Romance scam letter(s) from Riaan Cornelius to Suzi (UK)
Letter 1

Good morning darling. I hope you slept well? It's a pity asking you for a favour as made you liken me to an ex who used you. Talk might be cheap but I would never hurt or lie to anyone callously. I burdened you with my dilemma because I see you as a friend and someone special to me who's definitely a permanent fixture in my life now and in the immediate future. It's not and never been in my DNA to ask for financial support/partnership/investment from anyone apart from my immediate family but desperation leads to quickness of thoughts and unplanned reactions. I am not angry with you for the comparison. I guess dreaming about us with my eyes open has lulled me into thinking we have gone beyond any interference or doubt. I have already envisioned us as a couple. God forbid, but if you are in pains, I would fast for as long as I can for you to be healed or pray he transfers the pains to me. Even if this leads me to stop breathing. For that is nothing compared to the joy and satisfaction the mere mention of your name brings me. If the roles were reversed, I would help you without having a second thought. Not because I am wealthy or have a pile of cash lying somewhere, but because I always go with my instincts. I am not an ingrate so please do not for a second think I do not appreciate all you have done and are doing for me. I have told you in several mails that I was brought up to always protect and be a shoulder that any woman in my life can lean on. Sweetie, I believe we have shared so much to even have any situation of doubt. I have been having sleepless nights because amongst my biggest fears are being barred from my profession or having a day in court in places like these. Sometimes, nature just has her way of testing or stressing one's life before an everlasting happiness. I have spent my sleepless nights thinking and wondering why I have to go through such a silly test of faith before having a home that can bring me inner peace. I honestly understand that sometimes good things don't come so easy but I just wonder why it is all happening. I want you to know that I am not happy stressing you with this too. It took me a lot of courage and time to seek this from you. I have self pride and I am not shameless. They say behind every successful man, there is a woman. I hope you are the one; although you won't be behind me but by my side. We will walk down life's path together, hand in hand. Chat soon xx
Letter 2

Good morning, darling. I am so grateful that you are in my life. Your tender caring and gentle ways, your strength, and your love for life have influenced every part of who I am in the last few weeks. Thank you for your support and for your love. Thank you for being so caring and so kind. You make me feel like a prince. You treat me like a man longs to be treated. You're so good to me, and even though we haven't met in flesh, I adore you. I want you to know that these simple things are part of the reason why I admire you so, and they are why I love you more than I ever thought possible. I would say that I've always been a positive person and I try to look on the bright side of things, but being with you has brought me a joy that had deserted me in recent years. Life's just better with you in it, and I know that it'll always be so. I hope that I will always be worthy of your love, and that I can be the kind of person that you deserve. I know that I'm not perfect, but I will strive to be the best person that I can be. You're worth it, definitely worth it. I know that we can do great things together. In fact, I think we can do anything together! I look forward with hope and excitement to the future we will build together. I feel like we are parts of a puzzle that fit together perfectly, and we are only whole when we are together. I never knew that little things could mean so much. I can't wait to do little things for you. I just want to do something to make your day better. When you have to work late, I'll bring you dinner. If you are cold, I'll hold you and keep you warm. I'll massage any where that aches you and attend to then bruises if you are hurt. And when you really get stressed, I'll rub your neck and listen as you tell me all about it. The more I get to know you, the more I want to know, and the more I can't wait for each new day, just to be with you, just to watch the sun rise in your arms and to see the smile on your face. Every day I love you more, and every day I realise to a greater extent how much you mean to me.
You've been a rock in my moments of despair. (The list has been pretty long these past few weeks.) We've both experienced some disappointment in our past, but your willingness to help makes me believe you are the type never to lose faith. I've come to lean on your example. Your unwavering belief that seasons change and that hard times will eventually yield to good helps me to keep putting one foot in front of the other. You're always there for me, even when the entire world seems to be against me. I give you my pledge that I will always be there for you. You are the love of my life. I know that that little bud of love that is now in bloom will become a garden over the years. I love you deeply and completely. You mean everything to me. I am forever yours. Have a wonderful week xx
Letter 3

Hi darling. It's been a really terrible time and with each step taken forward for US, we slip 3 steps further back. I don't know what else to do as each day here keeps getting worse. I have felt humiliated with your requests which I know your bank would never ask but I have to swallow my pride and kowtow to you. I need your help and a beggar has no choice. You asked whose account you were transferring to, well it was to a friend who I have known since I first visited The Emirates in 2007. His name is Ameer and his company address is DVM Dubai. Building 21, Sheikh Zayed Road, Financial Centre. His personal phone number is +971508416752 and office number is +97143845591.
I told you I am self employed but prior to that I worked with ATC, ShellBP and got into a partnership mid last year with 2 former colleagues from Shell to set up our Civil Engineering firm called RHINCCA; a mishmash of our names, lol. We were affiliated with Vitol until the end of last year and shared their London office space in Buckingham even whilst I was away in France, working with a client. Our registered number is 02033224093. My home address is 51 St. John's Hill Grove LONDON SW11 2RF and mobile is 07949899501.
As for what the loan is for, it is to hire some extra hands and also procure more building and dredging materials so as to meet client's deadline which is the end of March. I have gone on this project solo because registering it to our company name isn't possible as we will need to set up a portfolio that would require paying tax here and in the UK. I/We aren't trying to beat the system but would rather set it all up after we have all rounded off individual projects which are ongoing.
I have added 2 photos of my working days from ATC. I used to be active on Linkedin and Facebook but got off social media after my 8 months from hell.
I don't even know what more to say or prove at this point besides I adore you! x
Letter 4

Good morning sweetheart. I missed your chats yesterday. It wasn't intentional. I hope you have resolved your card issue and there's some positive feedback from the bank in regards your account? When will you be online today? I have MISSED you. TTFN x
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