Romance scam letter(s) from Ben Ballard to Jacki (Canada)
Letter 1

Hello Wtaz, Thank you for writing me, I checked your profile and it brought a SILLY smile to my face (i feel you are very beautiful ) I would really like to take this up to know you better, if you are interested.I must say you have an interesting profile and would like to know more about you. I am just looking to make good friends and see where that leads to (looking for someone I can spend the rest of my life with).I hope life is treating you with the best. Life is a gift, we should utilize it. I don't know how this online dating works. Why don't we get to exchange email addresses and see where it takes us. My subscription ends soon probably today and i am closing my account as soon as it ends. please feel free to contact me, here is my email address, it seems that blocks email addresses you can figure this out yourself ( ben_ballard27 /a/t/ y/a/h/o/o /d/o/t/ /ca ). I initiated this conversation, and i will be responsible for any forthcoming's. Please tell me more about you in general when you are writing me and keep it real. Hope to hear from you.
Letter 2

Hi Ben, it's me Watz. I caught your message before you wiped out your account, that was a sweet note - thank you.

Like yourself, I also feel that it'd be neat to communicate more with you as I'm also interested in knowing a bit more about you. I feel quite comfortable with your suggestion to exchange E-mail addresses and just see for now. I didn't print your profile so have to rely on memory. I did like your picture, you have a great smile.

You asked me about "more in general" stuff, and I suspect that you probably already know more about me than I do about you. I think that I had tried to give enough in my profile to give a good overall idea of what I like (and what I'm like.) That was all real, I am very real. And so is what I'm sharing with you now.

My goal is to be happy, whether or not that includes a special male friend or not. In an ideal world for me, yes I will find another special guy. I had found the love of my life once so I don't know what my chances are, of being so lucky twice! I am not an emotionally needy person, and I'm appreciative of small things that oftentime mean a lot. I think I'm pretty intuitive with people. I have a reasonable dose of confidence in myself, because of the experiences I've been through (and enough confidence to be able to be very honest with people). I don't want to lead anyone, nor will I ever follow anyone. What I ultimately would like to find is somewhere in-between, a solid equal friendship with a lot of mutual respect, trust, love and happiness in just being together. It would definitely enhance my life. Hopefully it would be for the rest of my life.

I've always tended to have long term relationships, even from the get go when I started dating. Back then beginning dating, it was usually like 2 or 3 years at a time.

I'm financially independent and proud of it (I've worked full time all of my life). I was married once, for 21 years prior to my husband passing in Aug. 2010 after a lengthy illness. It was hard, working full time/long hours at a demanding job and still managing to meet his increasing health needs and care for him. It was pretty bad for I'd say about 4-6 years before he passed. It was only until quite a bit after he passed that I wondered how I did it. You do what you need to do. I have made the decision though, that now it's time for me to be happy. It's a big step for me to even get to this point (I waffled about even joining a dating site for about 3 months), but I am now committed to making an effort to proactively meet other men.

I grew up with 2 brothers 'hot on my heels' age-wise, and I'm the eldest of 4 kids, sister is youngest. All are in Calgary, great support system. We all get along pretty well, recognizing that we're all who we are (trust me, we all have distinctive personalities). We like to get together for breakfast when we can swing it. Mom is remarried to a great guy, lives in Yuma 6 months of the year and often drives me nuts but I love her to death.

I live in Glenbrook SW Calgary (in the vicinity of Richmond Road/37 Street SW), been in same place since 1987. Same job for 30 years, just different employer names. I am a Fair Labelling Practices & Food Safety inspector with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Primary responsibilities are enforcement of the Food & Drugs Act/Regulations. It's a great job, I'm often dealing with entirely new people but also deal repeatedly with the same individuals in large organizations with regard to compliance. It's very interesting, busy/never a dull moment and always new things popping up with food and advertising all of the time. Within CFIA, I've had various other secondments/acting positions and I've taught many enforcement courses to new inspectors/veterinarians. I enjoy doing that. My late husband had a very different career from mine, and I always really liked that. I learned a lot about his industry (insurance) and his perspectives were always excellent, it helped to me keep me grounded and think about things in new & different ways.

