Scam Email(s) from Donald Wilson to Kay (USA)


Letter 1


Letter 2

Well, i know have tried all i could and if you don't believe me it's okay and God will help you. All cos i asked you for just 500 card you are saying all this to me and if you want me to send you my flight details i will surely send it to you .The 500 card is meant for the extra days i am spending over here and i will be right there with you. Why don't you just take this last risk with me and see how happy you will be .Don't let devil to let you lose something good in your life. I don't want to see us apart and this 500 i am asking you can't make me rich if i wasn't honest with you. Have sold everything i can all cos of this love i have for you and i don't want to lose you and i have to come to cyber cafe over here to write you. Just give me this last try and you will apologize when i appear on your door. Just please don't give up me and let us achieve our dreams together.If i don't get out of here this week . I will fall sick. Please don't be negative and stop blocking and judging me . You don't treat people like that .It's painful to be sincere with you.

Letter 3

Hi Judy,

How are you ? Just checking on you and to wish you Happy Valentine's day . Please get back to me and let me know how to get my check and also let me know how to get your money to you. Life goes on and i do wish you all the best .

God Bless you,

Letter 4

You said you want to talk to me but i couldn't reach you on any of your phones, i guess your so called Billy told you to block me or not to talk to me again. I can understand. Well for now i think i don't have headache leaving everything in God's hands. I will get you the address you'll send the check too and i will get your money to you with your address bellow.

You only care about yourself and i don't think you know what you want ,but i do wish you all the best with your Billy and i pray it's not too late for you to know who's real and who's not real. Take good care of yourself and i am telling you this that if you don't change from your negativity ways of life ,we can never have anything to do together again . You have a goodnight .

God Bless ,

Letter 5

Good morning Judy,

How was your night ? Can you tell me what have done to you to deserve you to block me on your phone. Do you think i was lying to you about what happened ?Cos i don't think i deserved all this, well now you made me strong and not to be worried about love,but it's very hard to let go of someone very close to my heart and i think all my effort to make everything work for us you don't appreciate , instead you left someone that have hurt you before to come in between us. Anyways, i will try and call you in the morning ,but it's still painful that you don't love me the way i do love you and i tried to give up anything to be with you,but you don't appreciate it. Take good care of yourself and i just want the will of God to come to past in my life.

I can understand what you are talking about your Husband ,but you just have to move on and let the past to be in the past cos you'll always be hurt when you always think of your late husband . I pray God will mend everything that is broken about you and put a smile on your face again. I don't think you care about me cos if you do, you won't let anything to be a problem between us. Take good care of yourself and have a great day.

God Bless,

Letter 6


You are getting it all wrong, i want you to think about this yourself. If you love me you won't blocked me from getting in touch with you. I don't think you have idea of what i went through when i couldn't hear from you. I still love you and i want to know if truly you do from your heart and not for saying sake. I called you and you didn't answer or reply my text. Just let me know what you are up too.I will get you the address for the check probably tomorrow.

God Bless ,

Letter 7

My Sweetest Judy,

Good morning and how was your night ?It was nice hearing your Angelic voice again yesterday.I am not back to the States ,cos i think i should sort my problem over here first since you blocked me and you believed in Billy.But it's okay i can understand you and you were wrong that i love you for money. I will never and ever do anything to hurt you and God knows why are this are happening cos it seems you gave billy another money despite the fact that you told me you don't love him anymore and you still talk to him ,now i think you are holding on your words that who ever come back to the States first is the person you will marry. God really want you to be strong with your faith and you should decide what you really want. If your mind is diversified that means you don't believe in this relationship.But God knows that i love you so much and that's why i don't ever want to see the end of us.I am waiting for the address the check will go too and let you know cos i know you are nervous with the check with you and i also want to pay you back your money if that's what is making you to have doubts about me.I just want peace to always reign with us . You have captured my heart and there's no day that i don't think about you even though i do try to get you out of my mind. I love you and you have a great day .Kisses and Hugs. Talk later.

God Bless us,
Donald Loves Sweetest Judy no matter what.

Letter 8

I am feeling bad with your response now on here and via text,but i promise you that you will get your money back and that will make you believe that i truly love you and not for money or anything. Here is the address bellow for you to send the check . I will be coming home to clear your doubts soonest and please you have to be strong that things will be fine for us and we'll be happy my Sweetest Judy. You have a great day and know that my heart,soul and mind are there with you far or near. If you can send the check via usps or any courier like fedex or dhl so that you can have a tracking # and let me know the tracking # to track it.

