Scam Email(s) from David Johnson to Stephanie (USA)


Letter 1

hi Dad
how are you doing daddy , i miss you every day and i pray to God every day and night to keep you safe and bring you back home .
daddy i was nominated in my school to travel to west african for a touring and documentary programs ,i arrive in african few days ago and my master card is not working ,daddy i don't have enough money with me to buy food and pay for my hotel accommodation here ,please daddy i want you to assist me with little amount of money to take care of my self here before the programs ended , i love you so much and i miss you more thank you so much and i wish you good health as i wait for your respond ..

yours lovely Son


Letter 2

oh my God why would you say such things to me honey believe me my love am not a scams and i will never do such things to you please believe me i love you so much i can't stand the chance of losing you honey please don't turn your back on me honey i beg you my love