Romance scam letter(s) from David Richard to Linda (USA)
Letter 1

It’s surprising to know someone like you is still in this lonely world.You sound so well in your profile,and I understand the fact that we have a lot of things in common.
I’m an honest out spoken man, and I like expressing myself,I like the excitement, the peacefulness, and value every moment in daily life. I am healthy, financially sufficient, well- educated, outgoing and open. I am curious, have a lot of interests and hobbies and would like to learn new things. I enjoy outdoor sports, activities and travel; I also appreciate staying at home to read, paint, listen to music and stories, watch movies, cook, entertain friends.I love animals, children and nature. I talk openly and honestly about my thoughts, feelings and desires, and am honest. I have a son, his name is Michael, will tell you more about him later.I prefer someone who knows what she wants, even if the sparks fly right away. Affection, touch and passion are very important to me, but so is mutual caring and gaining insight into another person’s mind and heart. I also like looking at the deeper meaning of life and having those kinds of conversations with others.I want you to know that I want a woman I can grow old with and love like I have never loved before. Although, I realize it takes time to really get to know a person, I’m interested in someone who wants to explore and develop a monogamous, trusting and exciting relationship.I’ve done the inner work & hope you have to understand that I don’t find the right person, but more, I become the right person by being the highest and best person I can be, I see that like will attract like. I also feel that we sometimes attract what we need to learn from others.
If this feels right and resonates with you I’d love to hear your thought I’m new to this online dating scene, please be gentle with me.
Letter 2

Thank you so much for telling me more about yourself .I feel blessed to see your notes in my e-mail,it means we both are comfortable in communication.I believe in the passion and my desire for my dream woman and i know i will be totally devoted to herald will be there for the family. i am the only child of my family and my only friends is my Grandma and my son due to my past experience with friends.But i am willing to love now so i can have a friend,lover,wife and mother.I am self employed and i do all i can to be a good boss.
I do have an accent, not bad because i was born in Sweden but you will have to listen to it ok..Smile.Michael is a wonderful child;he helped me when I was depressed.I could not cope anymore, because of the heartbreak caused by my ex-wife Susan.If not for my son I would have been stuck in my lonely world.We were left alone when he was 6 years old and never will I forgive her for such a heartless act of leaving him alone to me and my family.
I have chosen to take absolute him,because I’m always busy with My Job traveling and never used to have much time for them which made Susan,my ex fall for my best friend who was always there while I was away and got her pregnant.They both ran away to the Bahamas and left Michael alone at home a young innocent boy, then but I thank God, now he is growing to be a man and he will someday because I thought him to be independent and strong also wherever he is he should always learn to survive because I have almost the same story as I was orphaned when I was 10 years old.You see we all have our past but that makes us strong and we just have to face the future and be strong.
Life is full of surprises.
I have been to lots of places.I live with my son part-time and now this is the final lap for me to stop moving around and to start a real life again with my real woman and family, because I am not growing younger but older and the loneliness in my heart still makes me feel this way sometimes.I need someone who would be a wonderful wife to me.Someone who will wrap this my bruised heart in her loving and tender arms.Someone who will keep me satisfied,and always wanting more.Though sex is not everything,it’s an important part of a relationship.
I need someone that I can caress slowly and gently,someone I can make sweet love too, and never want to look back.
I am a very romantic person, both in the bedroom and out of the bedroom.I love writing those little notes saying I love you,I adore you, steal those little glances at you,hold hands and do everything that lovers do.This are few of my likes and dislikes..
smell of vanilla,smell of cinnamon,smell of popcorn (but don’t really like the taste),tulips,roses,the color combination of pink and yellow,comedies,period dramas,love stories,driving in cold weather with the window down and the heater on my feet,singing to the radio in the car nice hot showers,making love,kissing,steak,cheese,diet coke,beer,Wine and Champagne,cool sunny days (like today is!),fire in the fireplace,going to the movies,playing jokes,soccer,watching my son play soccer,sleeping late,getting under the covers when it’s very cold,walking with my iPod,Animals,the sound of a baby cooing,the sound of rain on the roof at bedtime,seeing a baby put his foot in his mouth,people watching at the mall,a good cheeseburger!,traveling,laughing,tomatoes,baked potatoes and ton more...
snobbery,rudeness,inconsiderate people,cleaning house (though sometimes i actually enjoy it),grocery shopping, folding laundry,roaches, poorly scripted movies,incredibly gorey or violent movies,liver,having a cold/flu,road rage,headaches,stains on the carpet,getting overcharged(i.e., when the company messes up my bill and I have to call them and deal with them!!)liars,unfaithful people,cheat and lazy people..
Well,let me stop here for now.I long to hear from you again..I know meeting you is a blessing from God and i hope things work out well for us.Amen.
With Warmth
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