Romance scam letter(s) from Paul Albrecht to Yvette (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hello Yvette am glad we can now send email to each other and this really I know will make us get to know better of each other and start to grow feelings as days and times goes by.Yvette Let me tell you a little about me, Well I have being singe father since the past 2 years after my wife died of breast cancer 2 years ago and honestly speaking its not being easy with me being a father and also single with lots of busy business deals to handle but I have cope all this past years and its really make me time to healed from my pain of losing my dear wife. I am healed now and at this point of my life I so want some one to share the rest of my entire life with till end of time. I am very successful businessman I am into art works business I buy and sell art works from all over the world and I also own an art gallery back in London were I am base and own a home too, I of recently want to venture into Gold mine that is why I am here now in South Africa and wow I am really so happy with what I am seeing here with its nice people and sweet friendly environment I came here to Capetown . I am mixed race I mean I am German by birth my father German and my mother Irish, but I have live half of my life in London after growing up In Berlin .I am single father to my lovely daughter she is Sonia by name, 5 years old, I so much at this point of my life want that true love and a woman to spend the rest of my life with and settle down forever.I grew up and live in Germany before I relocated and settle in London over the past few years, my dad from Germany and my mom from Ireland, I lost my dad when I was 19 years of age and my mom last 4 years she''s suffered from Ischemic heart disease before she died.Presently I''m working on a project here on Gold mining and to also obtain the license so I can start my own Gold mining business here with Harmony Gold Mine Inc, I will be so glad to chat on yahoo messenger with you and we get to ask more loving questions about each other,I am ready to give that much for a relationship, I have not felt the love of woman for long now since I lost my wife to a breast cancer over 2 years ago, I''m scared of getting into another relationship,but I just want to be bold and take the risk,because life itself is a risk.I am a very emotional and passionate person and I so much believed in a healthy relationship with respect to each other.Relationship is all about understanding and giving all to sustain it with open HEART to each other.So tell me more about you now please and how you live your day to day life style.I so wait your reply as communication is the key to building a strong true relationship and I will so appreciate it and do enjoy your warm evening.Much cares.. Paul
Letter 2

Dear Yvette, I am so glad to read words from you and I also feel how sincere and honest you are I also realize how much you want this we started now to work out for you and I. I can feel that we have so many thing in common, I dont have a family I was the only child of my parent and both are died now too all I have now is my little daughter who I love so much and care for so much with all my entire heart, she is right now in my home in London and she is being well taken care of by her nanny who I do pay for her very good services. I am here in South Africa as I told you in my last email to get the gold mine license so I can be able to start my new venture in gold mining and start my own company here in South Africa, I have lots and lots of appointment here now and also meeting all requirement so that I can get this gold mine license so I can fly back to London to go plan all logistics and then relocate here finally with my daughter so can start a new life here, I own an art gallery store and office back in London were I showcase all art works that I have collected from all over the world but I will need to sell it once I get this gold mine license so that my relocating here will be most possible as I will start my venture and buy a home here too. my daughter she is my best friend and all I care so much about now since her mother died my wife its have being me and her because I dont keep friends at all due to my very bad experience with friends I thought are my friend.. I am really please that you and I is starting some thing now and I so want us to keep this open , real and honest please I have being hurt so much and the only thing that I need now is true love some one that will love me for me and is ready to start a new life with me as well. I want to be able to sms you and also call you now to hear your voice please note that I have a mixed so kindly reply me with your phone number on your next email and also I want you to open a yahoo messenger so we can be able to chat one on one, I so want to know all about you and how you live your day life style tell me all about you, what are your likes and dislikes when you into a true serious relationship, your favorite meal, color and perfume, what turns you on and off and be so free to ask me any thing you so want to know okay.I am so glad that you are a mother and Sonia my daughter at this stage of her life wants a true motherly love again some one to call her mum and share all with as a women. Yvette there is a miracle called Friendship that dwells within the heart and you don't know how it happens or when it even starts but the happiness it brings you always gives a special lift and you realize that friendship is God's most precious gift.I want you and I want to feel you in person look into your eyes and we talk about our future together. I will be leaving for my appointment now, I will be waiting to hear from you soonest with much cares.. Paul
Letter 3

Honey I am so happy that I am back home now seeing Sonia again
wow this is a sweet joy that flows all within me now my sweet heart. Its snowing here now and its very cold but inside my home is so warm I am honestly missing you so much and I want you now its so cold here unlike South Africa weather.
Honey this is my London personal number you call me once you get this email now my sweet heart ( 00447045706924 ) just dial it this way I gave it to you now okay my sweet heart, I will also send you an sms now with my MTN roam line so see if the roaming I did is really working so well. Honey I am so tired now and I want to rest now and I will be home all today my sweet heart, so tomorrow I will start my busy day again and also makes contact to know when the next art expo events will take place I really want to do all to be back to you so soon my sweet heart only God knows my heart and know how much I am missing you so much more right now and all I want now is to be by your side look into your eyes and tell you how much you so mean to me my sweet heart.It was really a long flight for me and you were all in my heart and soul, I love you so much and Sonia cant wait to see you now too I told her now more about you and yours kids and we all start a new life together forever as one sweet happy secure family.
Honey I love you and I will really love to spend much time with you much later today okay my sweet loving heart. Do have a lovely day with much love and cares from me my sweet loving heart.
Yours True Love Forever
Letter 4

