Scam Email(s) from Joelson Fischer to Afra (Germany)


Letter 1


How nice of you to have wrote me on

I will be glad to know you more. Are you seeing someone or communicating with anyone at the moment?
My Profile ID on is - xtralove

I do understand German so feel free to write me in German if that's the best way you can express yourself.
I'll be glad if you share pictures of yourself with me.


Letter 2

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to correspond further with you. I'm happy to know you understand me in English but do feel free to express yourself in German if that's the best way you can express yourself since it will give me the opportunity to improve in my German.

It would have been nice to meet before you fly out on Sunday but at the moment I'm in Berlin cause I got several meetings to attend before the week runs out. I should be back in Stuttgart sunday evening. With that being said, I have decided to tell you more about myself - my real name is Joelson and I'm an American/German but spent most of my years in the states.

I got back to Germany last 2 weeks Friday from Atlanta, I recently moved to Germany from Atlanta for work related reasons and some other personal reasons I would not be able to say in this email.

I am a Private Contractor and an Entrepreneur in the Engineering Sector. When I finally moved in July to a new location where I hardly knew anyone. Getting on Kissnofrog website seemed like a good idea. Collectively I have barely spent 7 months in Germany all together, I presently live in Stuttgart.

My daughter wanted me to meet friends but I joined Kissnofrog in search for my queen, the woman I will get to grow old while we both get to experience life together in happiness bonded by LOVE. I have only one daughter, she is 16 and she presently living in Atlanta with my mother.

I really can't say exactly what I like about your profile, but the person it portrayed to me was my kind. If there is anything you want to know about me just ask.I have attached two pictures for you which was taken in Marrakech last summer and I hope to get yours in return and I hope to get yours in return and also you telling me more about yourself if you wish to stay in contact.

I have been busy lately due to the project I am currently working on, but I will always try as much as possible to stay in contact with you.

Have a wonderful day.


Letter 3

Thanks for the pictures you shared: You got a handsome son, also you're indeed gorgeous and your hair seem free, never change it because it adds to your gorgeousness. Are you a photographer?

Also, thanks for the detailed mail; I must say you sound like a very Interesting person to know.

I do understand German but can't speak and with the help of my dictionary I will be able to understand all you write in German. So do feel free to write me in German since it will help me develop my German.

I live alone in Stuttgart, It was not were I intended to move to when I left Atlanta initially. When I first came to Europe, I lived in Paris for about a year. During my stay in Paris I realized that living in busy cities was not something I wanted to do anymore and also because I got a better offer in Stuttgart. I made a decision to move here and I will be here for a very long time: The main reasons why I moved to Europe was because of my job. There are many other reasons but I will tell you about it in the future or in another email.

I'm always very direct and straight forward I used to smoke but I quit a year ago. I drink occasionally.... I am a very spontaneous person. I tell you what's on my mind when I feel it and this has made me a very honest person naturally. I believe life is like a book, people who don't travel just read only a few pages. So Its possible I relocate unknown reasons in the future. I'm also a very Optimistic and Open Minded person: Being Optimistic and Open minded has always attracted people to me Naturally. I'm not the kind of man who base his feelings on the Outer Beauty or physical appearance. I believe in the Beauty on the Inside because I learned long ago that it is much better.

I still know very little about you and would love to know a lot more. I'm new to internet dating, however I think you are a sincere and Genuine person. So now it's your turn. You're yet to tell me what you do for a living and also, tell me anything about yourself that you would like me to know. Or maybe something you are proud of about you. I'm an Open book, so don't hesitate to ask me whatever you want to know about me.

Have a wonderful evening.
Greetings Joelson

Letter 4

Hello Afra,

Yes, I'd remove my profile on kissnofrog because I hardly went on there and also because I found the website boring.

How long have you been on there?


Letter 5

Thanks for yet another lovely picture. You got beautiful eyes and an endowed body I must say but I'm so sure you hear these all the time.

It's much more convenient for me to share about myself this way even though it is very unconventional. Like I said in my email I just flew in couple of days ago for a quick stop over from Atlanta. I had to attend to a few clients in the States and tomorrow, I fly to China for the completion of my project there. I see you have a very interesting life style this whole virtual dating things is really not my ideal for meeting a life long partner but is the only option I have now until I am back in the Country in two weeks time. It would be nice to meet for coffee then. I have been in and out of the Country for a year now.

I have just had breakfast and now I'm relaxing while watching the news. I tell you more about myself, my father was from (East Germany) Berlin and my Mum is American. My parents met in Germany after WWII because my mother worked in the American Embassy in Germany and after a few years, we had to relocate to the United States. My mother, like many at the time, got married at a young age and had me when she was only 23 years old. When I was 4 1/2 we moved to Minnesota in the States for a year and later to Atlanta where we lived for almost 11 years. My childhood was very interesting, going to an international school and having friends from all over the world. Vacations were spent mostly within Europe with my German cousins (of which I have lost contact with most of them) and traveling around with my parents and school friends to all kinds of very interesting places. I lost my father when I was 15 years, and the rest of my childhood years, I spent with my mother alone. The years that followed were difficult but that experience evolved me to who I am today teaching me to appreciate life in its simplicity.

I was standing on my own feet in a very early age. And that is something I am proud of I mastered my life very well with the support of my mother. I attended the University of Georgia, did a study-abroad program at Hochschule Pforzheim, and still graduated within 4 years even though I worked throughout... either as a waiter, cleaner, receptionist and campus recruiter.

