Romance scam letter(s) from Rudolf Alonzo to Daniella (Australia)
Letter 1

Dear, I just saw your profile I wanted to send you a smile and say hello! If you would like to know more about me, please take a look at my profile or just click on Reply to Email.

My ID Code is: C03218972
Letter 2

Dear,Sorry for the late reply i will write you now
Letter 3


My full name is Dr. Alonzo Rudolph, a German -American working in Iraq as an orthopedic physician, I am divorce with no partner presently, I contacted you on the site because I am truly attracted to you and you also no that my work place does not give me the oppotunity to meet new friends for relationship. I would love to travel to other part of the world and use the opportunity to exploit new things and learn new ways of life; I need a relationship based on understanding and trust and I am happy you left your private email because I don't go to site due to strict monitor but I really would like to mail you daily so I could get to know you.

My contract here in Iraq is almost finished and I am willing to visit you as I am leaving here but first we have to know ourselves and then see if we have a common interest. Meanwhile, I need you to respond to the below questions, to enable us get to understand more of each other. I know I have known some of the answer before but relationship needs double assurance, so I am sorry for the disturbance. Here are the questions to help us.

What is your full name?
What you true age?
Have you ever being married before?
Do you have any kid?
Where are you, actually from?
What is your profession?
Do you smoke?
Do you take/drink Alcohol?
Have you traveled out of your country before, if so where?
Have you had any online relationship before?
If you dated someone online before me, why did you stop?

Please answer all my question sincerely because I am coming over to meet you in real life and in a short space of time, just to make sure that both of us are honest with each other and please send your pictures.

Always.......... Dr. Alonzo
Letter 4


I appreciate your friendly gesture by replying my email and giving me the opportunity to know you and at the same time express myself to you and to get to know you more, my search for a life partner is real, I contacted you on the web because you have the physical characteristics of my kind of woman, however I believe we have to know more about each other first..........

It has not being easy finding a sincere lady to love, after my divorce, especially with hurt in my mind and my work in Iraq, which kept me far away from town, hence this has greatly contributed to my being single and has really affected my social life, therefore to be able to meet single lady to marry.I am actually looking for a responsible woman not just any woman on the site, I allowed my instinct to choose first, after which I will get to know you well, and see if you are the real one for me.

I want you to understand that, I am very serious about finding a life partner, so that I could leave here immediately and build my own family, once I am convinced........Please do make sure you are ready for serious relationship before responding back again, so that none of us would be wasting the others time and I promise to give you full details about myself once you give me your word that you are ready for a serious relationship. Meanwhile I sent a picture of me before and I will send another now.
Always........... Dr. Alonzo
Letter 5


Practically it is right to introduce one’s self when a relationship is in process of being established therefore I will make it as simple as I could. My real name is Dr. Alonzo Rudolf. I was actually born in Germany but later naturalized to become an American. I got my first degree in sciences and pedagogy but later went ahead to study medicine, however before then, I to work as a teacher in secondary levels and university levels before I became an orthopedic doctor and presently working on a free-lancer research contract with the UN.

Meanwhile the attached pictures are my pictures showing different times in my life. First is the picture of my sendoff party as a class teacher and second was sendoff picture as lecturer and the third is my induction picture as a doctor, while the last single picture is me now and I hope you like them. I took up this job here because I need a low key life to help me forget all the bad memories of my failed marriage.

I had very less family ties because my both parents are no more and I was their only Child. My ex-wife is settled and living with my son. So I need to get married and live my life. I like you because you seem calm and responsible, maybe I am right or wrong all depends on you to clear me... However my dear it will be nice to be part of your life someday because you seem to be the lady I have being waiting for, but I pray that our destiny matches, so we can be together and husband and wife if you wish the same.

I was so happy when I saw what you wrote about being serious, it made me so happy, I also promise that I will never let you down and I will come to your country once I am done signing of my contract document and settling my banking problem, I already begin to wish to be with you now. I am in agreement with you concerning the serious relationship therefore I will keep hoping that I will be the lucky one that finally end up with you.

Always Dr. Alonzo
Letter 6


There are many things in life that people wish for, thinking that it is the basis for happiness, for example: Great jobs, good Education, luxury cars, big houses, so on and so forth, however in my years of seeking for happiness, I discovered that all that, does not bring happiness but can only enhance happiness, the real happiness is falling in love, it has a way of making a man feel refreshed and being able take the most difficult decision in just a simple flash.......

My dear, I no longer desire or seek for wealth, all I want in my life is a partner like you and your love is enough for me. I have been through storms in Iraq but I know that with you by my side tomorrow and in future, I am back into light again, and I trust that I am making the best choice. Please do not disappoint me because I want to put all my hope in you.

Meanwhile I have Facebook but have not used it since I came to camp to work because we are not allowed on social media and since I wanted to stay off the public it actually suites me. I do not even know if I can remember the handle again. As for phone number, I do have but I must take permission to be able to call out due to camp policy but I am sure I will send it soon because it is important we talk. I had 3 years contract and it has officially ending this month, though I still have few documentations to complete and that is the only thing holding me down now but I am sure it will be completed in less than a month, which is why I join the site when I had little opportunity, to see if I can find love and start a new life. Thanks for the pictures too, I love them

You sound great and genuine to me therefore I will not hide anything away from you, though my son would hardly be in our life if we ever get married but I still want you to know about him because he is the only family I have left until we get married. My son Colby is going 13 now and he is living with my ex-wife, I will send his pictures to you in my next email, he is grown up now and as such I am thinking of settling down too because I am also getting older. Though Iraq has blessed me so much, (I will tell you about that later) but I just need to leave, get married and start a new life Love always…… Dr. Alonzo
Letter 7


We have met and we became close friends. All I knew then, was you were just a friend, but as time went by, love grew in our hearts and it was getting stronger every day, and didn’t want to let go of that feelings. It is so special to me and I really fell in love with you. There was never a time that I didn't think of you, the face I saw in your picture. Your eyes, your hair and your whole self is all I wanted to see on internet, first thing in the morning. It is now my lucky charm…

Even without seeing you for real, yet I cannot stop thinking of you for a single minute, it is like magic. I have spent many years trying to find love yet was not able to find someone to love until my lucky day, the day I decided to check on the internet again, like every other normal day, I find you, sharing one special true love physically, is all I wish for now, I want to be with you and spend the rest of my life with you. My heart has become very much attached to you that I feel like, I have known you for a long long long time now. In bid to fulfill my promise I want to start making plans to get over and see you in the next three weeks from now……Thanks for the information and be sure that I am here waiting for you, meanwhile this is my number ( +1913 214-2551 ) Call me when ever and please send yours. I am using my American line so I could b protected from terrorist attack.

Love always……… Dr. Alonzo
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