Romance scam letter(s) from David Paul Petersen to Amber (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Cindy, I was trying to send you this photo of me. I'm here and everyone else is. I'll talk to you when I'm home. You're in my thoughts.
Letter 2

hi Dad
how are you doing daddy , i miss you every day and i pray to God every day and night to keep you safe and bring you back home .
daddy i was nominated in my school to travel to west african for a touring and documentary programs ,i arrive in african few days ago and my master card is not working ,daddy i don't have enough money with me to buy food and pay for my hotel accommodation here ,please daddy i want you to assist me with little amount of money to take care of my self here before the programs ended , i love you so much and i miss you more thank you so much and i wish you good health as i wait for your respond .. yours lovely Son Kelvin
Letter 3

and to think I pulled my heart out to you.....
Letter 4

honey believe me i can't lie to you am not a scams my love who ever told you this is not true my heart is open for you please don't do this to me i can't do such things
Letter 5

Hello baby, I just want to say a big thank you for being patient with me all these while and I want to thank you for caring so much. I haven't felt this special in years! You were there thinking your e-mails might be annoying to me but the fact is that, I love it. So much. When you get the right attention from the right person, it just makes you so happy. Right? I've been struggling with a lot for more than a week now, it isn't much of a big deal but then again, it is. We talked about it and I had told you I would found it off to come to you and just ask for a loan. Not very gentlemanly. I never ever get laid for love pr whatsoever, It's absurd. Then again, another part of me knew you might not mind but I just wasn't raised that was, so I bottled it all up and turned to my sister instead. Though, she might be a bitch at times but helps me whenever I needed it. We weren't brought up in the same home, and by different mothers, so that connection has just never been really there, you know? But we love each other anyway. I booked myself a flight to Knoxville for next Sunday the 2nd. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Not scared, just overly happy I guess. Maybe because I had convinced my mind I can never find someone this perfect for me. There is something very sassy, sexy and smart about you that I love so much, can't explain it. I checked for a hotel close enough to your house and I found Courtyard. I like hotels by Marriots. I know SpringHill is very very nice as well. I booked my hotel for 7 days and paid because I didn't want you bothering about that. Not sure how I feel making you pay for where I would stay. I booked for a week just so we can have time for each other enough. I know you have your dad and can't be with me all the time I want but I hope we can work it out. After we meet one on one, I know we will be able to tell if this is a forever thing or not. Even if we know we are just glimpses g to be friends, I'm already falling in love wit you and that's why I want this meeting dine already. I just find it un healthy to fall for someone I haven't even felt her hands or looked into her eyes. Oh yeah, life is crazy. Again, I confirmed this. I don't want any pressures or mandatory in our relationship. I'm sure we are gong to be friends for life, I'm very very sure of that because you're pretty, presentable, funny and everything good I can think of in a girl. I'm falling for you and my heart beats as I type this. Life has really taught me some crazy lessons and I'm just trying to act right, I've had people that got disloyal, dishonest and loved me for what they wanted. Call me crazy but the trust I have for you can't be explained. Even from just talking to you, I know you genuinely have these feelings for me. I'm not being gullible but just trusting in humanity again.I know we will have a great life together however we turn out. I want you, I want you so much. I want to share everything and anything with your and not feel weird about it. You make me smile and I want to do the same forever. Kisses
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