Scam Email(s) from Michael Rob to Alison (Australia)


Letter 1

I strive to be a 21st century renaissance man. I try not to stress about what the world thinks of me. I am really laid back, and just except the flow of most things that happen in life. I just handle the things I can handle, and let slide the things I have no control over. I believe that when you?re in a relationship you should always be totally honest. I am very caring, forgiving, understanding. I think that if everyone would treat others how they want to be treated, then this world would be that much better of a place to live in. I don?t always feel as though I have to fill the silence with useless chatter, and instead I would much rather have an intelligent conversation on a deep subject. I appreciate the small things in life, and am always grateful for the fact that I notice them. I have a humor that stretches across the whole spectrum. If you can't laugh at yourself and the world around you, I don't think you will ever enjoy it.

Letter 2

Dear,Let me humbly introduce myself, My Name Is Micheal Rob, I am 48 years old. I was born in July 11th 1968. Am originally from Los Angeles, CA United State of America. I am just living a simple life. i am new here, I got divorced 9 years ago after I found out my ex wife was cheating on me while i was on duty that led to our divorce. Am trying to get back to family life again. I would like to know about you? Tell me more about your past and present life experiences. I am not here for games because am too old for that. Hope i can find a good friend in you, Someone who will bring my joy back again. Who will also love and take me the simple way i am. Hope together we will make the best out of our expectations. Hope to hear from you soon. Robb.

Letter 3

Dear, Thanks for making out time responding to my message. It's really a pleasure getting to know you, I am glad to know more about you, I felt its a wonderful opportunity for us meeting each other On here, because i am new here. and you look so beautiful Please Dear kindly send me message to my email address because i wanna get to you better (michaelrob440@gmail .com). i Will give you a reply once i get your message lookinhg forward to knowing you better....

Letter 4

Oh my God honey, thank you for the great photo of yours You are so beautiful, Thanks for the way you make out time responding to my invitation, I apologize for replying late, is due to the nature of my Job, promise things will improve with time. It really is a pleasure getting to knowing you, I am glad to know more about you I felt its a wonderful opportunity for us meeting each other, Thanks so much for your time dear. well i don't have specific characteristics because no one is perfect. All i want is someone who can love me faithfully without cheating or breaking my heart. A true woman that will understand me, someone willing to spend the rest of her life with me. Am not looking for the most pretty or richest woman. Am here for a true motive. am serious and i hope this will be the start of our relationship. I like you dear. hoping that soon, i will meet you in real life. Am new in that site, i have searched for long but am sure i would be lucky this time around.. Am happy i talked to you there. dear please can you kindly send me your great Photo i want to keep updating you and take my time to learn a lot about you. have a nice day. Robb.

Letter 5

Oh my God honey, thank you for the great photo of yours You are so beautiful, I can't say it is by accident that we met but as a Christian, i truly believe in divine order, that what is gonna be must be. Once again It's a joy to be in contact with you and I look forward to a very good and exciting time together with you. Being with the US Navy for 14 years, Most of that time is a life spent in seas and in ports of various oversea countries, really it's hard-demanding but rewarding occupation. We are employed to work on all kinds of seagoing vessels, such as cruise liners, cargo ships, tankers and hovercraft. Couldn't think of any more privilege one can get than that of helping to protect the freedom we cherish all over the world. Domestic and international, doing my best for the sake of mankind and the world we live in. I had to go back to work as a private contractor for the Military, specialize in providing logistics support for our troops and coalition troops mostly in the middle east. Am now thinking of slowing down a little bit because am ain't getting any younger. Right now more than ever i can say i need that person to share with and i hope we find peace in each other company. btw dear i just want to let know you know that i already deactivated my account on CB i hope this works for us dear please looking forward to knowing you better.Have a blessed day hope to hear from you again soon

Here is my mobile number, you can add me up on Viber so we chat too but most times am busy and can't reach incoming calls +17022002657. Do bear with me.