Romance scam letter(s) from Brian Josh to Lovee (Philippines)
Letter 1

To my loved one on her day:
Over you may sunshine reign!
May the west wind weary wane,
Yielding to your right-of-way!
Let me let you see your smile
On all the mirrors of your face
Vying for the favored place,
Each singing praises all the while!
Dearest one, for whom I long,
On whose sweet love I so depend,
Now bear the burden I would send:
Each word of wonder in my song!

Letter 2

i feel terible sending you this mail,becouse i got the shoking news of my life this afternon the joy i have,(sarah) had an accedent today i got a call this afternoon after i got back from church ,that sarah fell from the stairs as she was about going to church.I was told it was pretty serious,she broke her ankle and smashed her head to the ground which cause damage to her head..Right now sarah is till unconcious at the hospital,The doctor called me and told me that she needs an urgent sugery which will assist her to heal the bruzes on her head.corrently am confused i dont know exactly what to do please i need your help becous my hands are tied at the office.
presently my boss is out of town and i am next online as the operasion supervisor to our project it will be difficult for me to travel now.honey please i dont know what to do,i dont want my girl to die.
you are the only one i can talk to,both of you are all that i have please i dont know what to do help me out waiting to hear from you.
.................YOURS SINCERELY......................BRYAN
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