Scam Email(s) from Kevin Howard to Carol (USA)


Letter 1

Dear Carol,

Good evening in hope your having a successful Saturday! Thanks for contacting me back accepting my hands of friendship. I appreciate the fact you find me worthy to communicate with and I look forward to all of which we shall be sharing together going forward. I know you will find me interesting to be with when this relationship develops as I am convinced we are seeking the same thing in life. I am calm and good nurtured, outgoing, hardworking, responsible and caring gentleman. I also love working the garden and nurturing the flowers to blossom. I am an outdoor type who enjoys long walks especially when holding hands and giggling along. I dream of having a lady who shares these qualities, someone who is understanding and caring. Someone who I can share the rest of my life together in joy and happiness. Something in me tells me this is the moment as I did find you attractive before I contacted you on and so it is on us to work hard towards ensuring we have a perfect love relationship.

I am down to earth, affectionate, outgoing, active, energetic, positive, generous man with a healthy sense of humor who is rediscovering all that life has to offer. I am a fun loving, humble man with the believe that a woman should be treated like a lady and that it is always ladies first. I am a dedicated Fund Manager that loves my work the way I love to enjoy life. I am fun to be with and can be very romantic. I am positive on everything that life brings me.
I believe that I am where I am at this point in my life for a good reason. I am an honest and caring person who is very loyal to those I care about. I've traveled extensively in the course of doing my work.
I am financially stable having worked very hard all my life. I consider myself to be a gentleman with good values. I am equally comfortable in a suit and tie as well as a pair of jeans or casuals. I am neat and clean in my living and my appearance. I enjoy nice things.
I have 2 children, one boy and one girl. My daughter Amy is married and lives in Canada with her husband, my son Keith is based in Okinawa Japan studying and doing military service and hope to be a medical doctor in the US Navy. I have 2 adorable grand kids from my daughter Amy. I am still working though semi retired as I'm due for retirement April 2017 and now looking for a lovely lady to spend the rest of my time with.

I am happy to have come across you - an unusual place to meet though - . I'm sure we might want to take this relationship slow and steady, living one day at a time , but at the same time being positive and consistent. I hope you will not see me as moving fast as we have only got to know each other today. I was so excited when I saw your short note as I really need a lady that is passionate and humorous to fill the void in me and share in my joking attitude. People say that I play with everything except my work. But what they did not know is that I can play with my work but not with my relationship or someone that I love, this is what I know that I can't play with. This is why I prefer people that will appreciate my humorous attitude. I am fun to be with and believe in the saying, ‘the older the wine, the better” so I don't believe in age being a hindrance in a love relationship or expression of our innermost thoughts.

I like seeing soccer, movies and listening to music. I like going to the beach and climbing mountains. Though I have only climbed only few times nonetheless I still look forward to more adventures. I'm currently attached to Kames Investment Plc as a Senior Consultant Fund Manager, but would want to be self employed in near future running my own Investment Consultancy here in Charlotte, North Carolin. I am a trained educationist and learn the Fund Management trade under Robert Kiyosaki. I worked with him for seven years speaking on investing, fund management and teaching on how to benefit from the content of his three major books, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Rich Dad's Cash flow Quadrant, and Rich Dad's Guide to Investing. It was while on a tour with him to Aberdeen Scotland that I was made an offer by the management of Kames Investment Plc. I worked with them for 12 years living across Europe before I returned back to USA in 2016 to head the United States office working as a Consultant Fund Manager.

I really can't wait to be happy again and forever. I have been single for some time and I miss having someone to share the great things and just the everyday. There is much more to share with the right lady.
Are you the one? It has been a very long while since I tasted genuine relationship and love. I pray that this comes out well as I am ready to give my all for this relationship. I can create all the time in the world to make it work as my job is now not too demanding. You will never regret meeting me, my late wife never did, so you will not. I promise!!!. Please let me know if you like me to send you more picture of myself. If there's any other other thing you'd like to know about me, please don't hesitate to ask and I will gladly reveal anything to you.

