Scam Email(s) from Clifford Culbert to Alison (Australia)


Letter 1

I am Christian, honest, family oriented, and loving man. I am GOD fearing, and devoted to my priorities. I believe in long-term friendship to build into a long term relationship. I do believe in marriage if the relationship grows to that level. I do not believe in one night stands, or if I buy you this you owe me a roll in the hay.
I just want a friend first, followed by someone to walk beside me for the rest of our lives GOD willing.I like evenings at home with order take out, or to go out to candle lit dinners.I like fishing-[fresh water], walks on the beach, spending time with family and friends, long drives with no real destination, travel One important.
My Ideal Person I am looking for a Christian, honest, hard-working, loving, caring woman. A woman that loves being with family and friends. Wouldn't mind if she has a big family and they are close. She must love dogs. It would be nice if she has some handy woman skills for around the home, because I have very limited. I promise not to work her to death on the honey-do's. I would like for her to be spontaneous with flowers, picnics in the fall, weekend trips, affection, and surprises for no real reason. The lady who I am looking for ……Who will play with your hair. Won’t mind holding your cold hands. Will go on long walks with you.
Is serious but also knows how to have fun. Makes you laugh.
Will join in on your random bursts of song. Watches chickflicks just to spend time with you. Lets her inner child out sometimes. Isn’t afraid to be herself.
Will stand up for you and protect you
Make you feel like you are priceless. You can be completely yourself around her.
You can talk to about everything. Will pray with you and for you.
Loves you, but loves God more.

Letter 2

Greetings! how are you doing today hope you are fine?..It's nice to keeping in touch with you via this means. I guess its more convenient telling you about me here in the email cos i could not do that in CherryBlossom. However, i deactivated my account cos my subscription .Well currently am out station to Singapore for three weeks now in relation with Shell/Petronas office to negotiate/sign a contract work in Oil & Gas servicing which will start up by next month. Honestly, i decided to unwind and get to explore more of Singapore and i must say it is a very beautiful place. However, i will be traveling back to UK tomorrow but i would like to keep in touch with you when i get back to the UK and possibly meet up with you next month after the completion of my project if approved .

However, knowing one another is a gradual process and here are few things you should know about me..My name is Cliff Culbert, I am 53 years old, I am 5"11, i am 87kg but am working and exercising really hard to get myself down to 75 kg. I live alone with a daughter aged 22 yrs and am a widower for closely 5 years now. I am a Petroleum engineer/ a contractor specialized in Oil rigs drilling , services and maintenance . My mum is 89 years old she is a retired nurse and she is a very wonderful person in my life. Pardon me dear, for writing you this late in my subsequent reply i would sit up, just that i was a bit choked up with work yesterday please do bear with me for writing you late.

Conversely, I admire your profile when i sent you that message on the CB I do not exactly know what was it, but i do realize that i want to keep my eyes on your profile, I want to read from word to word in it and figure out more information about you. I do realize that I want to share my thoughts with you, which I often shared with people i hold close at heart. Did you had the opportunity of checking my profile as well before i deactivated it? I pray for a serious relationship that would stand the taste of time, and i seek your intimacy relationship/attention. Honestly i need a lovely and kind woman to inspire and to love me for who I am, that's why i join this Cherry Blossom dating site. can i count on you? I lost hope in love but I think I will found someone, hopefully we can click together. what do you think?.

All i want is to love and be loved. Will be glad to know if we are looking for the same thing here which is called " TRUE LOVE" that would lead to marriage. I don't want you to feel worried questioning me, coz i love to ask questions and believing that it will be a good way for us to know each other better. However, i believe that distance will not be a problem for us as long as we are honest, understand and respect each other. I am really interested in you, hope and wish that you will give me your time to know each other.....

I'm looking for a sincere, honest, respectful and God fearing woman. i believe we have those qualities. I'm not looking for a rich , poor or pretty woman as i believe the true beauty of a woman can be seeing inside the soul of her heart and not only the physical appearance, i will tell you more about me in my next email.. Am looking forward to hear from you
Have a wonderful week ahead.!

