Romance scam letter(s) from Charlie Bjorn Stewart to Kat (USA)
Letter 1

Am a Christian, Your comment about being aroused didn't put me off rather turned me on...Lol. Now you making me My daughter is married and live with her husband in NY. My Daughter is 30yrs old and my Grand daughter is turning a year next month. My Full names are Charlie Bjorn Stewart.
Letter 2

Good Morning Beautiful Kathy, (I can see you're smiling) Have an awesome morning and if your day goes really well, thank me in the evening for wishing you so. Good morning my friend. (You're still smiling) I will respond to your email during the day. Am Sharing you a song that i play when am happy. Hope you enjoy it Charlie
Letter 3

Good Evening Kathy, Thanks for your message, I will keep my mind and heart open to all possibilities and see where God leads me. Thanks for your answers to my question. I took my time to read every word. you are a very interesting person and I am happy we took the time to start writing each other How was your day? I had a busy day today. Hence, my late reply. I had a doctor's appointment early this morning. I did drop my computer at the nerd. When I got there its been fixed. Got home a few minutes ago and have thought about you on and off this morning. Your most recent mail. I have so many thoughts swimming around in my head and I have so few answers. But to be honest with you I have not known you really too well, but I miss writing to you. My computer don't really have so much problem, the guy told me I have been using the computer without updating my software, I guess most time I care about the hardware than software, I have to be very careful with my computer so I can be able to write to a special person and that special person is you my new friend. I am enjoying conversing with you. It is such a nice diversion from my normal daily routine. I've enjoyed learning about you. And yes, sharing with you. About our life and those question really got me close to you, it seem we have something more in common and I will really like to know you more as times goes on and see what else we agree on. I have really been away from the dating scene for long now and coming back and seeking for a life partner to grow younger/old with really makes me happy and I have made up my mind and step out from my comfort zone and ready to work things out emotionally and on a relationship, a lot of people look at me and believe I don't look my age, because I am very young and smart and I involve in a lot of outdoors activities and very strong when it comes to a relationship, I can love and pamper and care and treasure and be there in everything to assist you as your help mate and never let you do anything on your own without my help. I love the whole house chores and everything to do with the shopping just give me the list of things you feel you lack from the refrigerator to the bathroom and even to your wardrobe, then you will know how good I look in shopping. (smiles am really smiling now) cannot see myself writing almost about my self so freely and it really makes me happy doing so!!!!!!. I see this way of communication really the best way of getting to know each other because, in no time we have really get to talk almost about our self and sometimes when writing to someone you find out the things you really don't know about yourself coming out so plain for you to put down and the other person sense a sign of honesty coming from you. I don't want to be disappointed and i don't want you to be disappointed if finally we are able to build this friendship further and we finally meet. I am far from perfect. I have many flaws. Oh I know we are generally more self critical than those around us as a rule, and I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I have see a beautiful woman inside of you. Both of us are trying to put forth our best foot forward and I want you to know I am open to tell you everything about my present and my past life's, because my past life define the person i am today. I suppose that is why I like writing I know - I sound crazy and perhaps I am to a degree. It helps in this world of ours. At least in my job it does. I want to continue to correspond with you and hope that you will really read what I write and know everything down here are coming from my heart and this is really new to me, so if there is anyway I don't sound right, please you really have to let me know. read with a critical eye. Be objective. Honest. Not only with me, (which I think you have been), but with yourself. Friendships/relationships take honesty to develop. I do believe in love after love. I think that friendship comes first. And that makes two couples grow up as practically best friends and can share everything together as a partner and as best friend. I do hope to continue our correspondence. A friendship on fire is true romance. The sun has gone to bed and now the night rules the earth, May the gentle breeze of the night whisper sweet secrete to your heart and gently close your eyes to sleep. Cheers for arms my angel. Good Night and sweet dreams. Am attaching a picture of what I look like today. Hope you like it. Best wishes,
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