but after a while i started living with my dad and then i started my engineering studies and dad made sure i finished.
I wish i was close to you to meet for a cup of coffee or dinner but i know that will happen very soon, i could come to pay you a visit no matter the distance but i know its a matter of time.i am a generous and loving person and i like to get people along and help people solve their problems in my own little way ,just now i feel more for you because we have a lot in common, we care about family values and we are a family kind of people and i can see that we love children and i am interested in being your man if you give me the chance.
After the death of my ex-wife i have dated twice and one was for a year and the other was for 15months but they seemed not to really be in love so it didnt last and in one i was heartbroken she left me to be with my best friend and ever since i have not had any friends, since then i have been living a boring life., but the other one we mutualy broke up, I like the fact that you are strong,intelligent, hardworking and positive in what you do and i know you will surely achieve whatever you want.
tell me more about your work and how challenging it is and what you go through in it everyday cos i care about you now and i am concerned about the things you have been through and what you are going through now and how you spend your days.
i am a good cook, do you cook?, what kind of food do you like a lot, i like berbecue, chinese, italian,seafood and american.
I was planning to see if we arrange a meeting by coming to visit you after my work here or go back home, i do not know yet , it depends on how soon i finish my work and if i have anything to attend to in the United states when i finish my work here and also if you think its a good idea or you are ready for us to meet. Jenny is in Boarding school in United Kingdom so i will use that opportnity to check on her in school on my way back from africa, if i can.
i am overwhelmed by the way i like you and i want to be closer to you by each message we have sent to eachother from the website to the email, and i know i can please my woman sexually and i am a romantic person , do you like romance and cuddling?.
in a relationship i give my best and i am always faithful to any woman i give my heart to, i now have an idea of what you are and who you was so wonderful to read more about you and i feel like i have known you for a long time already because i now know somethings about you and i want to ask you a question...can we have a great relationship and make it work into something strong,like marriage????...i would like to give it my best to make it work , baby send me some more pictures ok ,i have told my daughter about you and she is so happy for me.
can call me on the first phone number i gave you ok,or can i have your phone number so i can call you , i will appreciate hearing your voice on the phone.
Jenny really wants to talk to you and i dont know what to do, i gave her your email so she could email you because she asked for it but if you can email her as well , her email is , i should have asked you before giving it to her, i am so sorry for jumping the gun.
have a nice day and dont overwork yourself my beautiful angel.
i would like you to download yahoo messenger so that we can chat instantly and it will be really wonderful we can chat for a long time it will make us closer to eachother darling , click this website link i am about to give you and when it takes you there , then click 'Download Now' and then download it and then open a yahoo email address so you can login into the yahoo messenger after downloading is the website link Joseph
Letter 3

baby i am so happy that by today i will know if i am coming this weekend darling , baby i will do everything for you to forget the past and move on with me in our relationship that i am sure will last eternity,
i love you and i cant wait for the first day i will kiss you and hug you all of my life.
Letter 4

baby i dont know but could be able to do that , its easy for me to seee you first sweetheart but its okay darling
Letter 5

baby i am not getting to you so fast i am only acting according to my feelings and how much the feelings i have for you has driven me so much to want to get close to you , i am so sorry if the heat of my feelings is too intense but bare with me i have not had the time for a woman in a long time for long years so having you is something i hold dear.
baby its normal that you will be the one to be like a mother to Jenny in our relationship but that's not the reason i love you and that's enough reason cos you are worthy to be loved. darling you are so kind and caring and baby i am getting my pay check today and after that i think i should be able to leave anytime soon my love.
you are my world and my joy believe me.
Letter 6

i will call you today darling, i will try both numbers
Letter 7

baby i have just been given my paycheck of $750,000 and i am so happy , i didnt expect that it will be here before now so i will be leaving this weekend, i need to get to the office and handle a few things to complete my work and then book my ticket to come home to you darling , i cant wait to see you sweetheart , when i make my booking i will send you the flight itinery.
love you now and always
Letter 8

i cant wait to be with you my love, you are my world and my joy sweetheart i will always love you no matter what,
Letter 9