I met my late wife at the Hochschule Pforzheim, she was a very sweet woman and I couldn't think of anyone else I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We got married and moved to Atlanta USA, and had our only child. My wife died immediately she gave birth to Karen. Karen still lives in Atlanta with my Mother. I've been widowed since then and although I have been in a couple of relationships nothing really ever came out of it. I believe that every encounter has its purpose. I do not live in the past and I have been LIVING in the NOW!! TODAY is a gift that is why it is called the PRESENT!!!

It has been very rewarding in a lot of ways for me moving to Germany. I can't really say I'm living the dream but I think happiness is actually something we give ourselves. I travel a lot and exploring the world is something I hope to do for the rest of my days.

I was born into a Christian home but as time went by, the conditions surrounding me made it imperative that I experienced other ways of life while growing up. I do not regret any of this and it as brought me to the level of understanding of the Human world that i have today.

I'm interested in many things including: history, humanity and world cultures. I love hiking in the mountains and by the sea. Nature is a healing and uplifting influence upon my spirit, and in its beauty; I feel connected to the Universe. I consider myself a practical individual who is complex at times but grounded in good values. Am I perfect? Hell no! Who is? But my sincere desire is to learn how to improve my imperfections in order to become the best that I can be as an ordinary functioning human being.

I approach life with a sense of openness to new experiences and adventures with humor and wit, willing to try things previously untried, while engaging all my faculties to absorb all that I can, because I happen to have an insatiable appetite for understanding the mechanisms of our reality. In this regard, I have traveled extensively around the globe - Africa, Europe, Turkey, Japan, India, The Middle East, South America, around the US Canada, South Pacific Islands, Caribbean Islands; I was recently on a 2 weeks cruise around the Caribbean (my 5th around the islands). Travel; which gives value to time spent on this planet, is continuously giving me new perspectives that are filled with exciting experiences and much spiritual and cultural enrichment.

I've just also attached some pictures for you. The reason I'd ask if you were a photographer in my previous email was because of the equipped camera you'd hold in one of the pictures you shared with me.

You must be preparing to fly out now. I wish you a pleasant trip and ahead. I look forward to hearing further from you…that is, if you are still interested.


Letter 6

Hello Dear Afra

Thank you for another wonderful email and also, the picture - lovely. You're good with the camera, I must admit. I had a huge smile reading the compliment on my pictures ….. Thanks for that! I'm 59 years old and you?

Hope you're already having a wonderful vacation in India? Its much more convenient for me to share about myself this way even though it is very unconventional. My trip was very long but I feel refreshed now after some rest. I will share as much as I feel comfortable with sharing now. I'm in Shanghai, the prospects of working in a field as mine in a fast growing bio-fuel dependent Economy as Germany is what brought me into the Country coupled with some personal reasons I obviously cannot explain by email. Coming on a dating forum as kissnofrog was a step I never thought I would take. I am just not a fan of advertising myself as I believe the best way to see an individual is through their actions and not what they tell you.

I don't use Facebook or WhatsApp ... My daughter have always said I'm old fashion, I guess she has been right. I really cannot pin point what attracted me to your profile and to put it in short, I followed my instincts. Feel free to ask me questions. Your household must have been full of people and great moments that build a life time of memories. I want to thank you for the kind words about me. It takes one to know one. I am very receptive, sensitive and reflective. I can feel the sincerity and the openness and I like what I know about you so far. I am looking for a woman who has lots of integrity, expressive of her feelings and believes in OPEN COMMUNICATIONS. I believe in honesty is the best policy. My dad used to tell me that if you tell the truth, you do not have to remember anything. The truth will set you free

I seek a seriously inclined woman of substance who is sincere about making this online process work for a mutually exciting experience. Someone who is unattached and emotionally available to share and expand life with as: partners, companions, friends and lovers - someone with whom I can communicate with words, touch and even our silence - looking forward together in the same direction, while creating our own bubble in which to cuddle and escape from life's daily annoyances; mutually growing in a comfortable way without sacrificing either of our individuality, with respect for each other's culture and beliefs; still exploring our amazing world with the excitement of discovery - and each other's minds and emotions to whatever degree.

I communicated via email and phone calls with a few women and when you get to know them in person, they turned out to be the opposite. They were 2 - 3 who are very emotionally unstable but said they were ready for a monogamous relationship, but yet they are still dating 3 men. I would only want my relationship based on honesty and sincerity. I am tired of women who want to play games. I do not believe in one night stand. Sex is very beautiful when you are with somebody you really care about and have a very strong emotional connections.

I am a very happy person and living life to the fullest. I do not need a woman, I want to be with the right woman who will crazy about me and who I will be crazy about... Somebody that I look forward being with everyday to share my joys, my sorrow and my pains.

The african countries I have been to are South Africa and Kenya ..... I will say my favorite country will be Costa Rica. All my life I have been a successful career man. I am very competitive. I set my professional and personal goals. I work hard to achieve them.I believe in balanced life. I work hard and play harder nowadays. I am blessed to be able to travel and be with family. I like the fact that you are also very family oriented.

