Scam Email(s) from William Matadi to Beverly (USA)


Letter 1

Hello sweetie,
Thanks for you reply,i really appreciate honey. i understand all you said what i want you to know is that i am God sent to you. My love for you is endless love. i love you from the bottom of my heart. Meeting you honey all your lost happiness and joy of love with been restore back .God almighty have perfect our relationship, we are going to be together forever. Nothing can separate us we are going to live and old together.
In your love i am the hero,the king,the poet and alive without your love i am nothing at all,not even truly alive. Honey my world is beautiful because of your love and i wish to spend the rest of my life loving you my angel. i will love you till eternity..
Honey you are the blood that flow through my body system,. honey open your heart let my sweet and everlasting love come in and stay forever. my beloved i am here waiting for you.

your sweet heart