Romance scam letter(s) from Brandon Paul Mason to Jan (UK)
Letter 1

Good morning my beautiful Princess
It's always a great pleasure reading from you again and all the time, I am doing very well and it's all because your emails keeps me smiling and blessed all the time and I do enjoy every bit of your emails to me because I feel very closer to you each time I read them. Thank you dear for making me feel this special way everyday.. They warms my heart and it's such an amazing feelings sweetheart. Awww I understand you said I shouldn't worry if I can't email you but you know I always want to write to you all the time because that keeps me going and always wants to put a smile on your face too , I can't be happy when I haven't written to you sweetie ....So grateful that you enjoy reading my emails too , I do love your as well. Omg, it's really going to be soo romantic going for a long walks together,holding each other hands in public and telling each other stories and how much we both admire each other,smile ...Jan,please you ain't older okay? I can see you have a young loving heart and very gorgeous lady too .. You don't look your age at all and I am proud to get to know you and also I am really looking forward to meeting you as well. Well about my past and how I was brought up? My parents were Catholic and I was brought up as a Christian Catholic. I was the only child for my late parents and they did everything for me as parents and always make sure that I am happy and safe. Ever since I was a child, my dream was to become a Special Undercover Agent for the Government and also when I retire, I would want to invest into Real a Estate business, so it's looks like all my dreams are coming through and ever since I started talking to you, I feel very complete because you seems to be like the woman I have been waiting for and looking for many years now, I am pleased that I have found you, even though we still need to take things slower and get to know me about each other and I am happy about that. I would love to tell you more interesting and horrible story about my past life when we meet personally okay? Or else, I won't have anything to say when we meet, lol. Okay, I am happy that you will be trying to get me another lonely song which I am looking forward to listening to it. Thanks for the lovely compliment about my home in the USA, yes it's such a nice beautiful home and I can't wait to welcome you in it oneday,??. And sure, I agree with you when you said that a home is what you make of it. Ooh really, you've only been to Arizona, when was the last time you were there? And did you like the place? I would be pleased to show you all around Texas and Florida too .. Maybe we could visit the Miami Beach too and there a lot of interesting place that you would love to see down there. That's good that you went to the zoo yesterday, it's good to keep active and making your self happy. Awww you never told me that Cornwall is a tourist attraction , would be happy to see all the tourist places there with you when I visit soon, I know it's really going to be exciting seeing around your time and having a good time with each other, I just can't wait to meet you Jan. Thank you for your understanding that you will wait till I get home and then we could talk on the phone and also to talk live via Skype too , I am looking forward to doing anything together with you Jan just to make you happy always. Oh yes. The boys really miss me as I miss them too and I am soo looking forward to meeting them soon and hugging them and going camping with them. I have been on my own for the past 5 years now, ever since my late wife passed away, I have never been into any type of relationship with anyone. So guess what? I'm a virgin, lol
Okay,hope your tennis goes well and also you are enjoying a great time today?. How is the weather down there like today?. Attached below are a couple of photos of myself,my twin boys,my friend Brian in the black and white shirt at the beach with me and that photo of me and that me with Mr Roland and his family who lives around my area where I live and they invited us to join them for breakfast.Mr Roland is into Pharmacist and my friend Brian is in the Army and currently deployed in Afghanistan. I hope you will like the photos and I will be happy to see some more of you too dear. It's nice to hear that you've been thinking a lot about me , I have been thinking so much about you too Jan , I can't wait to snuggle up with you and cuddle with each other, I miss those special times with a partner and I hope that we both are going to get on well when we meet each other in person soon. Anyway I would love to end here now and I am anxiously looking forward to hear from you soon. Take care my dearest lady. With much love Brandon
Letter 2

