Scam Email(s) from Brad Wilson to Jan (UK)


Letter 1

I think you are blessed with your children. I do not have kids but I'd love to welcome yours.I am family oriented and love children but my wife wasn't able to give birth.
No i haven't gone out yet bored at home,Sent my merchant to Dubai and haven't heard from him in days,it is really getting me worried,tried all possible means to reach him but to no avail.I am really worried right now

Letter 2

I really can't tell my love, I'm worried here contacted his family and they told me they haven't heard from him either,This has never happened before,I think something must be wrong

Letter 3

You're really someone want to spend the rest of my life with even thou haven't heard from my merchant which is a bit of worry to me,You still keep me happy by saying all the words i need to hear,thanks very much

Letter 4

The humidity is 85% my Queen i will just stay home.

Letter 5

Yeah a four bed room apartment,yeah miss Brussels,What have you had for launch??

Letter 6

I'm fine okay,Just s little but stressed out here,It always nice to have the family around

Letter 7

not feeling hungry my love,just worried cos i haven't heard from my merchant,i live all alone,

Letter 8

Yeah retired no more a nurse lol,I will eat something okay,don't worry i will e fine,What are you fixing for dinner?

Letter 9

Have to go and meet the family of my merchant first thing tomorrow and ask if they have heard anything from him,Wish i was there to help you out,I love gardening think i have told you that before huh?

Letter 10

I deleted my profile and was looking to see it and was on there to see if it was deleted,but realized t will take 48 hours for it to be deleted,Sorry

Letter 11

Oh okay,I am glad you did what you did,You just want to be careful with things and i am happy about that,I am fine and thanks for asking,What are your plans for the rest of the day?Yeah no one seems to have heard from him,Mean my merchant,I think about you too all the time and i get so much attached to you each time i take a look at your pictures.

Letter 12

I ave replied to your mail my Queen,I love you and you mean the world to me..You're all i care about.I love every moment we spent here texting each other and showing how we feel about each other,I really love you and wish can come up with the right words to describe the love i have for you but guess i have express those feelings through the songs i sent you lol