Keep Smiling and write me back when you can.



Letter 2

Dear Carlo,

I greet you this beautiful Tuesday morning. Thank you so much for writing back to me. I hope your having a sweet and refreshing night sleep. I am most encouraged by your response and it feels good to know we are connecting positively. First steps/impressions comes to mind in matters of the heart. It is wonderful to know we are on the same page in terms of what we are actually looking for which is companionship to share the rest of our days. We only need to believe and work hard towards the goal and all rest things will begin to gradually fall in place. It is my nature to be open and express feelings the exact way I feel them and hope they are not misinterpreted. Men with no hidden skeleton in their closet tend to say all about them without being asked. I have nothing to hide in life, no criminal record. I am just a simple man who have been hugely blessed, live a good and stable life with a good work and other good things of life. All I need is a woman to to share fun, love and happiness and be best of friend and perhaps more....I have not been successful in meeting any one on match, but now I think I have found the right woman in you.

I admit I might be old fashioned as I might have lost touch with the ethics of starting a new relationship, Lol. This is because I have not been in any form of relationship for the past ten years so perhaps, you will understand what I mean by being old fashioned. I am very much open to all possibilities and would be the happiest man on earth to love and be loved again. I actually took the Kames Investment Funds Management Portfolio job the second time after my wife died mainly out of loneliness and boredom. I thought it was over for me in life but upon Mom and my daughter insistence, I felt that I should give life another try after my daughter introduced and actually registered me on the site. Today I am happy that I did because it has given me the opportunity to meet you and interact with you. I said to myself the moment I got your response that I do not need the site any more for I have found what I seek. I took down my match profile because I don't live a confused life. I know what I seek in life and I know nothing good comes easy, I am ready to work very hard to ensure you'll like me and hopefully banish the voids in our lives. We might not have all the time in the world, but I am not in any rush as I will naturally allow the feelings to flow. It feels good we are knowing each other now and if it happens that I have finally found you to grow old with, my happiness will know no bound!.

I think at this stage I should share more about me so you'll get to know me better. One of the things that make me feel so happy and relaxed is to visit the beach. I love to watch the sun set and play many games at the beach side. My favorite place is practically any where the water is. I love to Para-sail and enjoy various activities on the beach. Do you know that water can speak to a soul? I will interpret it for you when we go to the beach together. I was born in Lille, France but moved back to the US with my parents at the aged 6.
My family have always lived in Pensacola, FL until my Mom moved back to Valencia Spain after we lost dad and my wife. I moved out of Pensacola and got my present job offer and left for Europe because FL was lonely for me and the memories it bring to me of my family and my loved but lost ones. Anyway, let me not bore you with things that I don't wish to remember. I have been widowed for 11 years.

I left United State at the age of 16 to attend school in the Netherlands. I lived in Europe for 23 years before relocating to Robert Gordon University Aberdeen Scotland where I had my Masters. My long stay oversea make people to say I have a rather heavy accent and oh yes I do have an accent, but be it Dutch, Italian, French or Irish, all I know is that I communicates in English fluently. I am 64 years old, 5'11 tall. I have lived between Paris France and Antwerp Belgium for 12 years working around Europe before returning back to USA in 2016. I think I have come to love the beautiful life here in Charlotte, North Carolina and I do intend to fully settle down here when I eventually retire in a couple of months. I feel and breathe young both physically and mentally. I understand we both may have had some good and worst experiences in our previous relationship but we should try to let the past go and focus on the future because there is hope only in the future. Like I always say, Life isn't as complicated as some people make it. I don't like to dramatize situations. I'm a bit of a clown, playful and appreciate people that are sincere. I don't like games or lies and will not appreciate that from my partner.
When I eventually retire in a couple of month, I plan to actually keep busy here in NC setting up a small consultation business advising retirees on Investment plans which are able to bring about a balanced plan in retirement.