Joyce Feaster.
350 North eleventh street

God Bless us ,
Donald Loves Sweetest Judy so much.

Letter 9

My Sweetest Judy ,

Good morning and how was your night ? Thank you so much for your love ,prayers and understand .If I could describe the love that I have for you, I would try and use lyrics of love songs and even the sonnets of Shakespeare and it would be impossible, because the love that I love for you is real, unconditional, everlasting and indescribable. You've had my heart and love from the day we found each other and you will have it forever. As time goes by, my heart and love for you will keep on growing stronger, brighter and bigger.I love you so much and i am always praying for your well being my Sweetest Judy and i do appreciate your patience more than you know and i will make everything up to you soonest.

You are so thoughtful and what a lovely plans you do always have in mind. Just know that i am not a controlling man and i will surely always support you with your good plans and that's just a good idea about the medical insurance and know that it would be my duty to always take good care of everything around you when we are together . I love you so much and i am striving to make sure things are fine and we can be together pretty soon and i promise never and ever to leave your side and sight again till infinity beyond.

The Church sermon today was so interesting (THE SECRET OF GOD IS TO NEVER GIVE UP IN LIFE COS GOD IS SEEING EVERYTHING WE ARE PASSING THROUGH AND HE'S WAITING FOR US AT THE EDGE OF OUR BREAKTHROUGH.) with the Bible Verses with it .Isaiah 40:29-31(He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak . Even youths grow tired and weary,and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength,They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary,they will walk and not be faint). We are alive,there's still hope for us . I love you so much and thank you for coming into my life and hearing your Angelic voice Yesterday made me have a sound sleep. I couldn't text yet,but hopefully it will be fine later cos it rained Yesterday till this morning over here and i think that's why .I will call you later if i still can't text for you to know i am fine for you and to know you are doing fine for me. No one like you and no one can ever take your place in my life. Take good care of yourself for me and have a great day my Sweetest Judy.

God Bless us,
Donald Loves Sweetest Judy Wilson now and forever more.

Letter 10

My Sweetest Judy,

Good morning and how was your night ?Thanks so much for all your emails.I do appreciate all your efforts in my life cos without you my life will be so useless ,but i know our God is a good God and He made us found each other for a purpose. We've been in this relationship for months now. There have been lots of tears and so much laughter between us. I feel closer to you than anyone on this Earth. You always listened and even though i couldn't make it back to the States yet, you still waiting for me the way i am longing to be in your arms. I promise to be always there for you and make you so happy and proud when i am back. I love you so much that i am excited .I just want us together more than you know and i couldn't even find the words to tell you to show you how much i love you,want you and need you forever and ever in my life ,My sweetest Judy Wilson to be.

It was nice to always hear your Angelic voice and i think when i am talking fast you might not hear my voice very well,but i will always talk slowing when i call. I was feeling low when i couldn't text you, but you know what to do to lift me up and give me a good day with your texts. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you and coming into my life. Soon we will be together and won't have to rely on emails or texts or even phone calls. It will be Heaven!!! I adore you, my Sweetest Judy. You are my everything. I stayed in bed after we talked and imagined you were kissing me. I could feel your arms around me and it felt so good to face the day. I cannot wait for the real thing. Thank you so much for the Song and it brought tears to my eyes again. I made the right choice falling in love with you and i am proud of you in my life. God is for us and i am the happiest to have a Godly woman like you that have been praying for all my life. I like your faith to make it to Church Yesterday i want you to have that kind of faith in this relationship that we'll surely make it together and live happily as the best couple on this Earth. I want us to do a lot of things together in the house of God and let people around us and even in the house of God to see us as a good example of a good couple . Just please still exercise more patience till we'll be together. I love you forever and ever. I do appreciate all your emails more than you know it's just painful i couldn't put a lot into writing like you,but when we are together you will know that i am more fun in person than on here . You take good care of yourself for me and have a great day my Sweetest Judy. Kisses and Hugs. Talk later.

God Bless us,
Donald Loves Sweetest Judy Wilson so much till the day after forever.

