Romance scam letter(s) from Travis Brooks to Valerie (USA)
Letter 1

Hello MeMaw Valerie, The Lord be with you. I hope you are not offended I call you same way your son who is my brother now calls you. I am very happy to have an email from you. You don't know how much it means to me to have a mom again in my life. Dad has told me a lot of wonderful things about you and I haven't seen him this happy since he adopted me. He seems so happy and says a lot about you all the time I get to talk to him. Yes dad is a wonderful, loving and caring dad. Am always thankful to God he brought him in my life. I am an 18 year old boy in college studying port and shipping management. Am very fluent in English and a very good worshiper of The Lord because without him there is no life for me so I put the Almighty God first in everything I do. I guess dad has told you already how I lost my parent. It was pathetic but God has help me heal that wound by putting the most amazing dad in my life. I live in a third world country with less opportunities and education materials but I do my best to get the best grades. I love playing basket ball and reading a lot to improve my English. I am mostly in door and keep just few friends and they are friends I worship with or learn with. Am alone here now and make sure to keep out of any trouble. You have painted a very good picture of Texas for me and I can't wait to have the experience. Thank you so much for bringing so much joy to dad. I will always love you as my real mom and hope you don't get offended I call you mom. I will keep in touch always as am so happy I have a mom in my life again. Thank you mommy Val. Your Son
Elikem Segbefia
Letter 2

Your silent says it all my love. I will deal with the hurt. I miss you so much. Take care and be happy always
Letter 3

My love, I have tears in my eyes. I love you with every breath in me. I thought you didn't want to talk to me no more cuz I didn't understand how you could text me when the phone fell in water until you sent me the email my love. I love you and miss you like crazy. I feel very sad right now
Letter 4

I have known you for this few days and I know the passion we share. I guess you just don't trust me and still researching on me. I wish you could just trust me but I can't force you to do so. Am a general and have enough intelligence to read between the lines. I know you want to stay away from me but finding it hard to tell me. I just feel bad I got my son involved. Lucky I haven't written to your son yet. Am hurting but I have felt with worser situations and I promise am going to get through this too successfully by his grace. The short time I spent with you meant my life. Thank you for bringing back a feeling I thought I never had. God be with you and give you happiness always. Stay safe.
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