Scam Email(s) from Paul Pellegrino to Rob (USA)


Letter 1

Dearest Roben,

We have never crossed paths before and I would say I believe in the strength that we both have have deep inside and I know faith will show us the way.You know, this is life and we never can tell what little steps we take lead to greatness, and as they say, even a journey of a thousand years starts with a single step.

Personal interests include: Working outside the house (relaxing by the pool, landscaping), walking, biking, golfing, and the beach to name a few. Health, nutrition, and different types of exercise are important. Other fun activities include long drives, day trips (wineries, theater, cultural events, concerts, shopping).

My Wife : After years of a wonderful marriage my wife died October 25th 2011 from a massive heart attack.She wasn't sick or anything just very sudden (shocking). As all great marriages should be she was my companion,best friend,help mate,lover and other things words can't describe. I'm a Christian and I know she is in Heaven but she is not with me.I think that a sudden death is harder to deal with than anything thing else. We do not have time to say our good byes or anything really. We have to learn to come with being alone so suddenly and without any notice. My new life is good, and in fact I would consider it great that’s why signed up with Christian mingle to find my life partner.

My Job :Self Employed (Civil engineer) I was quite young actually.
I’ve liked the idea since I was 15. Some people tried to persuade me to do medicine, but I stuck to it. I used to look at things like bridges and buildings and wonder how they were made and that lead me to engineering.

My Home :I live in a 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom duplex house. There is a small yard in the front and a grilling area in the back and also have my little Garden,One-car garage and I drive a BMW well tell me about your home.

Kids : I have one daughter ,she is 29 years old happily married.