Letter 11

My Sweetest Judy,

Good morning and how was your night ?My heart nearly explodes with Joy every time I read your email and texts, I love getting your e-mails and i do wish i am very good and know how to write a lot like you.I just know without a shadow of a doubt you are my soul mate, my destiny, my forever love,my Sweetest Judy.

I love you so much and i can understand all that you are talking about, my love.I like to make my chest your pillow, to rest your head in my lap and to hold your beautiful body and Angelic face closer to me. I love you my Sweetest Judy,my companion and my confidant. My Heaven sent, my All in ALL, my woman, my everything. Don't ever think i can get tired of you telling me how much you do love me. That gives me strength to move on and know that we have better days ahead of us. You are my life and loving you is a miracle for my life. I will love you till infinity beyond my Sweetest Judy.

I am always praying for your well being till i will be back and always take good care of you myself. I just want you to be always happy for me cos your love is a beautiful thing for my life and I can't wait to set my eyes on you and prove to you that my love for you can never and ever change .You have changed my life in your own way. You will always get the best of me my Sweetest Judy .You will never regret waiting for me.My love for you will never and ever die my future Wife. I do have a lot to show you how much i love you ,but i don't know how to put them into writing ,but i am standing on my words and promising you that there will be good news pretty soon and you will be very happy and proud of me. You take good care of yourself for me and have a great day. Kisses and Hugs.

God Bless us,
Donald Loves Sweetest Judy Wilson more than anything on this Earth.

Letter 12

My Sweetest Judy,

Good morning and how was your night ? Thanks so much for your true love. You are one in a lifetime. I don't know what to put into writing,but i want you to know that i will be the man wake up to see by your side in the morning,noon and night and i will always fulfill all my promises to rock your World and always make you feel and happy like the Angel that you are pretty soon.

God has heard our prayers and cry he comforts us and he will always keep us together and not be apart soon as we embrace all will be okay. Our serving Him will be a blessing and he would have the Glory. Our Christian life together will be a blessing and to others. May see His Love keeps us abounding together and to others whom God will touch. You are my joy and my happiness my Sweetest Judy forever and ever. Just know that you are free to tell me how you feel cos we both want and need each other . Our hearts are always together and we'll be so happy and live happily as one my Sweetest Judy. Always make yourself happy for me ,Pretty soon everything will be fine and we'll always be together as one anywhere and everywhere.

That's why i do wish i do know how to put a lot into writing just like you ,but feel free to ask me anything you might like to know. I do have a home in St . Louis and it's not a must we live in St. Louis if you won't like . After i finish with my project i want to get a new house not far from beach cos i want to live life to the fullest ,that's if you will also like that cos we are one now and i need to always know your opinion also . This life is way too short and we are not getting any younger.

I don't like to remember how i felt after i lost my wife,it's not a good experience and i can understand what you are talking about. That's why i really want us together as soon as possible and we can move on with our lives without thinking of the past. I love you so much and i just want you to be always happy around me when i am back.

You do keep me happy even with the distance between us for now and you keep me on and on with hope in my heart for you.We wont ever leave each other soonest we are together and be very happy. You are my soul mate and my Wife for always. Nothing would ever take your place for me and I will forever Love you more and more my good future Wife. I do believe this is testing time for our true love and we'll surely overcome together and be happy as one forever and ever. You are the best and i can never and ever place anything above you my Sweetest Judy. I am striving and doing all i can and i know there would be good news soonest. You have a great day and we'll talk later.

God Bless us ,
Donald Loves Sweetest Judy Wilson to be so much.

Letter 13

My Sweetest Judy,

Good morning and how was your night ?My heart always filled with Joy every time I can read your email and texts.Time goes by but it hasn’t made me change the way I look at you, cos you are just an Angel and i don't know how my life would be without your true love; on the contrary, the desire to love you and to want you all to myself grows bigger and bigger every time I can hear from you. I can tell you do shy whenever we are talking on the phone .lol ..This life is vice-versa. You are very good with writing email and i am trying with talking on the phone. That will be so fun when we are finally together and never need to hear from each other via email ,text or call again. I love you so much my Sweetest Judy.To know that you exist is a fountain of joy and suffering. Your presence lightens up my World, but knowing how far you are from my arms and my affection deeply saddens my heart. I wish i do have a formula to have you closer to me, to show you my affection in the most platonic way and to feel your presence as something more real.If love is such a glorious feeling, the pain of being away from the loved one is the most horrible one.But i know something good is about to happen and we'll be so happy together my love.I am feeling the same way you were feeling with the distance between us and i do know God will never and ever let us down. I am still standing on my words to make the lost time up to you.

