Romance scam letter(s) from Chris Jones to Kate (Australia)
Letter 1

I am extremely down to earth, love to work out lots and stay in shape. Love to laugh and talk as long as it is intelligent conversation! I have faults like any other human out there in the world, but always mean well. I like simple things in life, I am not a diva nor looking for one. Hate liars. Not a serial dater either, I like to dedicate my time to one special person. Love the beach but don't do sun.
Letter 2

Dear, I just saw your profile I wanted to send you a smile and say hello! If you would like to know more about me, please take a look at my profile or just click on Reply to Email.

My ID Code is: C03208351
Letter 3

Hello dear,
It's nice getting your mail address from Cherry Blossom website, hope we can get to know each other better. I'm very sorry for writing late, am currently on a work trip here in Singapore and I've been quite busy...,but am less busy with my project now, will travelling back soon and i promise to keep in touch once i get your email.
Chris Jones.
Letter 4

Hello Dear,

I am really sorry for the late reply dear, i am currently in Singapore right now on a business trip with my colleagues and i hardly check my email but i promise to always reply to your email. How are you doing today, hope you are fine?. Thank you for responding to my letter. You have done really well, intact I am flattered and do not know what to say because I haven’t experience the online dating before. It’s like a task for me to accomplish and I will do my best to give the very best of me. I will start by introducing myself in details. And I hope you won’t mind if my letter gets too big for you to read??? My name is Chris Jones. Originally from Bern Switzerland , I was born and breed there, and move to the United Kingdom about a decade ago. I was born in the month of 10 July 1967. I'm a widowed, I have one daughter (Shirley is her name) I am 175 cm tall and weigh 80kg. I like to travel likewise my dad who brought me to most of his trip around world. My mom is 72 . My father is late, He was a nice man and my mentor, He passed away 4 years ago. He worked here in the UK and also some parts of Asia and middle East Arab before his death. I am a type of man who believes in marriage of one man one woman and I am hoping that you and I can get along because I can feel the favor in you,... I would like you to tell me more about you. Or do you prefer if I ask?. I'm Structural freelance engineer. ,I work with one of the Construction Group UK as an architect and we are part of construction administration, our work start from creating ideas with a client, developing budget of the building project, assessing the need of the building and it's user, and it's impart on the local environment, then planing, drawing and design of the building project. At the site, we work very closely with site manager and field engineers to ensuring that work on the site are carried out with specific standard and to make sure that the building is sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing. My job keeps me busy from Monday to Friday's sometime Saturday. I have been working here for long intact I'm enjoying every bit of my job here in the UK. I try to live a healthy life and cook at home when time permits me. Am glad you could understand a bit more of how I feel knowing you, and you agree to take the chance with me. If is all about maturity, understanding caring and acknowledgment. My letter may not sound so sweet or romantic at the moment, but I can’t write to impress you rather i am writing to show my sincerity and maturity. I like your pictures , thanks so much for sharing. Let me take this line to talk a little bit about my love life. I have not been in a real relationship since my deceased wife and not that there are not good women here but i just don't want to take the step, I want to try far relationship hopefully it will favor me and my kid. That's why this time I chose to search for someone far away from me. Whom I will feel loved by before meeting her and bringing her here or lives with her wherever she is. Sorry I have been talking about me all along, i would also love to hear about you too. (do you fancy traveling?) (When was your last relationship) why do you chose to search for a partner online??) how long have you been on that dating site and what are your experiences like while on the site,?? Can you share with me?? I will send my pictures once i get back to UK hopefully this week because we are done here in Singapore we will be flying back to England this week Thursday ... Permit me to rest my fingers here for now till next mail. Please I will be glad if you send me your recent pictures in your next email.Have a great day dear.
Chris Jones.
Letter 5

Greetings dear,
Firstly I won't forget to thank God for my safe trip back home. How was your day going ? I hope it moved the way you planned it? I appreciate your time replying my mail. My apologies for responding a bit late. I was overwhelmed by your email and all you have shared with me, trust me I do feel your sincerity and openness. I'm also an open minded person, who is ready to give his best in a serious relationship. All i can say is that ..God always leads us to good people. I am so happy and i feel at peace communicating with you, i am serious and ready to keep this communication and building a good friendship and relationship with you, future may hold something better for us. once again is so nice knowing you and having you as a dear friend. I want to concentrate in building my future and happy family with you and you alone I'll be glad to hear that too.

I need a loving woman, God fearing. With whom I can share my real love and all other matters regarding life. If I find such a precious,noble and desired woman I can dedicate myself to her in all means. Right from the nails of my feet till hair of my head I would be hers and she will be mine in the same way. After God she will mean everything to me, she will be my love, my life and all. I'm ready to give all sorts of sacrifice for her in other to build a happy family... because I know the value of a good devoted and loving woman. If we are together, i will try to teach more about things in our family. Distance might be there... With grace of God and His guidance everything is possible. Thanks for your nice and beautiful picture, i really like the way you are. I'm wishing you a wonderful moment, take good care of yourself my dear.Below are some of my pics with my friends .
Chris Jones.
Letter 6

Hello dear,, How are you doing today? I hope you are doing great? Thanks a lot for the mail, you always put smile on my face. Am good here with my family and the atmosphere here's great. I'm seriously looking for a decent woman that can be my wife till the rest of my life. Dear, i feel so much happy to see your mail again. Thanks so much for your honest communication with me, i am looking forward to meet you in future. Dear, am so happy and full of smiles to read from you and i wish we will keep this friendship and see what the future have for us. I know with seriousness in the both side it will be a huge success. I kept having you on my mind daily, honestly i think of you always... thanks to God for letting us meet each other. I promise to always do my best to build this relationship for a better future of happiness and joy, to live a happy life is not all about materials things in this world but when you have a caring someone around you to share your joy, laughter and pains in life after your day to day activities. Dear, living a lonely life is really a painful life, i have tasted it since the death of my wife and is not an easy life but i have decided to start a new life again and move on. Thanks so much for all this smiles you brought to my face and i pray to God for His grace and love in this relationship to lead us to our dream of happiness.,and i know God will direct us to good people. HONESTY, TRUST AND RESPECT is what we need in our relationship and I believe that God will perfect His plan for us not even distance,age and culture will hinder our companionship Because we 're strongly bind together in this relationship by God. Take care dear until I hear from you again. Here is my contact number +447440274033 add me on WhatsApp.
Wishing you a wonderful day.
Chris Jones.
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