Romance scam letter(s) from Martin Guzman to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

How's your day? I am good just came back from site.
Oh. I am a business merchant, also a building contractor. I am in Turkey now For a big project
Letter 2

Yeah my dear. Are you single or have a boyfriend. Ok. How are you doing today. I am good. So how did you spend your day. I went to see my workers at the construction site and came to my hotel room watching Tv
Letter 3

How are you. You at home now. Yes my dear. Just came back. Relaxing with a cup of wine. Very soon. What did you eat. You live alone. Where. But you have grown up kids. Yes my only daughter. I lost my wife 8 years ago. Since then I have been living alone with my daughter. And most time I travel to a lot for my job. Being a building contractor. Then my daughter live with my nanny. But now I want to settle down with a good and caring woman. I have worked all this year's is time to enjoy my money. I can still be doing something. But I need to be with my love ones. You know family is important. You know life is short. I just need an understanding woman distance is not a barrier. I can relocate for the love of my life, Any woman who care about me should also care about my daughter. What do you think? We should be one family, even though she has her own kids too. I feel comfortable talking with you. Are you on Facebook. So we can always go there then. I just want to know more about ourselves. I am not always here. My email
Letter 4

Hello my dear. How is your day. Good my dear. A little bit stressed out much traffic this evening. Feeling sleepy now. Sweet dreams. Kisses and hugs.
Letter 5

Good morning. My dear, I hope your night was splendid and you slept well like a new born baby. Wish you a blissful day ahead. My dear. I am good. Just came back a while ago. I went to supply materials to my workers. But you are at home now already
Letter 6

I Wish You All The Best This Sunday, Hope You Be Happy, Healthy And Prosperous. Good morning.
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