You are the best and i am always grateful to God that i made the right choice.You are a blessing for my life .I can live with you anywhere on this Earth so far you are going to be by your side in any kind of weather and we'll be happy together. I love you so much that you made me cry for joy with your sweet and thoughtful words.When i am back we'll decide on what would be the best cos i want us to always get the best while we still live.

You are very right ,God will always be the head of our House and we'll always put everything to Him concerning us first before we make any big decisions. I love you too the most cos of your good heart and you are a good Christian woman and also useful in the house of God. I can never pray for another woman.I will get you spoiled and pampered when we are finally together. I will be so busy at the Port tomorrow and there should be a good news coming our way. Just know that God answers prayers and we'll be holding each other as Husband and Wife soonest. You take good care of yourself for me and i will be waiting for you to wake up so that we can chat before i will get to bed. I LOVE YOU DEEP DOWN MY HEART. You have a great day. Kisses and Hugs.

God Bless us,
Donald Loves Sweetest Judy Wilson so much.

Letter 14

My Sweetest Judy,

Good ,morning and hope you were able to sleep good today ?Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the beautiful email with Bible scriptures.You are the best and you left me speechless.You are so thoughtful and wonderful . I love you with all my life. I absolutely cannot wait for us to be together! That will be the ultimate gift from God for us. You are all I desire to make my life complete. You are my happiness and joy, Mrs.Wilson to be, my Everything! Please make sure you take good care of yourself for the remaining time i will be in your arms and always take good care of you myself. My consignments was cleared for shipping at last today and the Port Authority over here now waiting for Bill of Lading confirmation from the STL Port and once i have it by Monday, i will be coming home home during the week. Our God is so great. I am tired and so filled with joy . So ,i can't wait to get on that plane and be coming to you next week where i belong.

Now, I am back from the Port re-reading your email and playing that beautiful Elvis Presley song. It brings tears to my eyes. I love you, My Sweetest Judy. Soon I can say that directly to you while looking into those beautiful eyes of yours. Heaven will truly be on Earth at that moment.

We will be texting in a couple hours; cannot wait. You make me so happy. I don't want to always sleep alone again cos i couldn't sleep very well without. I just want to always have you and only you by my side, I will feel good and there won't be any distance between us again. Can't wait to be back ,my Love. You mean everything to me and I adore you. I will always make you proud to have chosen me to spend your life with and I will always be proud to be "Your" Husband. Special kisses and hugs for the Love of My Life. Be well and stay safe. God Bless and watch over you. I will love you beyond eternity. I love you and please make sure you don't stress yourself and get your proper rest for me ,cos i will be coming to stress you myself by making love with you and rock your World forever and ever. lol

God Bless us as one forever and ever,
Donald Loves Sweetest Judy Wilson now and forever.

Letter 15

My Sweetest Judy,

Good morning and hope you sleep good ? I know there's an ocean between us,and I wish that it weren't true,for every day when I arise,I yearn to be with you.Though a lot of distance lies between us still yet it doesn't break us and finally we'll be meeting by the grace of God next week,you'll always be in my mind and my heart,And every night beneath the stars,I pray for the day we'll never be part.Every day I do always think about you. When my eyes are closed, when I sing and dance to a love song, when I'm checking my email and re-read our texts. You are all i think about. When I go to sleep in the loneliness of my room and give in to wonderful dreams I will definitely be thinking about you.

Thank God the time is finally here that we'll finally be together.I love you so much deep down my heart . I was able to workout at the gym here today and took a long walk. I feel so good knowing that i will be there with you and take good care of you myself and be by your side to always protect you.

We are one day closer to the day we'll be meeting and spend our lives with each other. I have waited so long for an Angel like you, and now that I have found you I will never let you go. I love you so much deep down my heart and i will never and ever leave your side and sight again after we meet. Nothing compares to you on this Earth. You have a great day. Talk later.

God Bless us,
Donald Loves Sweetest Judy so much.

