Scam Email(s) from Andy Revel to Elizabeth (USA)


Letter 1

Hi. Liz.
How are you doing this morning and how was your night? Let me use this medium to thank you for your wonderful time on the chat. It was lovely to see your message. I want to tell you a bit about my self and i think this will define who i am and what i do for living.I hope you will tell me some more about yourself in your next mail. I really like everything I read in your profile and my instincts tell me you are a good woman..But here we are with you in The States and me???, far away in Syria in the army...Too bad isn't it? well as long as we have life,we can still have time for our selves in the near future,what matters is life,right? I do understand the distance thing; I just truly believe that there are no boundaries as you seek your life companion.I was born and grew up the age of 16 in Cuba, the city of Havana before i came to the state.My late dad was a Cuban and Mom was American.. My late parents Lives in Manhattan beach, California I later enrolled into the Marine Military Academy, Harlingen, Texas when i was 21 years and graduated in 1975 as a Sergeant.Shortly after commissioning, I then obtained a study leave to furthered my education in Defense Intelligence,sponsored by the Military at the Marine University..I have also been in and out Ramstien Camp in Germany that is where i was given the post as a Colonel and that is where most Generals in every army are trained. I was first stationed at the Royal Artillery Barracks,Woolwich in South East London, I have been in the army for 24 years and i have been to many bases in USA to work there as well as Germany,Afghanistan,Saudi Arabia and Iraq,..and trust me i have seen and experienced being in the US army and i never regret joining the army. I love life and still have some love to share with a special lady. Life can be lonely without someone...I am a person who is very real when it comes to life and its' issues.I wouldn't like to comment much but rather every one has an objective of join dating site. I don't request for anything rather than loving and happy committed relationship with someone special. Always thank God for granting me my life.. I'm not a fighter and I don't argue, life's too short but I do value friendship and intimacy.Respect is one of the most requisite in a relationship, as are honesty and commitment I believe either of us had in mind of meeting someone special on line but it has just come to pass with our personality description towards learning few things about each other.I'm ready to fall in love with someone special who ever that happens to be.. there are few qualities which talks about a genuine woman in relationship, such as faithfulness,loyalty, trustworthy, Honesty,respectful etc. I guess having those qualities in relationship can really help a lot. I am not looking to fill a void in my life, I am looking for my soul mate. I consider myself a very easy going person, even tempered. I love to cook and a perfect evening would be to decide on a wonderful menu and cook together while enjoying a fine glass of red wine and great music.I enjoy many type of music from easy listening jazz to classical to country western especially Kenny Rogers.I love to have adventures, large or small, and am looking for someone to share them with. I look into the future with hope and would like to create a relationship based on respect, understanding, trust and love. Seeking a relationship with longevity and not just something which will end in just a blink of an eye. I have a great sense of humor and can dish it out to make a sad day enjoyable. Honestly I've all that it takes to be a man, I don't really need anything from my partner. maybe in terms of circumstances there might be some kind of help from each other, helping to make things right.It's not all that easy meeting that right woman with all those qualities which I'm dreaming of. I am a very sincere person who laughs easily, loves to tease and be teased and who communicates openly and honestly.I pride myself in being independent both emotionally and financially. I have reached the point where I am looking for someone who is open to a new friendship and maybe even a committed relationship. . I love life and would like to live it to the fullest,but its not all that easy without someone to share those life experiences with. I think two heads are better than one.Well I believe God has his own purpose for that i am looking for someone to share my life with.I never knew how to do this on line chat and it was my friend in the Camp who introduced me to chatting on line and to send emails.... would love to hear your voice but it's rather unfortunate we have a communication break down because we are not allow to use Phones or cellular communication because of the enemies and self defense but we can use only the Internet or satellite communication that is the only form of communication for us in the Camp and hope you can bear with me for sometime...Looking forward to hearing from you soon..These are another photos of me and i hope you like them.
Your new friend,