Good evening darling, I'm just in my room now as I am really sad and worried now after I had a call from our Military police in Texas that there has been a terrible robbery in my house this morning and that they have stolen my Jewelries worth an amount of $33,000.00 USD and $9200.00 USD Cash. The metro police are doing investigation about the situation and I am happy that the Caretaker and the boys are well and safe. Tyler and Taylor were in school when the incident happened at home and the caretaker wasn't at home at then, I thank God that the kids were not in when this robbers got into our home to get away with my safe box with that sort of jewelries. I am really sad now because I am not at home to take care of my kids and the Caretaker just told me on the phone that they have stolen her credit cards and also taken away her cell phone too . The police told me on our Military private phone that they are trying to get hold of those robbers and that they will keep me posted with whatever happens next. They said that the robbers are heading to South of Texas and that they assured me that they will retrieve back my jewelries and the cash for me. But I am happy and thank God that my kids are safe and I thank God that my kids were not at home when this robbers got in or else something terrible would have happened to the kids. Tyler and Taylor was crying on the phone when I was talking to them . We had the conversation on a private phone that only the Military can talk via it. I am telling you all this because you are part of me and us now and I can't hide anything away from you and you deserve to know about this too ok? Please I am not telling you about this to get you worried or sad ok ? I just want you to know about the terrible news that happened in my home in Texas this morning. Well darling I will have to end here now and I am looking forward to reading back from you again later. Im missing you soo much darling , I truly do darling with all my heart and soul and I just can't wait to meet you darling. Keep smiling for me and please take very good care of yourself. Hugs, Brandon
Brandon Paul Mason.
Letter 3

Hello sweet Jan, Good Evening my darling and i hope you enjoying your evening by now? Honey we are only just returning back from patrol now and feeling so much tired and still worried and sad about what really happened in our home in the USA. Thank you for your email, and I really appreciate your love and care regarding the horrible incidents that's happened, thank you so much once again for being so kind to me and my boys, I really I'm proud of you sweetheart and you do seems like a very emotional lady too.How sad and worried I am feeling now and how I wish I was with them now as this is the time they need me to cuddle up with them and hug them and to comfort them. Yes it's was really a big shock when the police told me about the incident and I was soo surprised and worried about my boys and yes they said they trash some part of the house. Sweetheart, I have just heard back from the Caretaker and the kids again, please there is something that I would want to ask you for assistance OK?.The kids really need help and I am pleading with you to respond back to my email as soon as possible. I thank you once again dear for your much concern and I want you to know that I truly appreciate all what you've done to support me and the boys, You are very kind and a caring woman and I just can't thank you enough for coming into my life and being a great partner to me even though we haven't met yet but getting to know you this way have really changed me and makes me feel like the happiest man on earth. Well I would like to end here now and I am anxiously looking forward to your email soon. I miss you my Gorgeous Queen. Thinking of you. Love, Brandon
Brandon Paul Mason.
Letter 4

My Darling Jan, Thank you for your kind email and your response back to my email. The Caretaker of the kids just told me that they do not have any money on them at home as the money that i left for them was stolen by the robbers which is that $9200.00 USD.

Honey i am asking you to lend them some money which i am going to pay it back to you immediately i arrived back home to the USA OK?. Sweetheart please let me know about what you think about this as soon as possible ok?. You know i do not have anyone to ask for help from rather than you my beautiful lady. Well I have to end here now and i am soo looking forward to your next e-mail. I miss you Sweetheart. Love always, Brandon
Brandon Paul Mason.
Letter 5

Hello dearest Jan,
Good morning and how are you? I'm really surprised to received such horrible email from you this morning,to be honest with you,I didn't expect such email from you at all and do you think I am here to mislead people or anyone for their hard earn work money and disappear just like that? I will never do such thing to lovely people like you, I am real and genuine man with a good heart and I could even send you a copy of my US nationality passport if you don't mind ? I want you to know that I am not what you think dear and not those horrible people out there misleading inoncent people .
I have no problem if you have reported me to the fraud unit, that's okay with me and I understand how you felt when I asked you for money because you told me earlier that you've been burnt before but I didn't know how that happened as you promised to tell me when we finally meet each other.
Anyway I am still here waiting if maybe you could have a change of mind to help?.
Take care,
Your sadly ,
Brandon Paul Mason.
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