I love to pamper and be pampered by my woman. I am very affectionate and romantic. I am natural pleaser and would do everything to please my woman. My two top LOVE languages are PHYSICAL TOUCH and verbal affirmation. I touch to convey my feelings and I verbally affirm my intimate feelings. There is more to physical chemistry. There should be emotional, spiritual chemistry. In fact, by talking in the phone we can discover if we have the verbal communication chemistry. My love-life is very important but I am very cautious because I do not to get hurt.

I believe in teamwork and that together we make short term and long term goals. That we work together to achieve common goals. I take care of myself by living healthy: moderate eating, regular exercise and staying positive happy and grateful everyday! I have been reading a great book “The truth about love”. It is very informative on the three stages of love: Chemistry, Compatibility and COMMITMENT! I am not just looking for friends but also looking for the LOVE of MY LIFE who I want to grow old with graciously.

Looking forward to talking to you soon.


Letter 7

Dear Afra

Thanks very much for writing and yes, I'd understand all the German you wrote. Like I'd say if that's the best way you can express yourself - feel free to write in German.
How nice to know your open as I am. Thanks for sharing all with me and I'm glad to know you chose to move on from your past. You seem to understand the meaning of every word i try to use to describe my self and what I am looking I very much appreciate that…. Life is simple, for those who take it simple. I don't like to complicate things, there is joy in every situation if you know the right angle to look it from but because we live in a Monetary system we spend most of our lives trying to acquire wealth and secondary needs, while our primary needs and goals are left unseen. I worked very hard, for a very long time to make sure I acquired a lot of wealth, but in the long run, apart from the money to acquire some luxuries, for what purpose would you need more money? To be realistic, except if you just want to be known as a rich person, wealth means nothing if you have no best friend to share it with. I know I have spent more than half of my lifetime on this planet already, this realization has made me start to re-asses what my Main Goals are. What could be more important than a happy ending?

A man needs to live his life full of joy and happiness. No matter his achievements, he has no happy ending if he has no crown to complete him and that is a woman to call his own, Wife and Best friend. A woman who knows that even while arguing we still need to hold hands. A woman whom I can call a partner in crime :-). A woman who I can tell anything. I think it is time for me to find this woman or die trying, because I embraced my work for so long trying to get over my late wife, that I worked so hard but now I the time has come for me to move on and find Love and Happiness again. My Daughter told me that just because something good has ended does not mean something better cannot start.

So far I am happy for you and happy for me. We are two good human beings and two beautiful souls that deserve the best. Tell me what you consider the three greatest things you have learned about yourself that you feel has changed your life and your outlook to dating and possibly finding your soul mate?

What do you consider to be your three greatest assets and conversely you three greatest weaknesses? Remember I am an Open book, so don't hesitate to ask me whatever you want to know about me.

I send to you across the miles my warm embrace

Letter 8

Dear Afra,

Lovely Pictures: Great Smiles! From the picture I can tell you're having a great time in India. Also, thanks for your message. It warmed and energized my heart... As you know each day is a gift and that I have a choice as to how I will spend each moment. While I am a deeply emotional man, and have moments of sadness, feeling disappointed, anger, I address that emotion and reach for the sunshine and joy. I was a perfectionist and a control-freak…. I have come to claim responsibility for my own actions and define boundaries for myself.

I truly took the time to study dating to understand how the male & female interact and have enjoyed the time I have dated I enjoy being with someone I prefer the company of the opposite sex i am not a lonely or unhappy I believe that being with someone brings more happiness and more enjoyment.

I was married and have been widowed for along time. I've just also come out of my shell which is why I felt comfortable when my daughter told me it would be nice to have my profile on the Singles website.... I have always taken the time I needed to completely heal and find the answers I needed before I open my heart to the possibilities of finding my soul mate if she's out there. I believe we all have a past the difference is that many of us do not take the time to study the past to make the future better.

I've learned that I can't keep the world on its access and it's not my responsibility to light and heat the earth, so I am so much more relaxed now that I'm not trying to be King! This includes outward boundaries – how much I project my own need to control onto others; and inward boundaries – what I will tolerate and what I won't with regard to the behavior of others toward me, especially in relationships.I want the people I care about to know that they are loved and appreciated.

I'm not good at casual dating relationships. After I lost my wife, I've been hoping, praying, searching for my soul mate if at all she's out there. There has been women with whom I have connected, friendship-wise, and sometimes chemistry-wise, but they have not captured my heart and soul, or they have not accepted mine. I will not settle for anything less than freely and happily. I am not capable of managing more than one relationship at a time. In other words, I am not a poly dater! I want a full, healthy and happy love with my best friend and lover. I am a very romantic, passionate, hands-on, sensuous man.

I believe that God puts people into my life for a reason and I attempt to understand that reason, whether it be friendship, professional association or that they have something to offer me or me them, such as a connection someone else. I believe that God makes him/herself evident to me many times during the day, but I have to pay attention to his/her gifts. All that being said, I believe, that in God's time, I will find my soul mate and she will find me. I believe that every relationship is based on honesty and trust.

Now, what do I consider to be my three greatest assets and conversely my three greatest weakness

Sense of humor – wicked at times
Great capacity to love

Impatience - a) tend to live in the moment, b) get frustrated with processes that are ridiculous, energy and resource wasteful, and are potentially hurtful
High expectations that I will be treated as I treat others – can result in great disappointment for me
Fear of abandonment – have been working on this, now that I understand it is an issue.I insist on not losing myself to a relationship and that my partner does not either; however, I do need to know that my partner misses me during the day, looks forward to seeing me at night, enjoys spending time away from work with me, and trust me when I am out ..