Letter 16


Good morning and how was your night ?I just finished reading your email again and I am speechless. You are so wonderful, caring, loving, respectful, honorable, and a lot of things I cannot put into words and I am so blessed to know that you love me and have chosen me to spend your life with. Likewise, I chose you to spend my life with and we will be so happy and content. This is going to be a life changing time for both of us. I believe we will be able to adapt quite easily because we love each other and want to be together. I love you with every beat of my heart and breath I take. You give me such joy and happiness even with the ocean between us. I cannot believe that one day without getting in touch can make us unhappy cos of the bad network Yesterday,that's true love and happy finally we can get to chat and happy. I am so excited and happy i will be coming home to you at last. That is the priority right now. Once i am on that plane headed home I will breathe a huge sigh of relief and thank God profusely. Just to think that we will finally meet and be in the same room and be able to talk any time we want . Just to be able to feel your skin against mine when we hold hands and our arms touch, plus other things. It will be Heaven. I have never loved anyone like this nor have I ever been loved this much in return. We are definitely soul mates. You complete me ,my Sweetest Judy. You own my heart now and forever.

Oh we'll always workout , do all the exciting exercise together and do many things that will keep us very fit my sweetest Judy . We'll live long and enjoy life to the fullest cos i know a good heart with full of happiness always will definitely live long and with you by my side and me by your side we'll live life to the fullest.

I will keep this short cos i am just filled with joy when i got the BILL OF LADING for my consignments at the Port today. Just know that I love you with all my heart and I am yours forever and other than when you just want to have privacy, I am never going to let you out of my sight as I cannot ever be away from you again like this .You have captured my heart. Thank you for coming into my life and loving me my dear Sweetest Judy. I keep thinking how wonderful it will be to share my last name with you one day. I will be very proud to be your Husband and you wear my name. God Bless and watch over you. Special Kisses and hugs for the Love of My Life.


God Bless us,
Donald Loves Sweetest Judy Wilson till the day after forever.

Letter 17

My Sweetest Judy,

Good morning and how was your night ? I did not sleep much last night as I was thinking about you and us. Probably will not rest until i am on the plane headed home. It was so wonderful texting with you this morning and I can't wait to be sleeping by your side. Just to feel your warmth and hear you breathing next to me will be so wonderful. I love you so much my Sweetest Judy with all my being. Just want to be with you 24/7/365 forever and ever.

I don't really mean i will be going to stay with you inside the bathroom when you need to use the bathroom, just want you to know how closer i will always be with you ,don't get it wrong. lol . I love you so much and now i just want to sort things out with the apartment ,i thought they will let me go and send their funds to my agent when i am back in the States and they insisted that i will have to sort it out before i can checkout of the apartment and my agent has used all his resources to make sure they shipped out my consignments. This is the little delay i will be facing now.

Hope you are sleeping good tonight? It will be several hours yet before we can text. Cannot wait!! I am so excited about our future together and all the love and happiness we will share. You are my world, my future Wife, and I will love you eternally. Special kisses and hugs for the Love of My Life. Be well and stay safe. God Bless and watch over you, and bring me home safely to you soon. You have a great day and talk later.

God Bless us,
Donald Loves Sweetest Judy Wilson so so much.

Letter 18

I can't believe you can say all these to me,but it's okay . There is always an end to everything on this Earth and i can't take all this your negativity anymore. It's not helping someone to move forward in life.It's better i feel the pain,cry my eyes and get over this ,than to keep trying to change your negativity mind always. You can do as you pleased . I have tried my best and God sees i didn't hide anything from you. What goes around ,come around. I know the Bible says : Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. 1 Corinthians 13:7 (NLT). I am hurt right now and it's all good. Just for you to give me a chance and see if i would be right there with you or not you are saying all these to me. I can't still believe it.You have a lot to do to yourself, if you go to church always without having a strong faith ,you are just going to church for going sake,and likewise in a relationship if you don't believe it would work , i could only try if you don't support me it won't . Just do whatever you like. I will be happy one day.

Letter 19

I love you and it's painful you don't believe that. Just follow your mind. I will never do anything to hurt anyone and that's just the real truth not to think of someone i want to spend my forever with. I can never leave you in a bad situation and if you help me i will come to you right away ,but if you don't believe it's all good. No condition is permanent.