I woke up this early to let you know that I will be traveling to Manhattan, New York today (Wednesday) afternoon. I will leave by 2:45 pm as I am booked on an important meeting with one of my company's major Investors meeting Thursday morning, followed by other rounds of meeting with some other directors from Kames Investment International Plc on Friday and Saturday. I work proactively with Kames Investment International clients and their professional advisors on big project financing and cost engineering planning, income tax, concentrated stock, and charitable gift giving strategies. Other areas of my work include cash flow planning, risk management, and retirement planning.

It looks like one of those busy days from tomorrow, but I will be traveling with my laptop so will always be in touch with you and have time to respond to any message from you. I will only be spending just few days in New York and I believe that frequent communication will help us know little about each other before we meet when I return back to home over the weekend. I will be grateful if you can send me your phone number so I can call you soon to hear your voice. I anxiously look forward to that day we will sit face to face in a nice restaurant with dim lights and filtered Soul/Jazz reminding us how sweet and satisfying life is when you find a special friend. I sure do know of some nice places we can hang out, but I'll keep smiling! I will stop here and now your turn to blow my mind away..

Cheers and lots of hugs..


Letter 3

Dear Carol,

Good A.M in hope you are well today. Thank you for your lovely emails. I enjoyed reading them with my coffee in hand. We are doing pretty well down here in Manhattan and today we are faced with one of the great and monumental business negotiations and investments transaction. The investor finally arrived and today starting from 10am, we shall hold our final big decision making meeting with the proposed investor and the outcome promises to be very huge and kind of a landmark for my firm and a great honor to the negotiating team which I'm leading on my last major assignment for my firm. I can't be more happier knowing I'm facing the big day with a clear mind after a good night sleep with sweet dreams about us. And boy am I excited? YES!

Over the past few days, it's been wonderful, I never expected to feel this way nor actually be in communication with you on this level, experiencing and sharing real joy and happiness with you even though we are yet to meet each other. You are so wonderful to me as communicating with you make me real happy even though we are apart. I was thinking so much about you last night, when am I going to meet you and see your beautiful face? I am already getting butterflies in my stomach just at the thought of seeing you for the first time. You make everything fall in place and I can't imagine spending time with someone else or having these feelings for anyone else. I'm anxious to see you soon. Time is ticking, and it's going by really slow.

You perfectly fit what I dream of when I decided to go into relationship again, someone with a bit of warmth, honest, affectionate, with a charming personality. I never thought I would find you, but here you are. Thank you so much for the moments we have shared together through email, I have no doubt we shall make a good match for you have made all of my dreams come true. I could not ask for more. I will be the luckiest man in the world to be your partner, friend and companion in the near future. I will be truly honored if our friendship could lead to something deeper and more meaningful. Our meeting will put the icing on the cake. I can't wait for this to happen.

Today is the day that I have been waiting for! the day I have been working for and will be a very big day for me and Kames Investment Plc. We are hoping to conclude and of-course clinch this huge deal that brought us down here today. If everything goes smoothly and on point, we shall then agree on a final date for signing of the contract with the KIP. I will need all the luck in this world today and hope the right words and calculation to come to heart today. I simply need to be at my best. I don't want to be under pressure doing what I do best but the company puts so much faith in me that they are 100% sure that I will succeed which puts me in a tight corner because they don't expect me fail. Like I have always done in the past, I will tap their faith and leave the pressure. I may be their best Portfolio Investment Manager but am only human and sometime you need luck to get there. I will need your prayers today and I hope that you will bring me the luck I need to excel because meeting you was divine.

Please pray for my success. It's the day I have been working for over the past two years. I will give you details of it when we meet face to face. It's my big day and I am grabbing it. I promise you there will be no dull moments with me by your side.

Do enjoy a truly satisfying and fun filled weekend and be safe.

Kisses and Hugs,