Good morning my sweet heart and how was your night baby. I want you forever till end of time my love. My sweet heart I just got into my art gallery office now and I am starting my very busy day here now but you are all in my mind and in my thought my sweet heart and thanks for your wake up call this morning hmm you are so sweet honey. Yvette to love is to share life together to build special plans just for two to work side by side and then smile with pride as one by one, dreams all come true. To love is to help and encourage with smiles and sincere words of praise to take time to share to listen and care in tender, affectionate ways. To love is to have someone special one who you can always depend to be there through the years sharing laughter and tears as a partner, a lover, a friend. To love is to make special memories of moments you love to recall of all the good things that sharing life brings love is the greatest of all. I've learned the full meaning of sharing and caring and having my dreams all come true; I've learned the full meaning of being in love by being and loving with you.I sincerely want to wish you a perfect day with much love and cares from me. Yours True Love Forever
Letter 5

Honey I woke up this morning hearing the sound of your voice makes me feel secured and feel you so warm all inside of my entire heart and all inside of me was alive again, I slept lastnight with you all inside of me next to me holding me and keeping me so warm. I just got into my art gallery store and office now and its you I think about and I cant get you out of my heart and mind. You are part of me now and I am so sure of my true honest feelings for you this I know will last forever till end of time. Honey day by day, night by night, kiss by kiss, touch by touch, step by step I fall in love. A true love so incomprehensible so vivid, so unique and so wild, that not even the reign of God could control. A passion so deep, a need so necessary and a want so strong. The universe would not handle I love you today, I’ll love you tomorrow and I’ll love you forever till end of time. I am starting my busy day here now but you are all inside of my entire heart and I want to sincerely wish you all the best for the rest of the with much love and soft kiss from me. Yours Husband Forever
Letter 6

Honey you are the love of my entire heart and all I have ever ask for I find it in you and I vow to cherish and adore you till end of time.I am here at my art gallery store and office now but seems my heart is not here because you have taken total control of me and all I see and want to be with now is you in spirit and in body and soul. I have never felt this way for a woman before and this I feel for you is true and real from my inner soul .

Honey the sun, it did shine the day you came into my life and everything that was wrong became all right everything that was upside down turned around and I smiled because finally my heart had found its home and I didn’t need anyone to tell me that you are where I belong I knew, I just knew that it was you and the morning sun it would rise and dance through the happiness that shone in my eyes and every wish I had ever made came to life that one fateful day and I smiled because finally my life and everything made perfect sense and I didn’t need someone to tell me that this was love or what it meant I knew, I just knew I was meant for you. If only you could step inside my heart for just a moment or two you might be overwhelmed by what I feel for you a love, pure and simple love that has no end and longs to hold you near
for now and forever; for as long as we’re both here. Yvette I want to hold you close, I want to hold your hand I never want to let you go; you’re the best I’ve ever had now and till end of time. I love you so much with all my whole heart and I want to wish you a perfect day with much love from me and soft hot kiss..

Yours Husband To Be Forever
Letter 7

Honey I am fine and I am perfectly okay my sweet wife. Honey what I am saying is you seems not to tell me some certain things about you to me. I did ask you all the time to put me first in your life as you are all I have now and I tell you every thing and any thing I do here you put you first because I love you so much and you are part of me now. I will be sleeping much earlier tonight because of my Malaysia long flight tomorrow..So I am going to make early dinner now and then spend time with Sonia. I love you with all my entire heart and Soul
Letter 8

Baby... There is nothing onto ward happening in my life that I feel the need to hide anything from u baby. I just decided to get out with my kids this morning baby, I was and am frustrated. So it was not a planned visit of what I was going to do. And as I have pointed out its Sunday and u go to church baby. I do not disturb u then. U should know that by now baby. Besides I did not lie to u where I was when I did tell u. Why must I lie and hide things from u? I miss u baby and let me know when u do have time to chat before u go to bed. Xxxx
Letter 9

Honey I am so confuse and devastated here right now my love..I just woke up now from my unconscious state after my cab taxi driving me had an accident this morning on my way to the shipping company to make my payment this early morning .I am using the hospital computer to let you know my present condition here now.The doctor advice I off my phone so I can regain my self back from this mental shock.You are all I have and I so want right now my wife.I was rush down here to the hospital by unknown people to me ..I will talk to you later as I need more medications now the doctor is right with me now attending to me .I need you so much now my sweet heart.This place is hell to me right now and I cant wait to leave here and be back home.Am crying now with tears in my eyes.I need you now my wife
Letter 10

Please let me know asap baby

Letter 11

Honey it was terrible morning on my way going to the shipping company agency the cab taxi I took had an accident . I don't know how the driver lost control and hit a truck park by the road side. Honey it was terrible. right now, the driver is in coma of bad state of health, I was lucky I used a seat belt at the backseat of the car that was what saved my life honey. I was unconscious till I find myself at the hospital . I didn't sustain any injury just some minor bruises. you need to see the cab taxi vehicle, Honey it's beyond repair. I was really very lucky today. At the hospital when I gain back my consciousness now I realize now that my wallet and my small hand bag containing my credit card and my cash money is all missing now,Honey am on tears now so much my love,I am going to the police station as advice by the doctor I am just confuse my phone is on now you can call me now and I will be back to the hotel from the police station and I will also contact my bank now in London to put an hold and freeze my account so that those that stole credit cards cant used it I am so confuse here now, I cant wait to leave here to be home in London, I need you now so much now my wife I am really so confuse here right now all this happen so suddenly.
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