I am thankful for what I have and live life with a great expectations. I am positive, and I look for the trial times as an opportunity for growth.
I will be committed to my wife and bring her honor.
But all that I require may not be already learn but still in process..
Besides, God has already made a choice for me. I am just trying to find her. Maybe she's YOU? We never can tell.

Warm Greetings

Letter 9

Dear Afra,

Of course I can tell who you're on the picture :) With the picture I can say you're devoted to yoga.

You must have had a lot of thoughts going through your mind both negative and positive which I understand. I was admitted at the Hospital here in Shanghai due to the contaminated wine I drank that constantly gave me diarrhea but I'm feeling much better now. Afra, I'm very pleased with our connection, our intense connection. Whatever happens, wherever all this leads to, I am very grateful as it has been a very special way of communicating, of sharing emotions and deep seated longings. It's precious being able to express ourselves like this, as it does not happen every day.

I want you to know it takes a strong woman to accomplish the little things you have shared with me about life. I am proud of you that you stick to your goals, you have improved your life so much from what it was before and I am so happy that you respect my beliefs as I respect yours… You're someone with integrity, honesty, love, affection, beauty, and with such a charming personality. I never thought I would find someone so interesting like you on kissnofrog, but here you are. You've overcome many obstacles within your life which have made you the wonderful person you are today. You should be very proud that you have persevered all your experiences and with it you have lived, acknowledged, and learned and you have never intentionally done on to others as it has been done unto you for you know what it feels like and you have the strength to rise above it all. You are attractive, generous, honest, humorous, intelligent, kind, lovable, loving, passionate and wonderful. The person who will obtain the key within your heart in the future will be blessed to have the love in which you are cable of giving to someone.

Now, to you questions: I'm still in Shanghai, China and I'm yet to know when I'll be flying back to Germany since I'm yet to find the exact goods I came to purchase here but I'm close to accomplishment. Of course once I confirm my departure - I'll share it with you so you get to know what date and time I will be flying to Germany. I live in Heuteigviertel, Stuttgart….. We'll definitely plan a date either close to you or close to me, it all depends on you. I let you decide on that since you're the lady!

Once I'm back in Germany I won't be traveling no more since I would have establish my contact here. I'll just take my time for myself and if all goes well for us - we'll just get to spend time with one another while we discover each other in person. I communicate with my daughter daily and I'd visit my family 2 weeks before I flew to Shanghai - I miss them even if we communicate often. My daughter then to visit Germany during summer to see if she likes it there so she can move closer to me and continue her schooling in Germany. Honestly! I can only read German but can hardly speak - I wish to learn and if all goes well for us. You can be my GErman teacher! If you don't mind me saying that and if you wish to practice you English - I will be more than glad to be your teacher.

Karen will definitely learn German if she decides to move to Germany to continue her schooling. I'd a year exchange program in Pforzheim and after that I'd move back to the states to finish my degree... I love Costa Rica and I won't mind retiring there but then if I find love - such decision will be for me and my partner to decide. And you? What country will you love to retire to?

Also, I guess its time i tell you exactly what i do exactly, I am a Private Contractor and an Entrepreneur in the Engineering Sector. I used to work for a company that designs cooling systems for agricultural tractors, but after many years of doing the corporate thing, I decided to be my own boss and now I do a little of everything, mainly involved in the projects surrounding the conversions of gas stations into handling gas with more than 10% ethanol. , Something that interests me is good for the environment and of course with anyone paying attention to the price of gas now days, very lucrative as well.

The project I am currently handling here in China involves purchasing, repackaging and exportation of large industrial bio-fuel processors to agricultural cooperatives. The project involves bringing equipment to Germany that would be used to make the proper adaptations to the current technology, so gas stations can sell gas with more than 10% ethanol. Unfortunately, we have the resources, but due to political interests in the government and the domestic oil industry, there isn't a lot of work being done around this and as you can imagine the Agriculture Industry is very interested in the development of these stations, so their production of corn will increase and therefore, their profits.

To me, it's a win situation all around. We all win and the environment is protected as well. I am not one of those “green earthy” people, but if I can do my part and make money at the same time, why not?

Some local Farm stations would probably be one of the first to go with the new project, but of course i would love to target the sell of this to others like Shell, BP, Texaco and Mobil… Too much money to be made with ethanol and that would be money out of their pockets.

This is as much as I can put down now as I have to prepare a briefing for my meeting tomorrow. I'm a very busy man but I believe taking time out of my busy schedule to write and communicate with you is a step in the right direction.

Bye for now
PS : You can also read about me and what I do online:

Letter 10

Dearest Afra,

Thank you so much for your charming words which performed a happy smile upon my face :-) So far I'm feeling much better now - thanks for your concern cause it does says a lot about your personality. I can almost hear the cheerfulness of your personality in the words you wrote me and I think you must smile a lot. That is great and I love that, because I try to be that way as well. I'm a very positive person and try to remain that way, no matter the circumstances.

You got a gorgeous body and it does fit well in your swim suit. I'm sure you know this :) The weather here is really awful at this time of the year and I've been very busy and could not get to you. Thank you so much as well for all you shared. I appreciate it very much.......... I understand you don't understand much of my job in writing but definitely, I will be glad to tell you more about it in person. My days are always different. Sometimes a little boring, other times full of activities and excitement. I usually have meetings planned during the day, I meet with prospective vendors, research the setup they have here and see what I can do to either implement some of their best practices back home or look for ways we can modify them and apply them to our needs.

