Scam Email(s) from Austin Paul to Kate (Australia)


Letter 1

hi beautiful how are you doing today?i like you and will like us to be friends if you don't mind

Letter 2

sure i do like you and will like to know you bettergive me your email address so that we can chat more better

Letter 3

Thanks for the email address you sent me expect my mail soon and have a great day bye for now

Letter 4

Hi Friend,

I really want to say a big thank you for given me your email ID, i appreciate it so much. thanks for giving me such privilege. How are you, how is life, hope life is treating you fairly?, Like i always write on my profile that relationship cannot be measured in terms of material value, nor can it be explained through our use of language, it is a thing that is felt deep within the heart, where no words can ever come close to the truth. I want to assure you that Age, color, Race, Religion, or Nationality makes no difference to me. What I see in people are their Personality and character.

Meanwhile, Let me not take much of your time because i believe you have a lot to do with your precious time, My name is Austin Paul, I was born on 1st July 1965 In Armada, Michigan, United states. I'm into Marine Engineering/ Architectural interior & exterior decoration, real estate and valuation of building. I'm divorced and currently Single but i have a grown up Son dear..

Can i know a little more about you if you don't mind? Thanks and am waiting for your reply soon... Warmest Regards..


Letter 5

Good morning from here how are you doing today? am so sorry for my late reply i have been busy anyway thanks so much for your mail, let me tell you more about myself. I started my career by working with my late father who was also an interior designer and i have been running my own interior design business since 1998 after my father's death, and i also combine that with my profession which is Marine Engineering, I like visiting the orphanage home, church activities and I like all kinds of music, i'm also a generous person, transparent man, mentally stable, physically fit, gentle, purpose-mended. my goals and dreams in life are very simple, living one day at a time and enjoying one moment at a time. I can listen to most anything, like Love songs (Blues 70's & 80's) Country Music. Like camping, fishing, golf, watching Movies, i love sports specially Football and basketball, i'm a Lakers Fan, I like spending time with loved ones, i don't smoke and i only drink occasionally. I'm an honest and straight forward man not into playing games..

My favorite food are Bacon, Egg, Plantain, Fish, Fruits, And I eats plenty of Fruits and Vegetable, I also do like to eat French Pizza and Pasta, I never speak negatively about people, I take less and listen more to people and does not jump into other people's affair. I am a giver when I have it, I give, because I so much believes in the Multiple returns, I have fully decided to be a role Model to the children and a good loving and caring husband to my soul mate, But I don't want to mess myself with the wrong Woman. Basically I decided to settle with a nice, good loving and caring Woman.

I’m full of energy I like dancing to the oldies or country music, walking on the beach & boardwalk, going to the theater, traveling, roller coasters, horseback riding, dining in or out, I am a socially conscious individual who cares about others and places great value in living a life of meaning. (Whatever that means?) I am compassionate, fun loving and have an appreciation of life in all its quick living a life filled with purpose. I would like to add that I like the word "intentional”. Life should be lived intentionally, I am self-sufficient, but I also want healthy companionship. I am sensitive and creative. I love to try new things. I like entertainment of any type. I enjoy taking long walks or jogs with my dog on the boardwalk daily. I love the beach. I find that creativity and exercise keeps me in a positive mind-frame. A creative mind is a healthy mind. I am always feeding my mind with either creative projects or mentally stimulating activities.

Have you ever try distance relationship before and how do you feel about distance relationship? Sorry if my questions makes you uncomfortable, I just want to know more about you. Hope to hear from you soon please take good care of yourself and have a wonderful day bye for now.
Sincerely yours,


Letter 6

hi dear i did not hear from you today and it makes me unhappy i hope you are alright? please write to me and let me know everything is fine ok
hope to hear from you soon
take care

Hello good after noon i am very happy to see your reply and also your well explain about your background. To be honest with you,i am thrilled by your email,i really enjoy reading your email,it was fascinating.Its being a while i felt this happy, am so excited about meeting you and i want to know you more.It feels so natural the way we got acquainted and i will say that my heart is rolling in with every single mail from you.It's kind of hard for me to figure out what is it that is attracting me to you, maybe it is the combination of your sense of humor or something greater but whatever it is, i can sense its presence.

I always feel wonderful and special each time i read from you. You know all my life i have being longing so hard for someone who care to take the time to know me for who i am, and am so glad i found you.

Dear, my emotions are true and my intentions are pure but i wish for the same in return. but am looking for a life time of love. I believe that our meeting is blessed from above and the way things are going, am having a good foresight of the future and i pray it will be so. I consider myself a good judge of character and from what i have gathered about you, you seem nice and fun to be with. I will have some questions to ask you if you don't mind by answering, Your parents are they still alive, So i will like us to continue with our conversation so i will like to have your mobile number and pictures too, here is my number feel free to contact me any time any day +1 586 630 4663, Thank you so much for your time, I care.