Romance scam letter(s) from Richard Romero to Amy (USA)
Letter 1

My self-summary
looking for love.......I'm a very fun loving,passionate,sweet,honest,trust-worthy,generous and romantic person.Would love to meet someone with similar features.I'm a one woman man and can only concentrate on one woman at a time.I dont expect to meet someone like that but wish i do I'm a very loving man that believe in soulmates,true love and fairy tale endings.I also believe one man is made just for one special woman and nothing can ever go wrong with such relationship...called Monogamy. I'm very active both body and mind ,run 5 miles twice a week and love cooking.Used to play football as a younger man but love watching now.I just want to meet someone thats willing to love and be loved that shouldnt be hard to find . Would be nice to find someone to have a Movie FRIDAYS,Dinner (in or out) SATURDAYS and Lazy SUNDAYS with... NB: My pictures are up to can ask for video chat if you feel the need to confirm.Not just anyone as am no serial dater Thanks
On a typical Friday night I am
I have a friday thing i would like to share with the right woman...
You should message me if
If you are looking for a serious long term relationship...
Letter 2

Yea i have ...i have a story for you ...when my fiancee died of heart complications. It took me years to be able to date . I met this lady at the opening of a building I worked on while I was working with turner constructions . We stated talking and we exchange cards ..Anyways we started seeing eachother and developed into a trying relationship . 3 months into the relationship I saw him with this guy called Daniel and she introduce Daniel to me as her cousin so I before friends with him and sometimes he stays in my house and wear my shoes and clothe.. Treated him like a brother that u never have. I leave them in my house thinking they re cousins and everything was fine . I traveled to Hong Kong for work with when Daniel called me to tell me he was Tonia's high sch lover and boyfriend that he needed To tell me because he couldn't lie to me anymore that i should leave Tonia because am better than any man he ever known and his sorry to be telling me this late after 2 years of relationship... Luckily and unluckily I wanted to propose to her one month before this incident. After that it took me 1 and the half years to recover and back to the dating world
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