If I am not busy with work, I get my paperwork in order at the end of the day. I sometimes, lay by the pool in the hotel or just go out for a walk, but I don't get to do that very often since I am very busy with work

My birthday is April 30th and yours? Thanks for telling me more about your job and also sharing your latest project with me. I'll print it out and take my time to read it since I'll need my dictionary for some words.

I know from the way I rambled on in my email to you about my work and the way I have been so busy with my job lately, you might think it is where I invest almost all of my energy. Well, the truth is I like my job but I have a lot of other interests. I am quite contented with where I am today.

I like to go Skiing in the winter. Two places I usually go to are Rossland, in British Columbia and Winter Park, Colorado. But when I started working in Europe I started visiting some Ski resorts in Austria, like Kirchberg and Kitzbuhel. I like to read all kinds of books ranging from Non Fiction to Biographies, I also like super thrillers and Espionage stories. I've a whole lot of other things I do to catch some fun but it greatly depends on who I'm with and where we are. Sometimes I go to see a movie at the Cinema or maybe just listen to some good music. I'm thinking about going on a short vacation after I'm done with everything I'm doing down here.

I also enjoy taking cruises, shopping, hanging out at the park or museum. You can also catch me taking long walks at the beach but it's usually always lonely when you don't have someone to share that time with, someone to hold hands with & dig our feet into the sand, to listen to the waves crash on the shore. To feel the sun upon our faces. Someone willing to travel to new exotic places and appreciate the things we've got, even if it's not a lot. To feel the wind flow through our hair. To feel heaven as if we were there because that special someone is next to me and there's no other place I would rather be.

I will stop here for now as I have to sleep in other to get up early and have things accomplished as soon as possible so I can fly back home to Germany.

P:S - I can't download WhatsApp on my phone since my handy is a Nokia but I do have Skype which I use to communicate with my daughter and I feel chatting via Skype will get to bring us much closer as well.

Letter 11

My Dearest Afra,

Lovely pictures! Great smiles and I can see you're also flexible…. Which I do like :) I had a very busy day yesterday and the day before and that's why I did not write you for sometime. I've been able to get the parts I'm looking for...…. I would have to experiment on them before the final purchase is made and shipped back home. Once I'm able to arrive at the conclusive design of the Pump Adaptors, I would not have to come back to China in the future, all I would have to do is make orders and payments from wherever I am, since I already have the contacts I require. I'm planning on going for a short vacation after I'm done with everything I'm doing down here but honestly I don't see myself doing that without meeting you, spending time with you and also getting to know you face to face. Who knows! We might endue planning the short vacation together; it doesn't have to be out of Germany but even within Germany since I'm still willing to explore and discover more about Germany.

You're right! We're both fit and well kept for our age. I hope we get to remain sportive the rest of the years we got on earth because health is wealth. I'll be 59 in April and I'll be delighted to celebrate it with you since you're the woman who occupies my thought. I don't have any plan on mind or in health - maybe you come up with a plan? Yes, our zodiacs sign match perfectly and I strongly believe you've been the woman I have been search for years - do you believe in zodiac signs?

Thanks on the compliments about my job. The website was designed by a company in the states but it's yet to be updated since I have moved to Germany…. I'll do that when I'm back in Germany: Thanks for sharing your photographic works website with me. Lovely, portraits and emotions on the images and I must say you're really good with the camera and your vision is brilliant. I knew from the onset when you shared your first picture with me, that you were a photographer. Reason be is because the pictures are of good quality and above all the angle the picture was taken.

I tell you more about my personality - I trust in the Universal forces holding this world together and I am after his/her heart. I've had relationships, but nor my heart or my mind agree with each other to bring the relationship to marriage. I'm very romantic and love to cuddle and make the surroundings very inviting. I like chocolate with nuts, and white chocolate also. I love fruits, specially raspberries and blackberries, not that I have anything against regular strawberries, I love them too. I like coffee every day....Love seafood. Have you heard about ceviche ( it is raw shrimp or fish, that actually has been cook in lime juice with onions, Serrano peppers etc), is fantastic.

I am a camelion! I can be in jeans, or in a suit. I can be sitting down on the ground with children being silly and laughing, or having dinner with the president. I can be comfortable both ways. Which one would I enjoy the most? Depends my mood. I can go for a walk or to dance. I can stay in or go out for dinner. I can be a good conversationalist, say funny jokes, or just be silence enjoying each other company. I do not mind doing dirty or hard work. I will do what it takes to arise to the situation. I will continue being who I am, but I also invite new ideas, I have open mind to constructive criticism. I respect the child and the elder. I love antiques, and open spaces. I love flowers and animals. I love to discover beauty on things and people. I do not mind to make a fool of myself if I can put smile on people faces. I am though and I am a man of character.

I've been very single for a long time but didn't really take note until my Daughter constantly spoke about it. She is practically my only true friend. I have always tried to be there for her just like her mother would if she was alive.

I have reached a level of understanding in which the qualities that attract me to a woman usually have nothing to do with her appearance. I'm not the kind of man who wants a woman for just sex or her body. True love and Compassion cannot be based on physical attraction(or lust) alone. This is one of the important reasons why I don't date often. I have gone out on a couple of dates ever since I lost my wife, but nothing that was really serious came out of it. I guess the connection just wasn't there.