Letter 3


I really appreciate your response to me from the message I sent to you. I hope this letter brings you some comfort in a moment where the circumstances of life are proving to be so cruel on humans. You know, things has not always go as well, as we would like them to, not always do we reach our destination by taking the easiest road. This letter is just to express something very simple: I felt you are a great person, and I am someone who is outspoken without the fear of rejection or favor since itsdependent on certain factors like YES or NO .No second intention considered apart from telling the truth.

There is always a good book or a good CD just like there are moments in time when literature and good music are excellent companion, but nothing replaces to the full the company of someone being by your side, someone who knows how to be there when the time is right, who knows the best words to say in the appropriate moment (always to say intelligent things) and who, therefore, is the best company someone could have. However, in these hard times, when people are self-conscious and shut themselves from others, suspicious of anyone who tries to get close and of all displays of affection, it’s good to able to trust in someone. And it’s even better to realize that that person, in whom we deposit full trust, is someone special!

Well, your ability to express your opinions without being offensive or trying to checkmate my thoughts in you is what makes me feel closer to you as a friend, i felt you’re just someone i could express my thought to! As the poet once said; if all those who call each other friends were a little bit more like you, “how wonderful would living be”. I love people with a strong personality and rich soul, people with an open heart and sincere, honesty and truthful not materialistic or beautiful.I just prefer to develop myself, to grow my mind, never repeat my mistakes and to make conclusions from my past. I dream of meeting my soul mate, a woman who would be able to be not only my wife and loving person, but also a best friend, partner, a person whom I can trust and who will never let me down, in any situation.....etc.

I guess its nice to have you as my new friend and pray that the almighty lord will help us have a mutual friendship that will be beneficiary in future.. Please let me know more about you in your subsequent reply as I am having special interest in you. How long have you been on the CB? have you ever meet someone online before? Tell me about you work , you past relationship..Any thing that would give an insight about you.. I KNOW YOU MAY GET BORED READING MY LONG MAIL, AM SORRY, but before I endorse this letter I will love to tell you that Friendship is like a flower, glowing in its glory, Each and every seed, telling its own story. As each flower blooms, and then continues to grow, more of its strength and knowledge, Continues to show. And like a garden, It blooms much more fair, When carefully attended to, By those who care.
(Note); Please pardon my late reply to your message, i am a very busy person but i would make sure to respond to your subsequent emails without delay..Can you send me more of your pic? attached below are more of my pics.. sent you few before..
An affectionate hug

Letter 4

Greetings, may you find peace as you are read this message...Do you believe in angels, Who walks on land, Are they here to guide us and to show us that life is worth it, or are they just here to love us and teach us right from wrong? There is more to heaven that they were sent to us, when necessary, to help us through our grief, to make our lives worth living, to be our sun through the rain... Some believe that while others do not. The question I ask is, is not it? I can tell that you're an angel and I definitely believe that angels on earth are true. They may not have glowing halos, nor fly with the white wings of silk... my guardian angel is the hope that was brought in the form of living and the strength gave to me helped me through as life goes on Without much worries.

I believe in my guardian angel to be my best friend and my angelic guide. Well, am glad to to know you. To be honest with you, I was very happy when I got to open my email this morning to find your message. Its makes me relieved. I'm really horned having had contact from someone like you on the site. Would i say am fortunate to find someone like you to be my friend. Am truly honored once more to meet you here, I never date online, but I have a friend in the British Army Mr Perkins whom was blessed with the help of online dating to find his partner with the help of the site and a true Asian Beauty from HK with good character ...Because i envy their marriage, he and the wife actually directed me here with courage that luck will shine my way and I'm here with you. I pray that hopefully this communication yield us a good fruit if we trust and understand each other.

Like I said, I never involved in all these online things before, but haven't heard a lot of testimonies about folks who have been blessed through online dating and they found their soul mate, i was driven. Your amazing looks at your photos really struck me, I feel that you are such a nice loving lady and I think it will be good to get to know each other well. How is your family there? In respect to that am glad to hear you are doing well. Remain blessed until I heard it again. Can you add me on whatsapp +447593744306 cos i would love us to chat more on a regular bases than just email?