Letter 20

I am not Billy and i can never and ever be like Billy. I can see you have made up your mind already and at this point i don't know what to tell you cos if i have other means to get home ,i won't even disturb you for anything and i told you already that i was used by my clients and another client i was hoping on didn't turn up the way i want ,that was why i told him to give me my money ,which he did in a form of check you received and i told you to send back when you were nervous about it. If i could trust you this much with the check and also let you log in to my account online to access it ,then cos of this amount i asked you to assist me with so that i can be home and then we can start our new life together,well, i will accept my fate. This can't be the end of life and i will tell you again , if anyone will love you more than i do ,the person will still be Donald. But it's painful to the bone to see you think i can be like Billy. I lost my voice already cos have cried a lot and think how small amount could be delaying me over here then you think i sound like Billy. This life is vanity upon vanity and i believe we don't come to this life with anything and we won't go with nothing, cos if money could buy happiness i will be the happiest on this Earth,but life goes on and i don't know what to tell my agent that someone i love and proud about, said she couldn't help me cos she doesn't believe i will be coming home. Well, such is life and i think have learnt another lesson and have more experience about going extra miles to do anything to make someone you love happy and she doesn't appreciate all that effort. I lured myself into a loan that i will pay more than double in returns after i make it back to the States to my agent over here cos i really want to please you and make sure i make it back to the States unfailingly this week and never knew the apartment managements would insist that i have to pay before i leave. Anyway, i leave you to have a rethink and if you can't ,God sees my heart and maybe He does have better plans for me .We live to learn and i am sorry to disturb you.

God bless each and everyone according to our contribution to this relationship.

Letter 21

My Sweetest Judy,

Good morning and hope you slept good after our texts?I love you so much and i don't ever want to go through the pain i went through again. I can still remember vividly you told me before i left the States that i should make sure i don't ask you for money,but i never took you so serious then ,cos i don't ever think i will need any help from anyone most especially you and i laughed when you told me that ,I thought you said that cos you doesn't know my worth and that was why you could sound like that,but i never knew you were talking from experience then . Now have learnt my lesson and i will always take every words from anyone so serious most especially from you my ANGEL .

We live to learn in this life and when everything are fine and we are finally together if i see anyone going out of the States my advice for the person would be to make sure he or she is well prepared with funds. Cos experience is the best teacher .I love you so much and i am still sorry that i didn't take your words so serious then and that's the penalty i am facing right now,but i know God will have His way and everything will be fine that we'll finally be together. I found joy and happiness in you and i will be the happiest man on this Earth when we are finally together. You are my life and i don't know what i could do without you. Just don't give up on me cos i will never give up on us and we'll make it together to rejoice and celebrate as one. No one like you and i will love and cherish you till the end of time.

Just be fine for me and know that i will do all it takes to make it back to you cos i don't ever want us to go through any stress or pain again.You take good care of yourself for me and have a great day.

God Bless us,
Donald Loves Loves Sweetest Judy so much.

Letter 22

My Sweetest Judy,

Good morning and how was your night ? Counting on you makes me feel happy, safe and protected. The comfort of loving you and you loved me in return, your honesty and being yourself makes me the most fulfilled man in this planet even thought we ain't together yet,but our hearts found each other already. I feel truly grateful upon receiving this great blessing, that is your love and the beautiful load of kindness and dedication that in it resides.I realize you care for me through the simplest of gestures, like when you email and text me,to check up on me.I love you so much and i just want to be with you cos i don't know what to put into writing again . We just need to be together and never and ever leave each other again till infinity beyond.

Your constant attention is one more reason why I feel safe and this feeling brings me exclusively joy and happiness, because it's very good to feel loved.I can't even begin thinking of how I am going to thank you for all the care I have received. Just mentioning, my best comes to mind and I promise to make sure i do anything to always put a smile on your face.

I know that it's normal for us to mis understand each other, cos we are human and we ain't perfect,but we should never let anything to break us.I feel truly blessed cause I know, unfortunately, that love is turning rarer by the day. I really am a lucky Man to have an Angel like you in my life and i promise never and ever to let you down .We'll surely make it together soonest. Thanks so much for sending the sticker back to me. We'll cry for joy together soonest. Nothing compares to you on this Earth.I couldn't take a walk or workout cos it was raining and i feel lazy with your thought all over me cos you are all i just want in my arms and never and ever leave your side again till infinity beyond. Take good care of yourself and have a great day my Sweetest Judy.Talk later.

God Bless us,
Donald Loves Sweetest Judy Wilson to be so much.