Scam Email(s) from Loren Harper to Eloha (USA)


Letter 1

Hello dear, how are you doing? Guess you're doing good I feel homely with you after going through your profile if you don't mind I will like to have your email address so that we can start knowing more about ourselves I will be waiting have a warm day

Letter 2

Hi pretty I am so excited to receive your message, how are you doing today? I guess you are doing fine as always. I will like to tell you more about myself but where do I start from okay. My name is Loren Elvis Harper I'm UK citizen, but my parent is Italian, they relocate to UK years ago, I am the general manager of my father's cotton company. I had my degree at the Manchester University. I am the only son of my mom, my parent use to live happily together until they got divorced, So my Dad had to marry another wife who has given him three kids, two boys, and one girl. He married a British woman. I am searching for loving, caring, honest and understanding girl to build my family, I want to spend the rest of my life with someone who is friendly, honest, caring, trustworthy and God fearing.I find very much peace and tranquility here.I`m 6`5" 190 lbs with an athletic build, mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, a good listener, God Fearing, and a positive person.I am a real easy person to talk to and a loving and kind father. I enjoy playing football which I often do at my leisure time.I Like going to the movies, or watching movies in my room or office, I like swimming, listening to music and dance to any music, I sing, going bowling and also a good cook. I am family oriented, love children, and there is more, but it would be better for you to find some things out for yourself, I am going to stop here I will be waiting for your respond.

Yours friend

Letter 3

Hello Dear
Hope you find yourself in good health today? As for me, i am doing well. I am triumphal again to have from you after sending you a messenger. Well, I wish to be your friend. And i will like to know more about you? The type of friend you will love to keep with me? The qualities you need
In a friend? I compliment on your pictures; you are looking sweet, calm and more admirable which every man will always dream of you. i love it
For me, the reason i contact you is that i need a serious relationship that might lead to marriage if probably we can work for it. I am not expecting a woman with so much pride or high qualifications, all i needed is a woman that is caring, lovely, respectful and also optimistic to plan for a better home.

Take good care of yourself and always