Scam Email(s) from Roy Pierre to LaVeta (USA)


Letter 1

Honey this is quite surreal that we were in the hospital at the same time. I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I felt uncomfortable due to the pressure and stress from the workers and their union out here, so I went to the doctor who insisted that I take a mandatory bed rest at the hospital as my blood pressure was "sky high". I am glad we are both fine now and can finally complete our plans to be together.

How are you doing today? I am so sorry I was so tired out and I totally did not noticed I had yet to send you the link to login to my account online to let me know my current account balance. I am providing it below now:

Click here-

My account number/ID is: 65148134
My pass key is: JWS4PK8HF7

Honey please let me know you are feeling better, I have gotten so attached to you that I do not even want to think about losing someone (you) that my heart is so attracted to again. I care about you a lot and had you in my thoughts every day that I was on that bed in the hospital, I felt you holding my hands and telling me that everything is going to be fine.

Please let me know that you got this email, since I am unable to get your text messages at the present time out here.

All my love LV,
Your Roy.