I don't have a problem with age, younger or older than me. I feel as long as we have a connection and the person is mature enough to understand that Mental Happiness is far more important than physical happiness, major physical differences do not matter so much. Making the world a better place is an Enormous task that cannot be accomplished by any individual or group alone. It can only be accomplished by the cooperation of all human beings.

I can understand it being very hard for you to adjust when you arrive back at Germany because of so many things, I do feel it will take days or maybe weeks before your body and your mindset get to adjust back to the German lifestyle. It's nice to know you think about me, us and our meeting because I do feel the same way too. I feel it will best we plan a day for our date: I can come over to your town or you come to mine - it all depends on you. I'll let you choose since you're the lady! I remain positive and hope for the best when we meet - If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls. Then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one.

Now let me ask you some important questions. I would want you to tell me a trait you have noticed in couples that have maintained a successful relationship for many years(except from love)? Describe an interest you have that you would truly hope your partner could share with you.

My trip down here is supposed to come to an end in approximately 2 weeks time. Since I became my own boss, this has been my first self sponsored International business trip. In the future work related traveling would be a rear occurrence for me. I am telling you so you don't think I'm some globe-trotter who is not ready to settle down yet. I must confess after reading your email I was impressed once again. I have a feeling I would be even more impressed when I get to meet you in person.

I have attached some pictures for you as well. Did you try downloading the Skype or you wish to do that when you're back in Germany?

Thinking about you now

Letter 12

My Dearest Afra,

Thanks for sharing such a lovely tune with me. Its so romantic and hopefully someday we'll get to dance to it together :) I've never heard of Punjabi music until now that you shared it with me. I love it!

How are you today? I am glad to know I'd make your day and your exam went well too.

Also, thanks for the compliment on my pictures. Its good to know you're attracted to me physically because I do find you attractive too in all pictures you've shared me with. Not just attractive, but a woman with endowed body and also an attractive mindset. The picture on the plane was taken when I flew to Atlanta the last time and the other picture was taken at the rural area here in Shanghai. Too bad I don't have a pictures of my mother and Karen on my notebook but physical copies - I'll be glad to share it with you when we meet.

Lovely picture of you and Marco - I can see he got the smile of his mother. How old his he now?

I do love japanese, vietnamese and some chinese dishes. Yes, I do know how to cook and honestly i do miss home made food because I'm so tired of hotel or restaurants food.

I shall now try to answer you. I actually take as a chance the fact that we haven't met physically, to get to know each other thoroughly through concepts and words - even though they are just words - and tell each other how we see, think or feel life whether alone or couple-wise. I have been thinking about you so much after reading your email. All you said about the way love should be is really not contradictory to me. I would be lying if I say I do not feel attracted to the person who writes me these emails. For the last 2 weeks I have felt very comfortable talking about my desires and wants with you... It gives a clue for all the rest… I explain myself : if the eyes of the heart can tell you what is right and essential, many questions about love become superfluous. It seems a bit contradictory to the essence of love to woo love as such and then project it on a person supposed to be the mould for it leading to the inevitable answer : able or not able. I rather see it the other way round. But I admit this is part of the inter-net bet. The verb to love for me, can't be put in the imperative form because the act of love is mostly created by the attractiveness of the object. It cannot be subject to conditions. It is absolutely free : sets you free enabling you to become more yourself and gives the other one the space and freedom to grow at his/her pace.

What I mean by a short vacation is a 5 - 7 days vacation and no, I don't know the date yet but I'll definitely know once I arrive in Germany. Then, I will get to share it with you so you can plan and check you schedule to see if you're free. But, I do understand if your unable to go since you got a lot of things to be done when you arrive back in Germany and more over you wanting to spend time with you family since you've been gone for over 4 weeks.

I would love to relax and stay active within nature during the vacation.... Being active like (Walking / cycling / hiking! ) I haven't visited much of Germany or Baden-Wurttemberg - I have only visited Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart City center, Kunstmuseum and Wilhelma zoo, Black Forest and Tubingen. I don't mind visiting the same place I'd visit before because It will be much interesting compared to when I'd visit alone...…. I'll be more than glad to surprise you with my thought and plan on how we should meet once I return. Thanks for sharing your busy days with me! Hope you do love surprises though?

To me, all what you require from a man, in love, is perfectly logical and is de facto the direct consequence of it. I could even say the negative form of what you are asking for is sign of NO love. So, what is clear, at this stage of our communication is that we attribute the same value to the same things. For me, people who truly love each other are married in their hearts and Marriage puts in both the inside and the outside. It is an alchemy made possible by the bliss (grace) of love, in the mutual gift of life. Kindness is ok and I appreciate but it is so far from love that better forget it. For the rest, I prefer to be alone to be half accompanied by tepidity.

When I'd say I was impress by your previous email: I simply said that because we both are feeling the same way towards each other without meeting, also because we're both open in our communication and lastly knowing how flexible you are :) I also appreciate that you see me as someone you can talk to. I know what it means to have someone to talk to, someone with whom you can share your thoughts and desires.

