Scam Email(s) from Micheal Jacob Nazario Mavello to Sue (USA)


Letter 1

I love fall sprin and summer. I love the ocean but I will need help getting on the water because I have had 3 knee surgeries. I do great in the pool though. Maybe we can travel to warm places during January and February those are my worse months.. I like working out but i don't like doing things by myself. I like to grow herbs and vegetables and flowers. My favorite color is red. I like wearing black. I like walking but I hope to get faster I can almost keep up with my daughter's but they are extremely fast. ve nature, animals I try to go outside every night and look at the moon and stars. I play ball wit my dog. I was hoping to get me a golf I love my family they have really worked so hard to help me move into a new place. I am not there yet but the movers will be here Nov 17th. I love music and I love to dance not that I am good at it. I am excited about what you have written and I am hoping for a new exciting, energized life that God will be pleased with. I love what you say and I am hoping and believing in everything you say is true. I lo cart. I still want to walk but riding can be fun too. I have to call this man I know to come and fix that leaking pipe under the house. Talk with you later.

Letter 2

Good morning my dear Sharon,

Really I so happy that our communication is strong and enjoyable so far. I believe that God has a hand in our meeting and pray that this leads to something great. A good communication is very important in starting a relationship, especially when both parties are living very far from each other. Don't you think so? God works in ways man do not understand and can never comprehend. He has the best plans for his children, and if we call on him, He readily answers.
I am basically a very positive person who loves humor and laughter and would like someone with an adventurous spirit and a positive attitude who can see the funny side of life, someone who is open and willing to learn new things. I like to share things and prefix ideas, and I am always open to learning new things as well ( as you may have noticed from our Facebook conversation) I have a passion for music and a curiosity for life. To be with a woman who loves to dance would be a thing of joy, but not impossible I believe, even if rare, but definitely a bonus, but not a requirement! lol. I've dreamed of someone who loves animals, romantic strolls beneath the moonlight, and long lazy nights before the fire. I want someone who has a good heart and cares about others unconditionally. someone who's willing to go that extra mile for someone who's in need and I promise to do same for her. I'm a very open minded and honest man. I don't like wasting my time, or that of other people. If something or someone sparks my interest, I show without hesitation, and it don't come easy. I am looking for that special someone to walk the walk with me. I believe life is made up of many journeys and an ideal partner will help make the walk easier. No one is perfect but doing one's best is all that counts. I am happy you have most of this good qualities..

This is a great start for the both of us. I started my day by watching a program on TV by Joel Osteen. I don't know if you heard of him before. He is a Pastor in Lakewood Church which is located in Houston, Texas. I really like him because he is very inspirational and I really would like to see him preaching in person. He does not only talk about religion and the Bible, he talks about the fact that we need to trust God and that we need to ask him for what we want, but we also need to have a positive attitude to expect good things to happen in our life. He has written several books and he conducts presentations all over the United States. He conducted a presentation in New Orleans on December 5, 2014 and I planned to go see him, but I couldn't make it because of my job.

Before now, I had basically given up, and accepted my life without a christian partner, without love, without romance and all other good things. I even prayed to God and asked Him, if it were within His will for my life to experience a real and loving relationship, that I needed Him to arrange it and make it happen because I would rather be alone than to suffer another relationship with love, but without 'true love'.

Then one day about 3 months ago, I met a couple at church. I could see and feel their love for each other and their commitment to each other so clearly. It just felt right. I realized at that moment that I wanted to experience that kind of love, but with the right woman, the right partner for me.

So, I asked God again, that if it were within His will for my life that He would lead a woman to me who knew what it means to truly love. And then….you entered my life through Facebook, we became friends, and now hoping for something more. I am grateful for that moment every day. The more we talk the less lonely and vulnerable I feel, because I know your words are a representation of what your heart feel. I have a few really good friends, but I have never experienced this strong feeling of connection with someone before, especially having not met in person yet.

I don’t believe us connecting is a random act. I believe it must be from God, an answer to my prayers, and perhaps an answer to yours too. A picture is worth a thousand words yet can still tell you nothing. I would say I have more on the inside than the outside. Possibly be the same for you as well....

My birthday is December the 29th. I have no favorite food. I just eat anything nice and healthy. Are you a good cook? If you cook something nice for me,there will be no left overs.... I can cook but not as good as a woman lol. I love white and blue. What about you. What are your favorite colors? Your favorite food? Do you like to shop?
I am working towards my retirement and strongly hope to settle down with a nice woman before the beginning of next year. After retirement I would like to invest and just enjoy every moment with my partner. Travel and see new places. Praise God and pray together always. A companion with me wouldn't make such moments boring.. We can go to Brazil together. I will show you where I grew up as a child, and also hopefully you get to meet my sister. Have you ever been to Brazil or would it be your first time? I know you are going to like Brazilian meal :)

My favorite seasons are spring-fall and summer. I want to visit Rome someday. I have heard stories and seen pictures. We could visit together...what do you think?

I have very few habits. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week when I am off work,I love to keep fit and stay healthy. Health is life. I turn on the music by 6:30am after prayers every morning. Music is part of me,though I am not a good singer lol. But I can sing for you, if you let me... I wont get tired of doing that. But please don't laugh at my voice lol.
My last and recent habit is thinking about a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul named Sharon. Always waiting to hear from her. Oh this is the best habit of all. What do you think about this habit? Very Interesting right or not? ha ha.

What is your favorite season? Do you have any habits? Have blessed day..I am enjoying getting to know you and I look forward in learning more about you. What a time to be alive! Blessings to you and your family!