Scam Email(s) from James Patterson to Anne (Canada)


Letter 1

Hello dear Jean, I will start by apologising for not calling all this time, sometimes I want to call then I get nervous cos I dont want to call at the wrong time, you might be busy or your mood not right, you should its a house phone, if it was your mobile number I probably would text you first to find if its a good time to call before I call.

Unconditional love has no special meaning, it means loving someone no matter the situation, for better for worse, in other words we can simply call it true love. When its from the heart it true love. Some people say the words love everyday but is it true love? The kind of love you love someone so much and you get sleepless nights cos of it. Well I'm not a love professional but I do know true love when I see one.

I'm not expecting much from you dear, but if really in your heart you feel like we can make this work then I am willingly to give you my everything, heart, body, mind and soul.


Letter 2

I'm very glad you said yes, I'm short of words to tell you, I guess I cant find the right words to express how joyful I feel, I'm glad getting this oppurtunity to share feeling with someone so dear and sweet like you, I have a good feeling about us and I know all this communication we are having is for a good reason and a good end, lets be hopeful and stay positive always. Yes we've only been talking for some months and I must tell you its been the best time ever, better than the years I didnt have anyone.
Yes it does mean a lot to me knowing you have my photo in your wallet, I feel honoured actually. It put a big smile on my face knowing that, its shows you care a lot about me as I do for you. How I relax at night? Well sometimes I like to watch tv, sometimes cook, sometimes go out, it depends on my mood. Kisses


Letter 3

My dearest Jean, I'm always happy to read from you, I read your email but didnt reply immediately because I was about going out for a meeting. Thanks for sharing with me how you spend time with your friends and how you unwind, I also do love Tennis and Badmiton I dont know if I told you before, I also enjoy playing board games like chess, scrabble, monopoly or any board gamesI can easily understand, do you ever go to casinos?

I wanted to call you on phone today so I texted you first, didnt get a reply so I thought maybe it was wrong timing like I suspected.

I love Kissing, I'm a kisser haha, so get ready for lots of kissing from me lol, and yes I am looking forward to touring the world with you, I have been looking forward to doing this with the love of my life, I'm glad its you my dear.


Letter 4

Thanks for sharing dear, sorry for calling at the wrong time again today but I did leave you a message, how was your day, hope all is going great with you. Take care always dear


Letter 5

I tried to call like 2 hours ago and I left a message for you, hope you got it, did you get it?

Letter 6

yes dear, it was a voice mail, sounded like your business mobile, anyway I did leave a msg for you, text me whenever you want me to call you and I will call you.


Letter 7

Darling please text me on my mobile when you have time, I do want to speak with you, if that was your voice I heard on the voice mail then you got a really sweet voice. I do want to speak you with my love. Kisses


Letter 8

Dear Jean , I hope you are not mad at me, if you are please forgive, I got super busy with work so I couldnt call you.


Letter 9

Dearest Jean,

First I will like to say its was lovely talking to you tonight, It was so nice your voice is so soothing and lovely. I'm so much in love with you Jean, yes I am. The picture of you with a black top is so lovely and the second picture with your smile is so so sweet, here are some of my pictures at work, work is the only time I do take pictures. I cant wait to meet you in person darling, looking forward to that day.


Letter 10

I didnt know you were in escort services, how does it feel? Is it a nice thing do they satisfy well? I have never tried and never will. Anyway you asked what happened to our sweet conversation, well we my knowledge you did... You were always bringing in annoying topics and calling me bad names and you were always trying to start a fight and that destroyed the good talks we use to have.


Letter 11

Hello Honey,

Here are the details

Last name: Tobias
First name: Irene
Address: 3rd Miles, Jalan Pantai, 71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Phone No: +60102065306

Please make sure you use moneygram transfer becuase I think its the only transfer service they have here.

I put my malaysia phone number incase they need to call me or anything. I really appreciate this honey. Thanks alot from my heart thank you and dont worry I owe you bigtime. Thanks

Love you Always

Letter 12

Once again sorry for arguing on the phone with you, I am under a lot of pressure here from the hotel management, and with the threats to call the cops on me if I dont pay, all this got me tensed up and I just wanted everything to be in order and well sorted out. If you do go to moneygram again let me know what they said, if you didnt go I will use the receipt you sent to me and like you said it might be okay and I will be wrong.

Love You

Letter 13

Hello Honey,

What you said is exactly what Mr Abdul Karim (my assistant) told me, it wont be a problem with your name, as long as the receiever name is correct, once again my apologizes, guess I was tensed up with my situation here. Anyway he girlfriend tried to go collect the money today, according to her, she tried but no moneygram shop was open today because its sunday here, so it has to be tomorrow morning I have no choice but to wait till morning, same tomorrow foriegn affairs officials with be coming to do screening of my workers.

I tried to call you may times about 12am your time, you didnt answer the phone, I hope you are not mad at me? I wrote you a peom this morning I hope you like it, love you


Letter 14

Hello Honey, first I want to thank you so very much for your help, you have shown to me what a great wife you are, very supportive and kind, God blessed me with you sweetheart. You are a blessing to me and Sam, you are the answer to my prayers all these years and I am grateful for your love and care. I promise to spoil you with all the goodness of life, all the best gifts and luxury will be yours, jewelleries, bags, shoes, car, house all this and more I will surely give to you. Thanks Honey you are the best thing that ever happened to my life. Kisses

I paid the money to the hotel today, they complained and mentioned that they wanted more becuase I only covered a little over half which is 4000 malaysia money I owe about almost 8000rm, I pay 520 malaysia money (170$) a day stay in the hotel and that is 3500rm (1200$) a week and I owe over 2 weeks of stay there. I pleaded with them to give me more time, he said he will dicuss with the management am sure they will be okay with what I paid for now and give me some more time.

Anyway I called home to ask why no one answered the phone when you called, the nanny said Sam was busy with his Video games with the neigbor just like I suspected and she didnt recognise the number calling so she thought maybe its one of my business calls and that why she didnt answer the call. I have told her now and gave her your number incase next time you call she should call on Sam to come answer. So whenever you want to call just tell me and I will tell her to be close to the phone, I apologize for Sam not answering the call.

I reallt love the pictures you sent me, that amazing smile of yours that I love so much, you smile makes my heart jump honey, you are so beautiful and I love you so so much. Thanks once again.


Letter 15

Hello Sweetheart, you were right when you called I went to look for where to eat, didnt go with my phone because I didnt know you will call. Well like I said I padi some of my bills and the hotel wont allowed me leave unless I settle the remaining amount I owe the hotel, I paid half of my bills with the money you sent me honey, thanks for that.

When you called Sam I'm sure he went to school, its summer holidays but he still goes to school for football practice, maybe thats why there was no one to answer the call. How was work today honey? I didnt work again today they still haven't permitted me to continue work, tomorrow I an Karim are going to the office again to know what next.

I tried to call you when I saw your miss call and as usual your dad answered and when I told him I wanted to speak with you he just droppped the call, I had hoped maybe he who talk to me a little but no haha, and hoey I always call your mobile phone and it goes straight to voice mail dont know why.

I hope you had a nice day at work today my love, I am writing another poem for you, when I'm done tomorrow I will send you.

Love you always and Forever