Please tell me more about yourself. I believe that you were widowed, is that correct? I would like to know how long that you have been on your own, and how that's going for you. I'd appreciate that you cover some of the kind of items that I've covered above (just whatever you'd like to say). It would help me get more of a sense of where you're coming from. Please feel free to ask any questions. And you now have my word in writing, that I will be very honest with you. I ask the same of you also.



PS: What does BFG stand for, just curious.
Letter 3

Hello Jacki, Thanks for writing me here and sharing about yourself, How are you doing today? I hope everything is going on smoothly with you. Well, where should i start from. My name is Ben which you already know. I will be 56yrs old on the 12th of Feb, born in Belleville, Ontario.I am single and looking for my better-half to be with forever.I must confess that we have a lot in common and i am glad about that,Your personal interest seem to be similar with mine and i am so amazed at your openness and honesty, please don't stop. I am very content and happy with myself, I am not looking for a replacement. I am looking for my partner, my best friend, my critic, my lover. Someone that looks at me from across a room (crowded or empty) and knows what I am thinking/feeling. Someone that knows me, my inner most thoughts, dreams, hopes and fears. Someone that unconditionally supports me and will never let me go but also gives me space to be me. I am independent but love togetherness, sharing, touching, expressing, laughing each and every other day with someone special. My day is rather empty without the rhythms of love and having another person in my life.I don't believe anybody is perfect but I do believe that a person can be perfect for me. That seems to be part of my amazement when reading your profile. it's like you are reading my thoughts as you are expressing yourself, Your heart is very open and touchable, you are very unique.I like the simple things in life.What's important is being true to who you are with and not being afraid to show it.I have a strong faith in God and it works for me.Honesty is very important.I'm looking for someone that is not afraid to show open affection.I'm a little bit shy and I need someone that is easy to talk to until we get better acquainted.I want someone that is positive and loves life,looks on the bright side.I'm loyal and honest.Most of all I want to have a partner that's just that,a partner. I'm looking for a woman that's as good a friend as they are a lover.That combination along with honesty & a strong faith in God go along way in a successful relationship.I'm not a man of unlimited worldly means,but I am true to the core.A true friend & faithful to the woman that shares my values.Friends,faith & a strong desire to satisfy my woman.. This is my 1st time doing this online stuff but i think i need it and i will be glad i did if this leads to any good. I have not dated anyone since I lost my wife 3 years ago and i am just looking out for a new start in life and to find someone i can live my life for. I have a daughter that schools in the UK.I am currently in Philippines which is where my business in based,I am into designing and selling of clothing materials and am mainly into Adire and lace fabric ( when I have my designs, I them here from manufacturing, I come here about 2 to 3 times a year) this was what I have been doing with my wife before she left me.She died of cancer and I have been all alone since then (i am sorry about your husband and you can tell that i mean that because i have been there and know how it feels), her dream has always been for us to order specially made fabrics from the source (which is what am doing now). Since I have been able to get on my feet after her death, I have been on this and just got a break through.I have been working on this project for a while and it just happened to fall in place and this has really made me happy so I am thinking of taking a break in the next couple of days.On this account I wouldn't have to do anymore traveling for a while. I am hoping on returning home and settling down with the right one which is one of the reasons why I am on the dating site to see if I can meet someone serious. I'm ready to fall in love with the right person, I need a woman that can take me through life and someone I can come back home to spend the rest of my life with. I hope all these does not bore you as it seem to be so much information in a first message? I really do want us to learn more about each other and of course become close friends that may develop into a serious relationship as I am ready to settle down with THE RIGHT woman... Tell me about your online dating experience Hope to hear from you soon
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