Scam Email(s) from Leach Bristow to Eloha (USA)


Letter 1

Hello dear, its so nice to meet you on here ,how are you today? i hope you are coping up with daily stress but in all let's give thanks to almighty GOD,...i am new on here and its my fist time on a dating site , so i don't really know how it is on here ,I'm charmed by your picture and i would like to know more about you .please do note am not on here for games or to toy with your emotion all am in here for is to see if i can find a compatible and reasonable woman, Who as the fear of God,respect and value a relationship....hoping to hear back from you.

Letter 2

My name is leach bristow,i am an independent man .. I am passionate and romantic who likes almost anything. I love taking walks and playing volleyball at the beach. I have worked a lot to support myself and everything around me and there are a lot of things I want to do with my life. I hope one day I will be able too. I want to go white water rafting in the grand canyon,I enjoy boating, hiking,camping,fishing,nature,sunsets, movies, music, cooking, and quiet nights at home. To me today is today,yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not come yet. Life is way to short to be down and sad. I want to live life to the fullest. I want to live, laugh and love more then I ever have in my life. I take things as they come into my life and deal with them one day at a time. I try to make every black cloud have a silver lining. I love to read and swim. I love learning new things. I like going out and having fun. I believe that a woman should be able to look up to her man for protection, for well being, and for strength. I intend on fulfilling these roles without failure, I will be this one special woman's knight in shinning armor. This special woman will know that I am deeply in love with her, for I am the type of man that showers her in my love, Whether it be flowers, gifts of candy or jewelry, or just a simple "I love you" and a kiss, she will always know she is loved and appreciated and also give her loyalty, love compassion, respect and total support to my partner. OK now what am I looking for is my other half. My soul mate, best friend and life time lover. I need and want someone who is emotionally strong and can handle anything life can toss at you. I want someone that can and will say I love you, or when we walk into a place everyone knows that I am with you. As you are holding my hand or have your arm around my shoulder or waist. I want someone that will ask me how was my day. I want someone that is versatile and can fit in anywhere. she should understand that laughter and smiles are great and should be willing to laugh a lot. I want someone that will be happy to be with me just because we are together. I believe that chemistry is important and if it is not there u can't make it happen. All you will be doing is wasting your time. I want and need passion, inside and outside of the bedroom. I want someone who, when we have not seen each other for a while will hold on to each other like we can't let go. I don't fight or fuss. I will tell you what is wrong or what is making me unhappy. I hope that you can do that too. I want someone to rock my world!!! I want to grow old with them and hope that we are still chasing each other around at age 90. LOL bet I can go fast with a walker or you had better slow down at that age so that I can catch i belive i can find all this in you?hoing to hear back from you

Letter 3

thi am happy you love my messages

my email is i would like to gear from you. also to know more about you. and if you dont mind you can also give me your email on here , so then i can send you emails