Scam Email(s) from Daniel Raymond to Ann (Sweden)


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Letter 1

Hello Ann I sent you a message about 30 minutes on the number you sent to me on ayi. I will try to send you a message on this new number you just gave me.

Letter 2

Ann I appreciate your interest in making us work, I like you and I want to make this work too. I'm sorry you had a bad experience about internet dating but I want you to know that not everyone you meet online is a bad mad, I am not asking for your help babe don't get it wrong at all. I'm only asking you to contribute towards the ticket I will use to see you. Relationship is meant for 2 people and we both must work things out, if you know you want to come to Afghanistan to see me I can even book your flight without you paying a cent but I must warn you that it is not 100% safe. You need to make your decision I see you as a good woman and I would love to have a relationship with you, I know the internet is messed up but if we must have a relationship when we meet in person then the best time for you to trust me is now, well I will stop here now so I can chat with you. lol

Letter 3

Hello honey I got your txt I will be online in about 30 minutes.


Letter 4

Morning to you darling how was your night ?

Letter 5

I'm fine thank you, how are the kids ?

Letter 6

Hello honey how are you doing ? What have you been up to ? I just want to ask if you've been able to work something out yet.

Letter 7

I would like to know your decision over this babe. So your decision now is that even if I want us to share the fee to half you won't still pay half of it ?

Letter 8

I can't get there with my wings lol. Maybe we should leave it then. Take care.

Letter 9

There is no need for you to be angry or rude. You don't want something to work but you want the man to do everything ? I didn't send money to what woman ?

Letter 10

Firstly, we all have our pasts so if you are going to compare this to what happened between you and a guy a while ago then it means you are not ready to move on and I also see no reason why you should judge me base on your past.

Secondly, yes I would send you half of the ticket fee because I like you and I want to have a relationship with you.

If you can't get your past out of your way then I'm sorry I don't see how I'm suppose to pay for your past mistakes.

Letter 11

I'm not rushing you at all .

Letter 12

Thank you for the poem, I really love it.


Letter 13

I'm on messenger now if you are free.

Letter 14

I miss talking to you.

Letter 15

Life has been good, how is life with you and your kids ?

Letter 16

Haha what are you talking about ? So you think it was me ? You are wrong there Ann but that's ok you can believe whatever you want. Maybe my mistake was that I sent you a message today to check how you are doing.




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