Hello love,
i have given my friend the website, they need to know how they will pay for the subscription so they want to know how you paid your subscription and they would like you to pay for them and then they refunded the money for you.honey i will be with you soon my darling wife
Letter 10

darling i am in trouble right now , i was robbed and taken of all the cash i had and was in the police post where i went to make the complain darling i dont know how to find my way out now and i was on my way to pay for my plane ticket when it happened , i dont know if you could help me raise $1000 to pay for the plane ticket and as soon as i get to your place we will go to the bank together and cash the check i have with me and then i will pay you back

Letter 11

baby i wish you were here to see what i am going through , i know its not easy for you but if you get it when i get to the states i will pay you back i promise okay, i have got a check of a huge sum but cant cash it in an underdeveloped country such as africa
Letter 12

Hello my love, how are you doing sweetheart ?, i want you to know that i want you in my life no matter what my love, i wish i was with you right now and i wish i was there to show you how much it is my dream to be there with you , i love you beyond words and i want to show you that i do just that in this kind of condition that i am in now i dont have a choice but to just accept my fate , if i had anyone or anyway for help in the states you know i would have sent you to have it done but i dont and thats the problem , thats why you are the only one i can rely on , i have a watch that someone is interested in here and he wants to buy it for $600 and i would like to deposit it for the ticket but i will need $600 to make it complete so that i can leave please darling let me know how soon you can raise the $600 for me so i can leave and be there and then i can cash the check and pay for the cook's treatment so that he can live and not die, honey you are my only hope.
love you.
Letter 13

baby first of all the best i can do is what i have done now, and the watch is the only thing i had and i have sold it to show that i am serious about us my love.
darling i am not taking you for a fool sweetheart, baby why do you suddenly doubt my love something we cherished and we were happy about my love, darling i have answered most of this questions in my emails.
1. phone number is 0112347029729352 (or dial like this +2347029729352), presently i am sleeping at the hospital which is at Industrial estate, Ikeja,Lagos,Nigeria.
2. i have sent you all the pictures i have of me , apart from one i took a few days before i finished my work, i will send that to you now.
3. i am a freelance engineer so i work with any company that i propose to work with depending on the job they have at hand, here in Nigeria i came to work with a company called NLG OIL AND GAS LTD.
4. Of course you know my real name, it is Joseph Allen Gates.
5. 22nd nov 1965
6. Born in Indonesia but american citizen cos my dad is mexican american.
7. I dont have anyone you can contact cos the people i worked with have all gone back to their countries , and i wish i had the contact of someone in the company but i dont cos i came in and met with the contract officer and did my job so their was no reason to get phone numbers since i always resume to work everyday.
8. the cook is just a poor citizen that wanted to come and work as a labourer and i realised he couldnt do the work very well and then i asked what else he could do and he told me he could cook so i tried him and he did well so i took him in as a cook , his name is Bolaji Dammes, he was living with me band he got hurt in the fire since the house is my house and besides he was trying to help me save my stuffs in the house when he got burnt in the fire, i have no other place to sleep apart from the hospital where he is being treated cos i cant afford to get a shelter and i dont know anyone so i sleep on the couch at the hopsital i plead to sleep there its not usually allowed.
9. Jenny is in the UK, she is just finishing her summer class now but since i cant get myself out of here for now and dont have money she cant come home yet, she will have to remain in the school dormitary and she will be taken care of cos a lot of the students in the school will still be in school, so she is not with me, and thirdly since she is not with me their is no way we can take some pictures together.
Lastly i want you to know that i have a pride to protect as a man that is hardworking , it is painful that i find myself in this situation that i have to beg , something i have never done before ...i feel like crying as i answer the questions cos normally if i had the money i would just find myself there and in your arms telling you i love you and you would not have any reason to doubt me, anyway i love you always i just hope nothing kills the dreams of being with you.
love you
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