Scam Email(s) from Raymond Peeler to Darlene (USA)


Letter 1

Good day Madam, I'm contacting in response to your mail towards getting a Leave for Sgt. Raymond Thomas Peeler. I want you to know that am presently on a peace keeping mission out here for now but will make sure I do the best I can for you if only I get a quick response from you over this. The only thing I can advise you to do right now is to get a copy of his DD214 Form attached with a copy of Honorable Discharge Certificate and signed under the Influence of the Department Of Defense. This will enable his Leave to be granted with quick access from the US Army base in Kabul. The Honorable Discharge certificate will be issued to you when you make payment for it through the processing officer with the sum of $7500.00, this certificate will get him discharge from active duty and also cover his flight charges..... So get back to me and let me know what you going to do about this so I can take quick action on it and forward his request to the Feed Marshal over there in Afghanistan as for him to have his Signature on the papers and also for the US Army chopper to drop him off at any Air Base close to your address that you will provide on his flight details since he is coming to you and also need a scanned copy of any means of identification from you.... Send me your Name and Full address to include in his Flight details