I usually take my time to know the person on the inside rather than judge by appearances, present status or peoples opinions. One trait I have noticed in couples who have maintained a steady caring relationship for a long time is the ability for them to not always put things on a Gold scale. Both partners are willing to trust and compromise for the other. An interest I would like for my partner to share with me is my vision for making the earth a better place for the human race. It doesn't mean we have to setup charity organizations or go to Africa to feed hungry children. It just means being willing to do our own little bit, it could even mean impacting a better perspective of our values or just supporting a project within your vicinity that ensures sustainability.

I enjoy reading everything you have told me about you.

Still thinking about you, I am looking forward to seeing you indeed.

Letter 13

My Dearest Afra

I'm glad to know you're happy to be back home and your family, friends and love ones are happy about it. I'm sure you'll get your luggages before next week runs out.

Thanks so much for the lovely cards and words you'd share. I've just got to my hotel room after having dinner and a few beers with some Chinese experts and also I have just read your email again. I'll love to take my time to reply you as always but before going to bed Afra: I'm wishing you sweet dreams tonight. Dreams that are full of warmth and romance, dreams in which you have nothing to lose when you take a chance. Fly to the stars. Kiss the shivering moon. Listen to the angels' harps, and dance to heaven's tune. And while you dream, don't be afraid to pretend, that your happiness will never end. For come dawn's light, when from your dreams you must go, the joy and inspiration you found upon the stars will remain a glow.

Have a great night

Letter 14

My Dearest Afra,

How does it feel being back home?

Thank you for the pictures, the photo tableau and the words of Heinrich Heine. It really touched me since it's coming from YOU.

I know your experience in India will be an everlasting experience which will reflex in your mind forever. I'm glad you'd get your certificate as well.

I have read most of your emails today since It's a relaxing day for me and I have to say that my eagerness to meet face to face, with all yours and mine senses activated is increasing to a very high level – the more we communicate and reveal our thoughts and stories to each other – or to put it as Vicky Robin “the love that came from removing the barriers to each other”, the more I feel connected to you!

I can't tell you no, no, no, how happy I am of your happiness. I can't tell you what I feel now as it is so much too much for me. But what I know reading you is that you are just now the great reality in my life. I know you have a mouth to smile, hands to write the words you tell, you wear shoes and sleep in a bed, you are not a dream!!!!

Before, floating on your words, I could feel a vivid air. Now I can feel your breath.

Although we are both tough individuals with a strong character, I don't know how and through what sort of magic spell, we are melted in the same mould and it is- as if most innate, natural- that we understand each other so well.

With you, I am really myself and even more. You are doing to me what the sun is doing to the vineyards, at this time of the year.

I understand now why we both look younger than our age. When the agents of Age came to grave on our door the inexorable imprints of Time,they said "No, Not yet. They haven't met yet" !!! For so long I have been waiting for you, no wonder why I was right away longing for you.

I printed one of your photos and I glance into your eyes when I work as if asking your approval. And as you seem to agree, I feel I am doing better and better. Thank you Afra, to be with me as you are.

My feelings for you grow more and more every day, as well as my feelings for you grows deeper and more everlasting with every passing minute.

My goods are still being experimented on since they are in large quantity: Hopefully, they will be done with their experimental stage on Tuesday, then I can proceed with the shipment. Have you tried downloading Skype? Since I'm at the last stage of my project, I'm quite from so it will be best if we could chat from time to time until we are in each other arms?

Also, I'm curious to hear your voice. Do you mind if I ask for your handy number?

Have a wonderful Sunday

Letter 15

Dearest Afra,

I do understand all you mean and I respect your thought on us not talking over the phone or via Skype but us finally talking face to face - eyes to eyes. And yes, its ok for us to stay in contact via email - It doesn't bother me.

It will be such a wonderful feeling and I sense it will be hard for us to keep our hands to ourselves. I love your spontaneous idea and yes, I'll be back in Stuttgart before Easter: I won't mind speeding my Easter with you since I got no one to celebrate it with and above all it will be nice to celebrate such with the woman who makes my heart beat.

My goods has pass the experimental stage today. Also, today I have planned a meeting with 5 international shipping companies for tomorrow - The meeting tomorrow is to discuss my goods with the 5 international companies and then get to collect their proposals while I get to take a day to go through it before I decide on the company that will have the goods shipped. But I will finalizing the project with the shipping company I get to decide on before the Saturday runs out and then I can fly to Germany early next week.

Thanks for sharing the song with me but I was unable to open or play it. I love and listen to all kind of music - it all depends on my mood at that particular time. At the moment, I am listening to - Micheal Bolton '' Missing you '' --- ' and I will love to delicate to you since you're the woman in my thought and also the woman who makes my emotion rise.

The weather in Shanghai is OK for now and yes, I have visited some places other than just working. China is a very nice country other than the air pollution and the condensed population.

Sorry I lost connection earlier: I decided to write you an email expressing more of my feelings - thanks for everything you said earlier I want you to know I've always felt so lucky you decided to share your life with me, and there's nothing, just nothing, I wouldn't do to make you happy. I just want you to want me. Just like I want you.

I just want you to know that for every ounce of what you give to me, I will give it back to you a thousand times more.

I adore you and no one could ever compete with the beauty I see when I imagine you stand before me. I would never do anything to hurt you, like you said if this is meant to be we will only build our life together.

If only I could have come up with the right words to describe the depth of feeling that I have for you, I would have uttered them to you a thousand times.

I long for your soft, warm, and loving touch not only at sunrise each day but at sunset and at night as well. I think and dream about you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a woman like you, I look forward to nightfall and wish that night would come sooner so we could be together in dreamland.

I know very soon, will be together in person and i will show you all that is in my heart that I can only vaguely describe to you. You captured my heart fully this time and I'm glad it was you that did it and that is just the beginning of the journey that we'll take. The words of this letter cannot fully describe what and how I feel about you but they are the words and the small voice of my heart. You are one of a kind woman, I want you to know that. I cannot wait to finally have you in my strong arms and declare you safe from the world's harm. I cannot wait to feel your soft lips against mine. I cannot wait to feel your heartbeat. I cannot wait to look into your bright, beautiful eyes and tell you what i feel for you. I also cannot wait to run my fingers through your long, flowing hair to ease your worries.

Lastly, I cannot wait to actually wake up the next morning with you lying next to me. As I said earlier, this letter is only a small voice from my heart of what I feel about you and a sample of what is to come. I have to go now. I want you to know that I will always cherish you for the rest of my natural life. Never forget this letter. I cherish you, I cherished you, I cherish you now, and I hope I never stop doing.

You're all I am dreaming of and you know you have become the best thing in my life for now and hope it will remain that way.

Missing you

Letter 16

Dearest Afra,

Thanks for the wishes; It does mean a lot to me coming from YOU.

Also, thank you for your kind words, also sharing more of your thoughts with me and lastly sharing more songs with me. As I listen to John Denver - I close my eyes and I imagine us dancing to the John Denver or being wrapped in each other arms as we listen to each other hearts beat. The image I got in mind now is so lovely! But at the moment I'm listening to '' -- Gotthard – One Life One Soul'' and as I listen to it... my emotions are sky high wishing you were beside me now.

My meeting with the shipping company went well and also, I have decided on the shipping company I will use to have my goods shipped to Europe. I'll be finalizing my project with the shipping company today, and also today - I will get to know what date and time I will be flying into your arms. I can understand you still having jet lag and also you having a lot of work to do since everything piled up during your absent.

How was your night and how'd you sleep? I sleep naked most time.

I like the fact that we're both open to expressing our feelings and thoughts with one another. You're just the perfect woman for me! No wonder it took us years to find each other but then its all worth it. I can't wait to have you close to me so you can feel how my heart beats for you and also for me to feel your soft skin against mine.

I can almost feel you beside me as I write this letter because the dream still revolves on my mind. Last night, in my dream, I saw you on the pier. The wind was blowing, and your eyes were bright even if they're dark. I was speechless as I watched you leaning against the rail. You are beautiful, I thought as I saw you, a vision that I could never find in anyone else. I slowly began to walk toward you, and when you finally turned to me, I noticed that others had been watching you as well. "Do you know her?" they asked me in jealous whispers, and as you smiled at me I simply answered with the truth, "Better than I know myself."

I stopped when I reached you and I took you in my arms. I long for this moment more than any other. It is what I live for, and when you return my embrace, I give myself over to this moment, at peace once again. I raise my hand and gently touch your cheek and you tilt your head and close your eyes. My hands are hard and your skin is soft, and I wonder for a moment if you'll pull back, but of course, you don't. I know that this the moment I have been waiting for, and I pray that the moment never ends.

I will start my day now but then I send you a kiss. Feel free to receive anywhere YOU want.


Letter 17

Good Morning Dearest Afra,

Thank you for the music. Honestly, my final meeting didn't go del and that's why I'm very sad.

I don't want you to be sad or worried - so its best I keep it to myself.

Have a great day dearest.

Letter 18

Dearest Afra,

Thank you so much for your concern about my worries. I'm glad you want to share my worries with me. After reading your last email again - I chose to share my problem with you because I don't wish to have a secret with you and also, I feel good things and also the bad things should be shared in a relationship.

I had a meeting with the shipping company I chose to have my goods ship to Europe today and it didn't go well. The problem I'm currently facing here - I was made to understand all it takes to able to ship all the pumps was totally different from what I planned for before embarking on this project. I was made to understand that I have to pay 13% of the total cost of the goods which I only made a plan of 6% for. I was also made to understand that the shipping charges for delicate goods such as the pumps I am shipping is quiet different from the normal shipping charges.

This project I am currently working on is partly sponsored by my clients based on some contract agreements. I was able to package 150 pumps and adaptors all together which are all working properly to specification by my client. My problem is that all my capital is now invested in this and since I work as an independent contractor, I will not get another advance on the project until at least 75% of my part is fulfilled and the 75% included shipping the goods down to Europe. The total cost for shipping and custom duties I need to pay all amount to 191,000euros. Right about now I was able to raise 41,000euros from my credit card and I also had a total 60,000euros which I was intending to use for the shipping. Now I am facing a problem of 90,000euros.

I'd share my problem with my clients after the meeting asking for assistance but they refuse to render any assistance because I need to cover 75% of the project which also involves having the goods ship to Europe and also their wish is that I don't beat the deadline. So they can have all the profit to themselves.

I should be on my way to Germany already but I can't fly out without having my goods shipped. I had already told my Mother about this and she has applied for a loan on my behalf - I hope to hear from her tomorrow. i cross my fingers and try to remain positive even if its hard because my deadline is fast approaching.
Now, you know why I am sad and worried. I need to finalize the project by having my goods ship so I can beat the deadline. I'm so worried and I need a shoulder to lean on